Going To The Dogs?

FEZ, our dog.. Mean to strangers, But lovable and faithful
I read recently that our current County Council is going to turn Kent Park into a “Dog Park”, at a cost of over $440 thousand dollars. My sons and me like to fish in that area, especially above the dam. While the concept of this park is a noble one, Imagine the legal ramifications of having it. Let’s say a dog (like one of those nasty pit bulls) gets loose and mauls a child? Or the same pit bull attacks my little Chihuahua?

Quote from the County Web Site: “There is a lot of public support across the county for dog parks. These are facilities set aside for dogs and their owners to exercise and play off-leash in a controlled environment,” Cartisano said. “This isn’t just a dog issue; it’s a people issue. We want to establish a fenced-in dog park where well-behaved canines can exercise in a clean, safe environment without disturbing other people, wildlife or property.”

“Well-behaved canines”

means over 70 percent of dogs (including our dog) will not be allowed into the park. C’mon now. Dogs hate other dogs. Chihuahua’s are mean and nasty. Our’s was an SPCA dog, and after he gotten sick, the vet saw evidence of abuse (cracked ribs), etc from the former owners. So will they have an obedience school at our disposal there?

“A clean, safe environment without disturbing other people, wildlife or property.”

And the issue of trying to fish while hundreds of barking, snarling mutts isn’t my cup of tea either. What about the locals? Would you like to work 3rd shift and have to come home to hear mutts barking while being forced to smell dog crap?

My answer is to build a recreation center, complete with a “skate park”. The youth of Delaware County need s p a c e more so than “Man’s best friend”. Kids today are in some areas (Springfield) forbidden to skateboard on public property. I would be the first to volunteer to oversee the children, and maybe even strap on my Rollerblades and show them a thing or two.

To those who remember “Tot Lot”, and “Box Hockey” in UD. Those were the good old days, before X Box, PS2, and even this Pandora’s box in which I type this post, items that rob America’s youth of an interactive personal childhood, complete with fights, friendship, competitiveness, and scraping your knee. Build a decent recreation center FOR CHILDREN, Not DOGS.


UPDATE – 7/22/08: According to the News Of Delaware County, The Dog Park is officially open tomorrow. Will Oni bring her Pit Bull to meet my Chihuahua?

Posted on Tue, Jul 22, 2008

New county dog park opens July 24 in Upper Darby

Delaware County Council invites dog owners who have well-behaved canines to enjoy the county’s first dog park, located in Kent Park in Upper Darby.Dog owners can let their canine pals romp unleashed in the fenced-in facility, which is part of an overall renovation to the Kent Park facility.

The dog park is part of Delaware County’s extensive parks system, which features 11 parks and 616 acres of open, protected space that enhances the environment and gives people a place to exercise, enjoy nature and build community.

The Delaware County Department of Parks and Recreation and Upper Darby Township are operating the dog park at Kent Park jointly. The dog park is part of a renovated multi-recreational area that features a playground, fishing area, and the separate fenced-in dog park, complete with a covered pavilion, benches, water and, of course, dog-litter bags.

Kent Park is a scenic 10-acre stretch of green that runs along Darby Creek under the historic Lindbergh Bridge. Kent Park is a county-owned park that has traditionally been used for hiking and fishing.

The Kent Park recreational area is part of a broader plan to create a Greenway along Darby Creek.

In response to dog owners, Kent Park offers a fenced-in area for dogs to get fresh air, exercise and playtime with other dogs.

The Kent Park Dog Park features two fenced-in areas: one for dogs 25 pounds and larger; and one for smaller dogs.

Both enclosures are double-gated to prevent dogs from getting loose.

Park users are required to register their dogs with Delaware County/Upper Darby, and to abide by the rules and regulations designed to keep the park safe and well-maintained.

Kent Park Dog Park is located in the 3900 block of Bridge Street, off of Baltimore Pike in Upper Darby.

Hours are 8 a.m. to dusk daily. People must register their dogs to obtain a key fob for entrance. Current license and rabies inoculation are required. Registration is $20 per household; $10 for renewal; $10 for senior citizens and $5 for renewal.

Limited Introductory Use: The computer system for the access key fobs is still being installed. Until that is complete, dog owners will have access to the dog park from 4 to 8 p.m. weeknights and 10 a.m. 6 p.m. Saturdays and Sundays.

People still need to register and they will be notified when the key fob system is complete.


29 thoughts on “Going To The Dogs?

