On A Blue Sunday

Long time no post. I’ll make it short. Posts from April and May are not showing up. I cannot change the FTP username either. I did see several posts and comments disappear from the server and will try to get this issue resolved.

Update: Figured it all out. Used a backdoor pw.



5 thoughts on “On A Blue Sunday

  1. What goes around comes around. I read all of your comments on this blog and it seems like your having some hard times yourself. Just know that no one is exempt from hard times whether it be health financial or otherwise. Live on the eastern shore of Maryland and I am a working section 8 voucher holder. I was thinking about relocating to darby or somewhere in delaware county but reading your post makes me sick. R Y still a racist in 2010? Do you burn crosses and call people the n word too? You and some others talked about the blacks and the people on section 8 like we are criminals but I'm wondering if my children would be safe around your children if your teaching them your beliefs. But I will still be moving there anyway, because although I am not ghetto I am willing to protect my family by any means neccessary. Thanks for your opinion and I really hope that u and all the other biggets have moved!!!!!

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