Honey… Your WRONG about the Mexicans

I just got into a heated discussion with the wife about illegals. She in one swift sentence stated that “The Mexicans do jobs that Americans won’t do”. Really? how about the Mexican cement contractors who last year managed to shut down a job that I was on in Honey Brook, all because of “Mexican protest week”! Or how about the landscapers and drywallers in Newtown Square working at the new Long & Foster building? Do you think that there are Americans not able, capable, or interested in doing that type of work? My Dad had a landscaping business, and employed local men and a few Irishmen off the boat. May I employ some cheap labour? Would you want me to wire your new home with them? Hell, I’d make a way better bottom line, maybe enough to take next summer off.

Bottom line is this: There are many many AMERICANS who would be willing to shovel shit just to feed their families. So to the wife and other liberal morons who want to allow these 30 million illegals to become Americans by paying a fine? Please! Open your eyes! They do not like America or Americans. They do not intend to assimilate and learn our national language. The do want to work and make money and send it back home, thereby screwing up our already fragile economy. They already get free health care, spit out kids every nine months in the hope of having an American born child, and as of late, are visibility protesting for their so called rights.. What about our RIGHTS?

So the next time you see these illegals with there shifty eyes and speaking in Spanish in front of you while doing the job that an AMERICAN doesn’t want to do, remember your job could be next.


A great link about those innocent loving Mexicans…

6 thoughts on “Honey… Your WRONG about the Mexicans

  1. In the 1880s there were saying, “The next time you see those micks with their shifty eyes and speaking with a brogue…”In the 1910’s they were saying, “The next time you see those wops with their shifty eyes and speaking Italian…”In the 1940s they were saying, “”The next time you see those spics with their shifty eyes and speaking with a Puerto Rican…”And so on.Those people you belittle are what populated America over the last 400 years. Unless you can prove 100% Native American blood you and your family were those immigrants at one point. I hope your ancestors, and mine, were not subject to the bigotry you voice.

  2. I’m not belittling anyone.. And it’s easy for you to call me a bigot, hense your anonyminity. Fact one, Mexico would like nothing more than to take back California, Texas, New Mexico, etc, land that they once had.Fact two, You read right around my opinion, and that is landscapers, stone masons, and drywallers are honorable, decent paying jobs, skilled labour. Ask an American who has skills in these areas how he/she feels about losing their job to an illegal all for “the bottom line”.So what’s your line of work?

  3. Hey anonymous.. why don’t you give up your job to an illegal then?Looky here okaaaaaaaayyyyy? If we legalize 13 million immigrants (That shouldn’t be here in the first place).. our country will collapse. PERIOD.Immigrants are working for low wages.. low low wages. When they’re legal.. do you think they will work for those low wages anymore? FUCK NO! They will want anything and everything they can get their little hands on. Now when the immigrants who are now legal want this stuff.. will companies give it to them? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!!!So what happens then? Oh yeah.. 13 MILLION MORE PEOPLE ON WELFARE!!There goes the country. Wake up and open your eyes.. our country is full. It’s not racist to want to not want anyone else living in your house.. so why is it racist to not want ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS (Not just mexicans-all illegals) living in our country? PETER J. MANFRAUPPER DARBY RESIDENT – LEGAL RESIDENT

  4. Okay first of all illegals dont just do landscaping and all that the DO do many jobs that “Americans” wont do. And if the “Mexicans” are taking an “Americans:” its for a reason…maybe they’re more skilled and work harder..and i know many jobs that ONLY want Mexicans because they work harder and are willing to work the hours they are given no matter what.

  5. And NOT only Mexicans are illegal…there are also africans,venezuelean,cuban,guatemalean,salvadorian,peruvian,islam,afganistan,asian,italian,irish, UNLESS YOU ARE PROVEN TO BE 100% NATIVE AMERICAN YOU ARE OR ANCESTORS WERE IMMIGRANTS…and

  6. i dont think they should legalize EVERY illegal and i also dont think they should ALL be denied…they’re not criminals….and our country will not collapse..for example i work at a fast food restaurant and im the only “white” person there besides the managers and every one else is mexican, and every white or black person we hire either gets fired or quits…why?? because they dont work half as hard as the mexicans..

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