  1. My husband’s take on this is that a dog park makes a neighborhood more desirable; I disagreed. He asked if I’d rather have a skate part down the road or a dog park and I voted skate park. Too many folks in my neighborhood have “status dogs.” They are poorly, if at all, trained, they are not fixed, and I much prefer to hear the sound of skate wheels on the tarmac than dogs attacking one another.That said, do we need more space beyond Observatory Park and the Skatium (both free for area kids)? While I agree that the kids need space, I think what they need more is an organized way to spend time after school, with responsible adults to look after them for a set amount of time.

  2. come on over the years dogs have been slowly baned from all public places (leash or not) every township should be offering some type of space for dogs to run and interact with other dogs (Leash or not)sure placement should be considered,but to suggest it would take away from or kids is norrow minded.

  3. This is in response to Mrs. Harridan’s comment: dogs are not the only ones that fight; in fact, kids fight and are much crueler. I suggest that you watch Cesar Millan’s show “Dog Whisperer.” Cesar Millan rehabilitates dogs but trains people. You mention what kids need but how invaluable a lesson would be if a child learns leadership. I bet kids would enjoy learning how to be a pack leader. That type of confidence and responsibility would most likely stay with them into adulthood. Parks are great for families and I believe that a properly fenced dog park can be shared with a separate park for families. We should teach children and adults to respect all animals. In regards to dogs, people should realize that any type of dog should not be approached unless the owner gives permission and the dog is properly restrained.

  4. I think the dog park will be a wonderful addition to our neighborhood. I live just up the hill from kent park (within earshot of the mean, snarling, fighting, untrained dogs). Not all dogs are like that and that is quite certainly a generalization, which I resent. If you had read your facts correctly, there will be a run for small, medium and large dogs, so your little abused, chihuhaua can play unleashed in a “controlled environment.” Controlled meaning control your dog! Also, the area shouldn’t smell like “dog crap” because there will be receptacles, and things for responsible owners. Honestly, don’t you think someone who has took the time to get a swipe card and a dog license is responsible enough to pick up dog poop? In response to a skate park, well that is just the dumbest thing I have ever heard. So now the community will be giving our children a place to hang out, drink, do drugs, tag things and skate. I mean they do that anyway but with an unsupervised skate park we are just inviting the little hoodlums to take part in this kind of behavior. I fully welcome the dog park and will be first in line opening day, you can look for me there!

  5. Ok.. I would like a combination Dog Park and youth center. My Dog needs to socialize, as well do my children. Can WE have both?I’ll even contribute my electrical talents (I would be exempt from paying a permit fee of course..)

  6. Thank you! Thank you! I welcome the Kent Dog Park with open arms, I am so excited to have the opportunity to take my three yellow labs for some social and fun interaction. I presently take them to Harford Dog Park in Radnor, this new park is in walking distance to my house. Kent Park is an eyesore,broken glass,beer cans, graffiti,trash,etc. This will be an asset to the community for families and dogs.Let’s make good use of this park, which is now being used for questionable activities.I will help anyway I can and look forward to opening day.

  7. Like the previous poster i as well have been in search for sometime for a place to let my very hyper but loving puppy a place to play. Most parks in the area do not permit you to allow your dogs to run off leash even if they are very well behaved. And to comment as a few others have mentioned about the dog smell? the nearest house is atleast 200 yards away up the hill the likely hood of any odor is unlikely. Its good to see upper darby township looking out for the tax payers with dogs this time. As for fishing there are plenty of spots along the creek which will be away from the noise of the park. Only people who are against this are people who hate dogs and believe me come down for a visit after the park is done i’ve got a 1 year old lab/dane mix who has plenty of kisses for ya to change your mind 🙂

  8. I live in Delaware County and am forced to travel to Wilmington so my dog can run free for a while. The dog park is clean and friendly and not noisy at all. The owners clean up after their dogs and everyone has a nice experience. Don’t blame the dogs for bad behavior, blame the owners for notsocializing and training their dogs

  9. nasty pitbulls how about looking at your own lil mutt before u call someone else’s breed nasty it don’t seem like your mutt got any training ether don’t try to blame it on his pervious abuse have u seen Dog Whisperer dogs live into so that means train,bath your mutt and then maybe it could play with some of our well train,clean pitbull

  10. in the moment my bad oh and how can u talk about a pitbull biting a child if u said for your self your dog is nasty it may bite a child or another dog. isnt that calling the kettle black.

