Arthur Bomar – Insane Or Just Another Scumbag?

Gregory Thompson - Bomar lookalike?
Tonight on 60 Minutes, they’re running a story on another POS named Gregory Thompson, who not only looks like Bomar, but also brutally killed a woman in Tennessee 22 years ago. For those who don’t remember, Arthur Bomar abducted Aimee Willard from a Blue Route ramp, raped and brutally murdered her, then dumped her body in Philly. Bomar also claims he’s “Insane”. Sure thing Arthur. Remember when you shot the finger at her family in court? Your far from insane. Your just a dirt bag lowlife scumbag who should have been put down in 1996.

Amazing how convicted killers play the insane card.


10 thoughts on “Arthur Bomar – Insane Or Just Another Scumbag?

  1. You are crazy. Don’t kill the guy. Hang him upside down, pour gasoline on him every hour or two for two weeks. Keep him well fed. Cover him with honey. Cut a finger off each day for 10 days. Apply bandages so he can’t bleed to death. Then shoot him with a bow and arrow. Make him target practice. But, keep him alive, no matter what. Then, pull his teeth out, one by one over the next 20 days. Pack the holes with ice to keep him alive. Then, cut an inch off each limb until they are all gone. Immerse him in hot tar, what’s left of him. But, do not let him die. He’s been hanging upside down with a big hook in his back, don’t forget. See how long you can keep him conscious. Place pictures of him like this on billboards throughout the country. Maybe next time someone has an urge to do what this fine, young, brave man did– to your daughter, when she is alone at night, defenseless, HE’LL REMEMBER THIS STUMP HANGING UPSIDE DOWN WHILE ANIMALS TEAR AWAY THE LITTLE THAT IS LEFT OF HIM!

  2. Whoever wrote, “You are crazy…LEFT OF HIM”!, I completely agree. The amazing thing is that they had this animal of some sort put away for murder over in Nevada, and their parole board let him go after serving ONLY 11 YEARS in jail. The second he got out of jail he knew exactly what his plans were; to go rape, torture, and murder more innocent women simply because it is fun and enjoyable for him. I truly believe that this psychopathic maniac views his actions as a type of sport. Well, now he can go party with Ted Bundy, the devil and the rest of the fellas in HELL!

  3. How the heck did he ever get a fiance before these murders? At least she told the police that he was at Smokey Joe’s the night of his victim’s disappearance, which shot a hole through his alibi. And don’t forget he killed Maria Cabuenos too! How many people does he have to rape and murder before we execute him?

  4. I am against State Executions.I believe all human life is sacred and we must see all human life as significant and valuable. When governments implement the death penalty (capital punishment), then the life of the convicted person is devalued and all possibility of change in that person’s life ends.

  5. In response to bengt:So Arthur Bomar should escape death when Willard was denied that benefit? This is pure speculation, but I wonder if Willard was thinking about the relevancy of Bomar's existence while he raped her and beat her unmercifully with a tire iron. To put it bluntly, Arthur Bomar violated Aimee Willard's right to live without being f***ed with.

  6. Bomar has lived long enough. Certainly, his three victims were denied their opportunity to live. Why shouldn't he die? The death penalty was introduced as a humanitarian gesture to protect muderers from the "eye for an eye" punishments previously used in murder cases.

  7. I've met this man. He was anything but insane. He can be almost charming, if you can believe it. He is violent and nasty, but absolutely not insane. He's also not stupid.

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