A Message for the drug addict

Yeah you Rush Limbaugh you loudmouthed creep.

You and O’ Lielly can rot in hell..

7 thoughts on “A Message for the drug addict

  1. That is the problem with the Republicans and their mouth pieces! They always twist their lies into half-truths and then sell them as the truth! Vote-Vets dot org is a well known orginisation consisting of actual vets. You know Franny, the ones who actually fought in Iraq?Your local GOP people are going to lose their elections for the county seat for sure. No way would any sensible American vote Republican after what they have done in the last 7 years to this country and abroad.

  2. Classic override here… Rush is a scumbag, must be terminated from his radio show, as well as O’billy the asshole, Shawn the traitor Hannity, and several other mouth pieces.Dig up WC and show America real news reporting!

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