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Business and Labor Leaders Unite Behind David Landau

LINWOOD, PA- Members of the business, labor, and education communities joined County Council Candidate David Landau on Thursday to introduce his “A New Day in Delaware County Plan.”

“When are the Republicans going to learn that job creation extends beyond their friends and political contributors?” asked Landau. “We need a responsible county government. And we need it today.”

“We are trailing our neighboring counties in creating good paying jobs,” said Landau. “Yet this Republican administration seems more concerned with giving handouts to their friends. It’s right of the patronage play-book, authored by George W. Bush.”

Landau provided two examples of the Bush-style job creation program. The County Commerce Center provides free banner advertising on their website for the private firms of elected Republican Party and Government officials. Controller Cynthia Leitzell’s accounting firm Leitzell & Economidisand Sheriff Joe McGinn’s Photo Express Inc. are among the chosen few who receive this free marketing advantage.

Rather than being concerned with political favors, the courthouse should be addressing the various needs of Delaware County residents. Delaware County has trailed neighboring counties in obtaining assistance while providing favors for a select few. Key initiatives available to Pennsylvania businesses such as the Opportunity Grant Program and the Small Business First Program have been underutilized by the Delaware County Government.

According to the National Association of State Development Agencies, “Pennsylvania has the best-funded business assistance programs in the nation.”

“This seems to be a disturbing reoccurring theme with Delaware County Council,” Landau remarked. “The money is available to us, yet we’re lagging behind our peers.”

“Our population is stagnating, and we’re losing business establishments,” said Landau. “This trend does not bode well in our favor for the future of Delaware County.”

Delaware County lost over 8,000 net jobs between 1998 and 2005. 1 of 5 manufacturing establishments has closed its doors between 2003 and 2006. Last month, the Eddystone-based Foamex plant announced it was closing, putting 125 employees out of work.

“Good paying manufacturing jobs are leaving Delaware County and everyone at the Media Courthouse seems okay with that,” chided Jim Savage, of Steelworkers Local 10-1.

Since 1979, the Delaware County General Fund budget has ballooned over 75% adjusted for inflation.

“Given the high increase in the cost of Delaware County government, we should expect to obtain the services we’re paying for,” said Elisabeth Knapp

Landau pointed to programs of minimal costs, which form collaborations between area schools and businesses.

“We must work together to foster relationships between area colleges and businesses and end the ‘brain-drain’ from our local colleges and universities,” said Landau “We need to hold the county government accountable, and move our economy into the 21 st century.”


One thought on “Landau County Council

  1. I hope this candidate did not write this weak press release. This seems like college intern type stuff. I hope Mr. Landau’s campaign will be about more than calling people “George Bush”. Also, it seems this issue about jobs and the economy in Delco is also a weak issue for them. The overall health of County unemployment and job creation is very strong, so they may want to stay away from this. Besides, for the places in the County where jobs and business are weakest – towns like Yeadon and Darby – the Democrats are in control and the Democratic candidates all are or were on the payroll in those towns.

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