  11. First off Ms. Ward you need to EDUCATE yourself about Pit Bulls and quit feeding into the media hype about them.The REAL American Pit Bull Terrier were not bred to be human aggressive. Do you know how many kids have died from little dogs to. A Pomeranian killed a 3 month old baby last year. A cocker spaniel mauled a 2 year old taking his ear off. These are just a few examples. Do you feed into that hype..no because you don’t hear about those cases.Pit Bulls are very loyal, determined and protective dogs. They would willing give their life just to save yours. The news half the time does not report the facts when it comes to the dog, they think automatically that just because it looks like a pit bull it is. Your chihuahua is statistically more likely to bite a child then a pit bull. Most small dogs are terrier breeds and have bred aggression in them. They have to in order to do what they were bred for..being a lap dog does not qualify. You need to read, read, and read some more before you make comments about a breed of dog you do not know. Watching t.v. and the news does not count either.My pit bull saved my life from a rapist who broke into my home. She took one heck of a beating but kept him at bay till the cops came, but of course it was a pit bull doing a good thing and was not worthy enough for media attention. Would your little dog do that?

  12. First off I not a woman if you took the time to click on my profile.. Secondly, “Oni”, to me Pit Bulls are ugly, mean, shitty dogs who do nothing but attack and maul people.My dog is mean also, but has half his teeth missing, and couldn’t bite anyone severely enough to kill them.Lastly, learn how to spell.Cheers.

  13. to tell u i don’t care enough to know who u r. .u need to be educated on dogs.2 your calling our dogs ugly your mutt doesn’t have teeth wow i mean wow. it doesn’t matter that the dog doesn’t have teeth it matters the dog intentions that’s what make you an obvious dumb dog owner. wow i spelled something wrong and you nearly broke your neck trying to insult me. what the hell is i not woman dumb ass your like 30 or 40 still blogging get a life. oh and i recently seen your pic u look like a damn anything hungry pedo.yeah and searching out my name doesnt make you look any less like a pedo.anyway guy good luck on your lil mutt anyway.

  14. You can think what you want about a pit bulls appearance, I myself find lots of other breeds ugly. But you can not generalize and say that all they do is attack and maul people. Don’t believe everything you read, do your own research. I have owned and lived with this breed for 7 years now. I changed my parents mind, my boyfriends, his parents, and the list goes on.When it comes to the APBT, I always say “to know one, is to love ’em” You will NEVER know how great these dogs are and the heart and love they deliver until you find out for yourself. Do your research, I’ll start for you…http://www.twincities.com/ci_9833497http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/25214356/And they do a lot more than just attack and maul people! Here ya go!Agilityhttp://youtube.com/watch?v=BxlXUw-aKa0Flyballhttp://youtube.com/watch?v=DgARn1RwdcgWeightpullhttp://youtube.com/watch?v=aCPwGP5qb-sFrisbeehttp://youtube.com/watch?v=lnvW4WhSecYDock Divinghttp://youtube.com/watch?v=QoQQjw-WHu4And many more!

  15. Anonymous (ONI)located at 12-201-102-201.client.mchsi.com ( said…to tell u i don’t care enough to know who u r. .u need to be educated on dogs.2 your calling our dogs ugly your mutt doesn’t have teeth wow i mean wow. it doesn’t matter that the dog doesn’t have teeth it matters the dog intentions that’s what make you an obvious dumb dog owner. wow i spelled something wrong and you nearly broke your neck trying to insult me. what the hell is i not woman dumb ass your like 30 or 40 still blogging get a life. oh and i recently seen your pic u look like a damn anything hungry pedo.yeah and searching out my name doesnt make you look any less like a pedo.anyway guy good luck on your lil mutt anyway.7:27 AM, July 22, 2008Get a fucking life and quit while your ahead. Pedo? Really? I have been married for over 20 years. I have 5 children. Cheers.P.S. Pit Bulls all need a round tuit smashed over their senseless heads.

