Flashback – Where I was six years ago today

I thought about where I was and what I was doing on September eleventh, 2001. I was at Hilltop Preparatory School in Radnor, giving an estimate on a new fire alarm system. Today, I also was at the same school, replacing an exhaust fan, when the fire alarm went off at 9:03 AM. The alarm was a false one, but sent chills down my spine for a different reason. Six years ago today, America was changed, and almost 3000 people paid for this change with their lives.

Thousands more have been sickened by toxins in NYC, and God knows how many more have died. Meanwhile, a token gesture today by the President to me wasn’t enough. Mr. Bush… Quit side stepping this aggression of yours and either devote ALL of your energy to finish what you started in Iraq and elsewhere, or resign. And take Cheney and the rest of your cabal with you.

America and it’s citizens are fed up with you and your stonewalling, as Johnson did in the sixties in southeast Asia. Were are not stupid. We (even the youth of this country) are on to what you and yours are all about. We know about physics. We know about media manipulation, we know about mouthpieces like Bill O’Reilly and the others at FAUX who continue to this day to spew falsehoods about that fateful day.

Give up, and while your at it, tell that guy who dresses up in drag to quit demeaning the first responders in NYC by running as as some super 911 hero to get votes. He ain’t fooling anyone anymore. And neither are you.

Remember 9/11/01


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