Recycling Upgrade in Upper Darby?

I am not a big poster to this blog; in fact, this is my first ever post here, although you may have seen me listed as a contributor. Finally, I feel like I have something to blog about with regard to local happenings!

I live in Upper Darby, and long have I lamented the Township’s rather pathetic recycling program. It was a shock to me when I first moved here to discover that glass isn’t picked up for recycling, and I grew to loathe making the trip out to Havertown or Barclay Square to dump my glass. I also despise having to drive out to Primos to recycle my plastic. I had high hopes for Janice Oakey’s bid for mayor, thinking that she would be forward-thinking enough to revamp the recycling program, but we know how that turned out (wipes tear from eye). And now, some of my fellow citizens have gotten together and petitioned the Township to improve the program (thank god, because I’ve been meaning to write that letter to the council for going on five years!).

Dave Schwartz and Barbarann Keffer have put together a petition that YOU can sign, if you live in Upper Darby and want a better recycling program. Just hop on over to and type in your name and address. If you’re married, have your spouse do it, too. No junk email will come to you as a result of signing, and you can even choose to leave your email private, even from the petition authors. If you prefer to sign in person, that can be arranged, too.

Here is an op-ed piece submitted by Ms. Keffer in the News of Delaware County last month that contains the full argument and information. She also submitted the same piece to

Now go sign the petition to upgrade our recycling program!

4 thoughts on “Recycling Upgrade in Upper Darby?

  1. I live in Clifron Heights, and we have a recycling truck come once a week. Problem is, not many people recycle here. Wheather or not it’s mandatory, drive around any Monday and see cans, bottles, and plastics all in the same can.As far as UD goes, my friend’s father used to drive for the sanitation dept years ago. He told me that they dump all the trash, even the recycled, into landfills in Jersey.Good luck with your petition Mrs. Harridan, and thanks for bringing a breath of fresh air, (no pun intended) to this blog.Cheers.

  2. Hey Franny, that might have been back in the day that UD did that. But now they take their recycling to Accurate on Baltimore Pk. and their trash to the industrial park in broomall. I did sanitation 3 yeas ago.

  3. I don't mind recycling, but I was told that Upper Darby institutes fines for not flattening plastic bottles. Surely someone must have a machine to do this…. they used to where I lived in NJ and it was on the truck when they picked them up… like most other trucks. These machines would flatten these much more than any person can on their own. Why institute a fine for a moré when the machine is more effective? I'm tired of listening to people that say this will save the planet when the planet's going to be here long after we're dead and gone. If people really wanted to save the planet, they'd stop buying newspapers and buy online versions so you wouldn't need to recycle ANYTHING. Recycling takes energy to complete where a digital version has less impact on the environment.

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