Police: Woman stands up to prospective robber

Any relation to the Roncaglione that posts here?

UPPER DARBY — A gutsy woman fended off a masked robber who demanded money and claimed he had a stun gun after a late night ATM withdrawal.

Not only did she refuse to comply with his demands she followed him in her car and reported his license tag number to police.

Patrolman Wayne Whitlock checked out the registration leading him to a residence on the 2500 block of Bond Avenue, Drexel Hill, and the vehicle’s owner, Robert Roncaglione.

Detective Sean Rowe spoke to Roncaglione, 56, who stated he had been home “most of the night,” the investigator wrote in the affidavit.

“Roncaglione did state he is not the type of person who would steal from anybody,” Rowe wrote in the document noting he never specified the nature of the investigation but detected the suspect was allegedly under the influence of a controlled substance

The victim told police she was inside the ATM area of the Citizens Bank, 5045 Township Line Road, and withdrew money when a man wearing a dark colored scarf around his face entered demanding money.

“When the victim refused the actor stated he was going to ’stun’ her,” Rowe wrote in the affidavit. “The victim still refused and stated the object was not a stun gun but a flashlight,” and exited the ATM area.

She followed the suspect in her vehicle while sounding her horn and identified the vehicle for police.

Roncaglione was arraigned on charges of robbery, criminal attempt theft, terroristic threats, possessing instruments of crime, simple assault and harassment.

A preliminary hearing is scheduled for June 12 before Magisterial District Judge Michael Cullen.


15 thoughts on “Police: Woman stands up to prospective robber

  1. Wow…I don’t know what to say. I may not agree with Ron’s political views, but I would imagine this whole thing is very unpleasant for the whole family.

  2. You can choose your friends, but you can’t choose your family. You don’t start off robbing women at an ATM. I’m sure the family saw it coming for years unless they are blind liberals who think people do nothing wrong and “the man” is always out to get their family member.~Sid

  3. Leave the post. It’s public information posted by a news agency. People have a right to know what scumbags are in their neighborhoods. It’s too bad the female didn’t have a CCW. There’d be one less felon terrorizing our friends, family and neighbors.

  4. This is why we need more stun gun control. It wasn’t the scum bag’s fault, it was the fake stun gun that made him do it. If we had tougher fake stun gun laws, such as background checks before you can have a fake stun gun, it would have stopped this crime from ever happening. Also, we should feel sorry for this scumbag. It’s not his fault he’s addicted to drugs. OK, maybe it is his fault, but if the Police didn’t waste all their time picking on robbers, they could get more drugs off the street and none of this would have happened. So there we are blame the Police!

  5. I read this in yesterday’s Daily Times and quite frankly am perplexed: The officer stated: “Rowe wrote in the document noting he never specified the nature of the investigation but detected the suspect was allegedly under the influence of a controlled substance.”So why wasn’t Mr. Roncaglione charged with it? Also, The usage of the word “Scum Bag” on a “Suspect” is typical police jargon, probably from all those cop shows and Dirty Harry movies you guys watch.I can’t blame you though, that’s why I’m not a cop. I witnessed a guy raping a young female down Cobbes Creek Park years ago and busted him upside the head with a rock. Now if I were a cop at the time, I would have planted two rounds in him (imagine where) and told the victim to take off.Finally, what ever happened to “Innocent until proven guilty”?Cheers.

  6. He was charged with robbery. The signifigance of the statement was the denial prior to the accusation. It would be like if your wife asked you “how was your day?” and you answered “I didn’t cheat on you with that hot blonde!”You are presumed innocent until proven guilty in court. That doesn’t mean the common sense should be ignored until the trial date.

  7. Ok, since I occasionally comment on Fran’s site it’s only fair that I let you know about this.First off, I have written an apology to the victim, who is the most important person here. I have apologized to my family, who hurt awfully. I hereby apologize to my community.As to the incident, it was a spontaneous, out of character, and totally inexplicable act. After 56 years of being a good citizen I made a horrible mistake, that’s no excuse and I’ll pay my dues. RR

  8. A person just doesn’t up and decide to attempt to rob and threaten to assault a stranger after 56 years of being an upstanding person. I call absolute bullshit.You’re only sorry because you got caught. I hope you’re incarcerated like you deserve.

