Hamsher Fever

Jane Hamsher - The most wanted blogger in Delaware County

A few days ago I posted something on both the Haverford Blog and our own forum, telling everyone that I was setting up a blogger meet at a local bar. I also stated that Jane Hamsher (of Firedoglake), Above Average Jane (of Aboveavejane), Akkam (from Akkam’s Razor), and hopefully a few others could (not would) be in attendance.

I was amazed of the flood of e mails that I received, 23 in all, asking me if Jane Hamsher was really going to be there! Cripes, don’t people actually READ? I never said that she was going to be there, I said ” Also in attendance could be“.. I trully wish Jane would have shown up, but number one, I believe she lives in Virginia! Two, I don’t know her personally, and if I did It’s not like I could call her up and say: Hi Jane, this is Fran. I’m having a blogger meet at Peabody’s and I want you here NOW! Even if I did know her, she would probably tell me to **** off, and I wouldn’t blame her one bit. (Us Men are so demanding at times, aren’t we?)

Finally, I received one e mail from a liberal Democrat asking me if I could confirm that Jane Hamsher would be in attendance. Thankfully I read it and replied that Noooo She wouldn’t be there, that I was only kidding!

Two people did show up, and we had a good chat, abit brief. The first thing that they asked was:

Is Jane here?

P.S. I was hoping John Gault would have shown up..

4 thoughts on “Hamsher Fever

  1. Your a gullible person Franny! That is not the real Jane Hamsher. Just look at her signature; it doesn’t match her blogger profile.< HREF="www.blogger.com/profile/18314946028364075397″ REL=”nofollow”> Jane Hamsher’s blogger profile.Do you honestly think that she would visit your pathetic rag of a blog?

  2. Anonymous said… “Your a gullible person Franny! That is not the real Jane Hamsher. Just look at her signature; it doesn’t match her blogger profile”Maybe it was her, or maybe it wasn’t… Regardless, the next time I decide to have a blog party I will invite her. And I’m far from gullible you idiot. Oh yeah, one more thing. If you think that this blog sucks so bad, then why even read it?

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