Weird Things Are Going On

I had made a post last night and today it’s gone. I did not delete it. Since Google came out with the “new” blogger interface, I’ve had nothing but problems. In fact, the whole web site is slow to load. I’ll be checking my referrer logs and hopefully get a clue to as why this is happening.


2 thoughts on “Weird Things Are Going On

  1. Franny, your post showed up on; if you subscribe to that service you can cut and paste it from there.I must say I think it might be better not posted, but you are entitled to your opinion, and at least you’re posting something, which is more than I have managed thus far.I’m sure we’ll have a lively debate on your new topic. 😉

  2. You are correct in not posting the aforemetioned post, as I was informed at around 3:30 pm today that the post and also the archive was DELETED by someone with an .il address. Amazing that one cannot even speak their “beliefs” on a web site that they pay for and PROOF of WHO was behind the deletions!So, I will refrain in posting any thing to do with Israel, the Middle East, Saddam, George Bush, NWO, 911 was an inside job, etc on this here blog. (I was dead on though in my mind)I’ll just post my opinions on my personal blog, one that is seperate from this. That way, maybe I can ward off the losers who deleted my post and as far as my web provider goes, I’ll be looking for a new one.RON PAUL 2008!P.S. I’d love for you to post your own thread about anything, congrats on your baby..Cheers!

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