Abandoned Bunnies

This afternoon my Son and I were cutting our neighbors lawn. Nick had just cut over a section of grass when the neighbor motioned for him to turn off the mower. To my surprise the bunnies were unscathed, huddled in their shallow boro.

Four little bunny rabbits left alone to fend for themselves..

Earlier in the week, my wife saw a dead rabbit who was hit by a car at the top of our street. I’m wondering if it was these little one’s Mommy. If so, I doubt if they have a chance to live, being that they are so little with no one to guard them or nourish them. We had domesticated bunny rabbits back when we were first married. One of them got pregnant and died after delivering five bunnies. My wife and I tried to feed them everything that we were told to by our vet,but to no avail. one by one they all died of starvation. It was sad and frustrating.

What a shame for these bunnies..


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