  9. Franny -I’m a cop. I live my life to protect people from pieces of shit like this guy and the kool-aid drinkers like yourself who only think justice needs to be served when it’s them who has been wronged. I have never stolen candy from wawa. I’ve never stuck a flashlight in my pocket and pointed at a woman and threatened to stun her if she didn’t turn over her money. I’ve never beaten, stabbed, shot, murdered, or parked in a handicap spot “just for a minute.” In fact, I’ve stood up against police corruption in my own department, so please, don’t for one second you sit there and think you know me based solely off an IP address(BTW: The NSA? Get a grip.)You can’t have it both ways Fran. You either are against all the evil in society, or you’re for it. You can’t scream and shout when it’s your wife, mother, daughter, or sister who’s been raped or robbed and not when it’s some other woman who’s minding her own business at an ATM because some junkie needed a fix and can’t hold down a regular job. It’s no wonder that Delware County is spiraling down the tubes at an incredible rate when the people who live there think the same way as you.”All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”

  10. I was quite harsh Bobby with the language (Post Deleted) and the either with them or against them attitude is wrong in my opinion. I went to jail for a failure to comply in a Domestic Relations case. My crime? My mother had a stroke that same morning. Am I Evil in your eyes Bobby?Yes (RR) did wrong. He admitted it right here. He had the guts to do it. Question: Does “Scooter” Libby deserve jail? Is he an “evil” person?

  11. Fran,Is it because of WHO RR is that you’re saying this? Would you say that about anyone else here in the township that was not politically connected? I don’t think so.The matter of the fact is, he tried to rob an innocent woman. What if he really did have a stun gun, Fran? Or a real gun and things went terribly wrong and he had killed the woman? What then? Would an apology just make everything alright?What RR did was WRONG and he should be punished, but as is the norm with judges these days, he’ll get a slap on the wrist and he’ll be told to be a good boy and don’t do it again.BTW, an upstanding person would report crime, NOT commit it. It’s time to put down that kool-aid glass, Fran – or maybe you’re too far gone.BTW, you can bet your ass that if it were a member of Mario Civera’s family that had committed this crime, the Roncaglione’s would be all over it like flies on shit, and that right there is the God’s honest truth.Once again, please take my name off the list of contributors and off your side bar. As an HONEST citzen of Upper Darby, I can’t sit by and condone this type of action. I want no parts of it.*NOTE: First post removed for grammar mistakes.

  12. Kate, the guy is guilty as he has confessed and will serve whatever sentence he gets. I am not condoning what he did one iota. My problem was the “Druggie” label, just shove it on the guy, right? No one knows what motivated him to do it.Yes Kate I will remove you as you request from this blog.You and your friends have shown your true colours, as with the “Kool Aide” comments, as well as being so self-righteous.You can do no wrong,right? In your narrow mind you have shown me that you can cast judgement upon another (me) with spiteful vengance and no remorse what so ever. Add to that the automatic Political bullshit that has no basis on this blog and you can see that I have no problem deleting anything. Finally your comment, “As an HONEST citzen of Upper Darby, I can’t sit by and condone this type of action. I want no parts of it. Are you saying that I am not? Who are you to judge me? I have made some bad decisions in the past also, that’s why the comment eariler got my goat, espicially from a COWARD who wouldn’t post their name!I’ll state for the record here and now that I didn’t and do not CONDONE what RR did. How you all came to that conclusion is beyond me. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone I say. Also, any further comments in this thread will be deleted.Cheers and Have a nice day.

  13. I just had to re visit this post and say that “bobby” is to me a really loose cannon, one who thinks that he really is above the law, like that asshole in the white house. Bobby, ever research the history of the police? You would be amazed. Militias (Yes, people like me with GUNS) are the rightful people to protect and serve.In my opinion, You are biased, judgemental, and bigoted. you hide behind your Blue wall of Silence.You slammed me and my family with your vile comments. I will not forget them. You DISGRACE the badge and the fallen.FUCK YOU.

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