Double Standards?

Photo from the Daily Times of the VW that was found to contain the body of the baby.
Just having read this articl in the Daily Times today, I agree with Michael Chitwood, who was quoted as saying: “It’s a disgrace,” Chitwood said. “If this was somebody poor and desolate, we wouldn’t be discussing what to charge. She’s not even arrested and they are engaging in negotiations on what the charges are going to be.” If this young woman was from a poorer or minority family, you bet your bottom dollar that she would have been arrested on the spot, and currenty awaiting trial out at the Meadows .

It will be interesting now that the M.E. has ruled the babies death a homicide what charges if any are leveled against her and others who may have tried to cover up the crime.


3 thoughts on “Double Standards?

  1. I see now that they have charged her with 1st and 3rd degree murder. According to the Daily Times, Mia Sardella, 19, surrendered to Upper Darby police to face charges of first- and third-degree murder, abuse of a corpse and related counts. She was arraigned and remanded to Delaware County Prison in lieu of bail.They made the right call, as I hoped they would. I remember many years ago a friend of mine named Kathy committed a similar crime. Her dad was an Upper Darby police officer. She was found to be guilty by reason of insanity I recall.

  2. Chitwood should be embarassed. He has been a cop for “four decades”. He should know that you only get one shot at prosecuting someone and you can’t be wrong. What would have happened if they charged her and the ME found the baby was still born? Look at other similar cases that have been in the newspaper. The investigations take this long. Period. Go back to the Police academy Chitwood. He only does this stuff to get the media whipped up into a frezy. This time he made himself look like a boob.-Sid

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