Dems in Delco – Time to Change Your Party

If you really want change in America, you”ll change your party affiliation to Republican and vote for Ron Paul in the April 22nd Primary. Hillary and Obama have no chance to become President. That leaves Ron Paul, a true consertative that is for All Americans.The MSM is against Paul because they and their handlers fear him. That is why Ron Paul is scarely mentioned on TV and the Newspapers.

From Ron Paul’s Web Site:

In Pennsylvania, only registered Republican voters can vote for Ron Paul in the April 22, 2008 primary, or sign and circulate petitions to place Ron Paul and Ron Paul GOP convention delegate candidates on the ballot. Petitioning begins January 22, 2008 and ends February 12, 2008.
If you are not already a registered Republican, we need you to register Republican as soon as possible.

It’s easy: Download, print and fill out this form and mail it to your County Voter Registration Office (addresses on the back). Important: after you send in this form, make sure you get confirmation back from your local Voter Registration Office, that you have been registered as a Republican.


4 thoughts on “Dems in Delco – Time to Change Your Party

  1. 32 million dollars, a bulk of which filtered in from Republican business interests…. Obama is THE candidate Republicans would love to have run against them…. aagian the lemmings are heading for the cliff… Obama mania is a fairy tale!PS… Once you mentioned racism, you totally lost me,piss poor argument that turns the majority of this country off!

  2. Amen! Thank you so much for posting the alternate candidates for delco! We’re now fighting the corrupt system for our rights! When people learn its not about group rights, but about individual rights then we’ll have free country again!

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