St Cyril’s To Stay Open For Years To Come

Saint Cyril's Graduation picture - June, 1975
Yes it is true, according to a friend of mine. Thanks to a group who will be sponsoring them, My former school will stay open for hopefully years to come. It never could have been possible without the following short list.

Tommy Geromichalos
Gil Spencer
Linda Reilly
Paul Thomas
The Make a Wish foundation

There are hundreds of other people and businesses who without their generous donations, Tommy’s dream would have never have come true. The sponsor is as yet unidentified, but deals in Catholic charities. More to follow.



3 thoughts on “St Cyril’s To Stay Open For Years To Come

  1. Thanks Trek. It’s good to see my old school stay open. Now if they could only bvring back the Nuns I had to beat the tar out of any misfits, such as myself.. lol.Cheers.

  2. Why couldn’t someone do the same for my old school, St. Charles Borromeo? Oh, well, I’m still glad for St. Cyril’s. A very beautiful church that my parents would attend (even though they lived in St. Philomena parish).

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