  16. do u think i care that u know my supposed location go ahead come here and stay here for real long vacation. oh and im 20 something i have plenty of time to get a life im just doing this for fun what’s your excuse oh yeah u don’t have one. just to tell u if u don’t want people to comment to the dumb shit u say don’t blog about it we’re supposed to comment anyway.for the record i can go all day so u may as well bow out gracefully and say that u were wrong not all pitbulls are bad and maybe we can be friends (oh and ps you say your not a pedo and your looking up peoples location)

  17. Ok. I’ll be honest. I really don’t hate Pit Bulls or any other breed of dog. As far as blogging goes your saying that because I’m an “old man” I shouldn’t be doing it?You do have plenty of time to get a life. Finally, the “Pedophile” comments do not sit well with me as I have a good friend who’s daughter was molested for years and wound up committing suicide. Cheers

  18. well my bad for the peod comment but not all pits are bad dogs it makes me mad when people say that cause the dogs go though way to much there not born that way there made and if u ever get the time to meet one that was not mistreated u will know oh and ps the whole looking up my ip # was weird and kind of funny

  19. Why is it you go from talking crap about them to saying you don’t hate pit bulls or any other breed.You cannot post comments like that and not expect retaliation.I work in an E.R.,and most of the dog bite victims that come in are children who have been bit by little dogs, chihuahuas, jack russells, mainly or some small mixed designer dog.Only 3 Pit Bull cases.One case was a man who got mauled by a pit bull, but he should not of been trying to break into the dang house.You are stereo-typing a dog you, personally, know nothing about.It does not matter that your dog has no teeth…you, yourself, said that he would bite. Point is aggression is aggression, teeth or no teeth. Not all pit bull owners are thugs, gangsters, dog fighters. There are responsible pit bull owners you know. You are just to set in your ways to see anything different. Your language is so nice by the way. To cuss someone out in a blog..so very un-educated of you.

  20. Anonymous said… “Why is it you go from talking crap about them to saying you don’t hate pit bulls or any other breed.You cannot post comments like that and not expect retaliation.”Hey Anonymous… FUCK YOU!

  21. Attention all Delco residents! I am ashamed to admit that I am a former delco resident who used to be proud of their area. Now living in DE I am disgusted at all of this chatter… which I came across by googling “hiking with your dog in the delaware valley”. Having my degree in Animal Biotechnology and Behavior and currently working in a curatorial position, I feel I know a little about animals, including dogs. I have worked with and lived with dogs my whole life, even now. So, first of all I have to say that “people” are stupid. I know this might sound like a harsh generalization but no worse than the awful generalizations you have made about dogs, pits and toy dogs alike. All dogs are different – JUST LIKE PEOPLE! You can not assume all dogs will act the same and having such prejudices makes you a RACIST! And just for the record I am not pulling any “race cards”. I just so happen to be a white female of small stature. I note this because even being so I have worked with and came across some really large animals in my time from exotics to domestics, including large dogs. As a promoter of responsible pit bull owners I am appalled at your comments regarding such a wonderful breed that served as a companion to Helen Keller and served as the heroic mascot in WWI.To say that all pit bulls are killers and should be killed is an awful statement. It is like saying that all gun owners are killers or all middle aged white men blogging on the internet are pedophiles in search of their next “friend”. See how crazy those statements are? That is how you sound! In some previous posts from other people it was mentioned about rescuing their dog from the SPCA. All my personal dogs have been rescued, my current one is a rescued pit mix. And for the record she is an amazing dog who loves people and kids. She also highly enjoys her time at the dog park with all the other dogs running around. I have put in the time to train her and I am proud to say that I am her owner. The owner of a wonderful, loving pit. Innocent dogs, chihuahuas and pits alike, end up in awful situations because of stupid PEOPLE. It is up to be responsible pet owners, otherwise you should not own a pet. Its that simple. Therefore whether you have a pit or chihuahua it should be properly cared for and TRAINED! If this is something you can’t do seek a professional. There are training classes all over this area with really great people to help. A dog park is a great idea for well trained dogs with responsible owners. I know as I am a frequent visitor of a local dog park myself. A leading cause of aggressiveness and anxiety in dogs is the fact that they are under-exercised. Hear that? SO where could one seek a place to exercise their dogs? A dog park! But the bottom line is it is up to the owners to know if this is an option for their dog because there are irresponsible pit and chihuahua owners alike, who are giving everyone a bad name. SO to start wrapping this up, as I became entangled in your crazy rants, it is up to PEOPLE to be responsible pet owners and take proper care of their canine companions – with training and exercise. After all, a tired dog is a happy dog!

  22. Just because your dog is not well behaved and doesn't like other dogs doesn't mean there shouldn't be a dog park. My dog LOVES other dogs, even after being brutally attacked by a dog while out for a walk in my neighborhood (not in a dog park). I can't wait to take her to play every chance we get!

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