Mario Civera – Pay Us Back – Again

Drama In Delaware County.

Casey Roncaglione, president of the Delaware County Young Democrats, writes this morning to tell us that his group is calling on state Rep. Mario Civera, R-Delaware, to reimburse the taxpayers for the $114,801 the House spent on public service announcements on his behalf.The group also demands that “all other Legislators (sic), Republican and Democrat, do the same.””Mr. Civera stood on the House floor calling for restraint of new taxes in the Governor’s budget,” Roncaglione wrote. “A good start to that restraint would be to reimburse the Tax Payer for his own lack of restraint, anything less would be hypocritical and make his budget statements just political posturing.
“Hmmm … makes sense to us. Howzabout it?


2 thoughts on “Mario Civera – Pay Us Back – Again

  1. Casey, do you feel the same outrage when Governor Rendell does the same thing? Did you know that when a municipality receives a state grant, they must erect a sign with the governor’s name on it and that this requirement is memorialized in the grant contract? Is spending money on lawyers to do this just as wasteful, or is it OK because you like Rendell? How about the endless stream of meetings and letters coming out of Joe Sestak’s office? Are these a waste of taxpayer dollars? Or is it OK and informative because you may agree with his positions? Do you feel the same level of outrage towards Bryan Lentz, Thaddeus Kirkland, Ronald Waters, Ron Donatucci, Anthony Williams and Connie Williams, who all do the same thing? Or is this simply a partisan attack where you are trying to extend your 15 minutes of fame from the 2006 election? If we’re really talking about outrageous wastes of taxpayer money, how about discussing the Bill DeWeese bonuses paid to Democrat staffers for camapign work in 2006 USING STATE DOLLARS! If this was anything other than a partisan attack on your part, and if you were truly concerned about taxpayer dollars, you would publicly condemn DeWeese’s actions, demand that all of the bonuses be reimbursed, and call for Mr. DeWeese to resign. Or does your outrage for wasteful spending not extend to your patrons and masters?

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