Clifton Heights Democratic Party

dosen't look like no donkey to me..
I received a flyer from them today in my door. Not knowing anything about them, other than Katie Leonard, my “My Space” buddy, I found that their web site is rather navigable, as in all links seem to work, etc. My only problem is that on the flyer, it says:

Vote Straight Democrat.
I have never voted a straight party ticket in all of the years I have voted. I research the candidate, weigh their contributions to the community, then see what they have to offer me, the voter. Bob Penjuke is my current committeeman here in Clifton Heights. He took over the post after his wife passed away. As my committeeman, (and neighbor down the street) has addressed every issue that I have brought to him, as did his wife Pat. So to see various Democrats like Kevin Parsons state: ” After watching the town go down hill he decided to run for council, and that it is time for a change.” statement kind of took me by surprise.
What went downhill? Sure the whole county is being affected by druggies and kids with guns (I blame parents and MTV for it, if not the lax social services) but Clifton Heights as a whole is a decent town, with the Clifton Rams and the PAL and the best Fourth of July fireworks on the east coast as all positives! Here’s how someone like myself can be swayed to vote for them. Mary McStravog, running for the fourth ward states:
“Mary is dedicated to improving the quality of life for the children of Clifton Heights by addressing recreational needs, especially for the teenage population lack of services our children are receiving in Special Education by working with Upper Darby School Board. Mary is focused and passionate about meeting the needs of families in Clifton Heights, serving the elderly, single parents, for those that are struggling with various issues.”
The key words are “Quality of life for the children”. That is what matters to me. See, the way I was brought up (Catholic school where the evil nuns solved your ADHD with a ruler) was that us as kids had fun growing up. We also had responsibilities, in which if we did not keep, were met with an iron fist, not kid gloves and Ritalin. There’s more to it than running a campaign where you can find faults in your opponent (Well, maybe I’m wrong, look at rove vs. McCain in 2000), than to really come out and tell it like it is, what you can do to change your area in a positive light.
P.S. Your donkey looks like a Hyena 🙂

needs a paint job

P.S.S. This sign needs a fresh coat of paint.

4 thoughts on “Clifton Heights Democratic Party

  1. Mary McStravog sure does deserve a second look!! Take a look at her file down at the police station, or at her lawyers (public defender) office. She is one crazy individual, and I mean.. off her rocker NUTTY! She is jobless, thats where all that education took her.. is this who you want deciding for your children? Someone should dig around her backround and throw her out of the race for misrepresentation.

  2. Its my understanding mcstravog abused the system big time.She says she went to Penn, but further research leaves me to believe it was on the taxpayers dime, utilizing local welfare and state programs to fund her own agendas. This Broad’s got it all worked out, smart lady – just like a black widow.Parson’s and his wife are a scary bunch…what the hell do these people know about government and politics – Apparantly NOTHING. God forbid this woman ends up on the school board, does she even have a education – her rants sure don’t validate it. Im a democrat and Im staying far away from their button come election day. Her husband is in for a very rude awakeing if he gets the vote.Scanlon states he a CEO…get the F*** out of here. My Brother runs a cleaning business -He’s got one girl working for him, I guess he is a CEO too. What a crock.I know the folks in council now have been working the system, but thats what politicians do, and people like Parsons hasve the balls to state “when the town starting going down hill” It aint that bad, but now doubt it does need improvements but it’s not councils fault.Council has declared war on the scum of this town, the Police have done an exceptional job thus far, and continue to kick ass, and revitalization is just around the corner. Be patient, keep the folks we got…for now.

  3. i have already responded at length to Anonymous who is a coward and a liar in his comments about Mary McStravog. For some reason my reply does not seem to have been posted on the site.I will try again.If Anonymous was not a coward they would give their real identity so they could be held accountable for their lies and risk being sued for libel and slander. Anyone who knows who they are and does not repudiate them or give out their identity is also possibly guilty of being an accessorry after the fact to a charge of criminal libel.I challenge the lieing coward Anonymous to at least arrange to meet me at a police station so they cannot decline for fear for themselves. I will then have them charged with libel and slander.Put up or aplogise in PUBLIC. I am Bruce Garrison and if you want to take me on in a verbal fight ,; “bring it on” but do not continue to be the cowardly multiple liar that you have shown yourself to be so far and reveal just who you are as I have!!COWARD< LIAR< FOOL are what you are.Bruce Garrison

  4. Mary McStravog has worked for 30 years,she is not working now. She is taking care of her family 7 childrenMary Mcstravog has not gotten any grants to go to school.she worked to put herself through undergraduate and graduate school.Mary McStravog paid at least 40,000 in school loans.Mary McStravog has never had a public defender .gossip is an evil thing……………My father taught me well.Thanks Dad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Mary McStravog”s life is an open book. She has shared her life lessons openly, in hopes of learning from others and helping others.Mary McStravog recieved 25 women of triumph award through Women Work out of Washington D.C.

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