Have A Great Labor Day!

Yes, it’s Sunday, a beautiful day here in Delaware County. I’ve noticed that this blog has recently received minimal comments. My belief is that most Delconians are too busy enjoying the holiday, either locally or down the shore.

Take a look at the video above, and kindly give me your opinion of it. My opinion is that we are headed to a dictatorship, one that makes Hitler look like a child playing in traffic.

Cheers and have a safe and enjoyable weekend holiday.

4 thoughts on “Have A Great Labor Day!

  1. I thought it was an informative video. When it happens here in Delco, maybe you”ll see differently. As far as the political commentary, I see no politics,as both major parties have allowed this to happen over the years.

  2. You are right about both parties allowing it to happen. What’s the answer? I dont think any of the clowns running will change anything. I guess status quo is the answer for the forseeable future.

  3. The first thing every dictator does is take away all the guns from the private citizens. When the government starts taking away people’s guns, the dictatorship has begun.

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