Jocelyn & Eddie – End Game

Jocelyn Sarah Kirsch
In today’s Daily News on page three is a story about two young people who supposedly ripped off their friends and neighbors in excess of a hundred grand by stealing their identities. Edward Anderton and Jocelyn Kirsch both are charged with identity theft, forgery, unlawful use of a computer and several other charges.

Jocelyn and Eddie

The duo, dubbed Philly’s own “Bonnie & Clyde” are far from the real ones who killed several people back in the thirties. This story took wings because of two things: One, the public’s obsession with these types of stories, and two, it seems that pretty women can catch your eye than some Ugly Betty type.

My prediction? These two pay restitution and maybe do 6 months max, unless the Feds get involved. After all, attractive, young intelligent people who come from well to do families always seem to get some sort of magical treatment as opposed to the less fortunate.

On a side note: Never trust anyone to use your computer unless you absolutely have to. There are many ways of installing a key logger without detection by Norton, McAfee, AVG, or any other so called “Anti Virus” software. Also, be sure to delete your Exif information from any pictures you post on the net. older programs like Adobe Photoshop 5.5 (that I own), will not parse the data like the newer version.


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14 thoughts on “Jocelyn & Eddie – End Game

  1. she is HOT regardless if she is skank, I know many women would be jealous to have that beautiful body, specially the ones who keep eating at McDonnals and look like Shamu.

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