Section 8

I would like those of you who have personal experience on the good and bad with Section 8 in Upper Darby to please offer your thoughts on the subject.
I have received many letters demonizing the program and few supporting it.
I hope you’ll contribute to this discussion.
Thanks, Casey


42 thoughts on “Section 8

  1. Casey,I have owned my home for 18 years. I am in the Stonehurst section of UD, and if I could get out of this ghetto, I would. Ever since Section 8 came into the township, it’s brought nothing but trouble. Crime is on the rise and I can’t even begin to tell you the trouble I’ve had with one of my Section 8 neighbors. I go to court with her on May 30th and I pray the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania will make her pay for terrorizing my family and causing over $4,000 worth of damage to my car. It took a videotape to stop her madness.What I want to know is how many politians live next door to those Section 8 homeowners? Probably zero, as they wouldn’t want to live next to them.I hate it and I wish it were never introduced into the township. The minute I can get my kids out of here, I’m gone and I’ll NEVER look back.Sorry for the rant. The subject just makes my boil though…

  2. Casey, while not a citizen of UD, I worked for DCMH Medics for 4 years. The more Section that came into a given police sector, the more domestic violence, assault, OD and shootings we saw.The Villa out on radbourne wasn’t the only area,…some apts near Garrettford-Drexel Hill saw the same problems.Section 8 is the worst thing that could happen to a community, IMN-SHO.

  3. I agree!! The politicians are sticking their collective heads in the sand,and will be long gone when this county turns into Southwest Philly and the Westward migration continues…. You can’t hide in Drexel Park forever…What they have allowed to happen in this county,in the name of the almighty dollar is criminal

  4. Although getting rid of the cancer would be fantastic, but those that are still in the Section 8 homes will probably have immunity. There aren’t many places left to move in the township that aren’t plagued by this disease.My question: Who the hell brought this into UD in the first place? I’d seriously love to kick their ass, but they’re definitely not worth going to jail for so I’ll just continue to think of them at scum of the earth for ruining what was once a very great and proud township.

  5. Section 8 isn’t going anywhere, and I think we all know that. And even if it did, it wouldn’t make a difference. The township has been run down to the ground because of it.Take a look at Stonehurst. It’s the armpit of UD. Bywood? It’s a dive. Highland Park USED to be a nice place to live, but that’s turning into a shit hole too. I used to love Kirklyn, but it’s creeping in there also. I don’t think there are many parts of the township that are safe, with the exception of Arnonomink, because nobody can afford to live there, and I do believe Westbrook Park is still safe.God, I can’t wait to move.The politicians are ALL talk on this subject, both Dems & Republicans alike and that’s a major disappointment.Where the hell is Sonny Kane today? I want to kick his ass!

  6. When I moved to Highland Park 4 years ago, it was pretty nice. In that short time, I’ve noticed it’s starting to seem a lot more like the area of South Philly I thought I’d left behind. Whether or not it’s down to Section 8 is unclear to me, but it seems like there’s a lot of houses on my block that look like no one owns them – trash everywhere, broken chairs just sitting on porches for months, weeds growing tall in the yards, even broken windows – but I know these houses are inhabited, just not kept up. Is there anything that can be done in the short term, or do we have to wait for someone like Casey to push a change through legislation?

  7. Face it. Blacks are lazy people and do not contribute to squat here in America. U.D. is just another territory that they conquered in the last few years while Whites flee.

  8. Martin Luther KingGeorge Washington CarverJesse Owens W.E.B. DuBois Paul Robeson Sojourner Truth Harriett Tubman Frederick Douglass Benjamin Banneker Mary McLeod Bethune Ralph Bunche


  10. I am a single black parent of 1 child. I BOUGHT my Highland Park house 4 years ago. So far my area is still quite nice. I do agree that section 8 is a problem. Although I sympathize with those who truelly need housing I believe they should be made to upkeep their homes. If they don’t they should be evicted and sent back to the shelter. The landlord should also be fined if they do not maintain the lawn and such. Everyone is blaming the tenants while the landlord is laying on the beach collecting the rent. The other issue is all of the Asian/African/Carribean stores that are opening up. West Chester Pike looks horrible! This is suppose to be the suburb of the city. If I wanted to live near a bunch of corner stores and chinese stores I would have stayed in the city! WAWA is enough!

  11. honkie kracker…no one is holding you back you can always move and the neighborhood would be so much better. But unless you can buy an island for yourself, how about being part of the solution and not the problem. It is because of people like you that the US experienced 9/11.

  12. Yeah. Sure thing. Upper Darby/ Stonehurst was a safe place to live in the 60’s and 70’s until certain people started “moovin’ on up” if you catch my drift.Fuck all you losers who destroyed my hometown. May your Mothers, Brothers and children experience what you have brought like a plague to Delco. EVIL.Cheers.

  13. I am a married black woman living in Upper Darby. I have a very good job and my husband is a police officer. We purchased our home here7 years ago and the neighborhood has changed. I agree that some people need housing assistance because of their situation. However, I don’t agree with the way some people abuse the help. It’s not just black people on Section 8. There are whites, hispanics and so forth. I work very hard to maintain my property. Everyone should be worrying about the growing population of Mexicans. They are taking Upper Darby over the way they did Norristown. Most of them are renters and live 12 people to a home. We have a house on our street with 11 Mwexicans living in one house. They drink, party, smoke and throw trash everywhere. The whites are renting to the Mexicans. As long as they can make a profit and not have to live near the Mexicans themselves, they don’t care. There are bad people in every race.

  14. Pleaseknow that everyone on section 8 is bad. I’m a single mother of 3 children (my husband is deceased). when he left us we were both still young and times got hard for me and my children. section 8 was helped us so much they have allowed me to keep my children off the streets and out of shelters. Some of us take pride in our homes. My apartment looks the same as when I moved in here. I cherise what I have, and i’m so sad that people have abused some of your home. Just remember that sometime life throws a curve ball and you never know you may need a little extra help

  15. OK I understand some of the problems with Section 8 and in fact ran into it when we lived in Haverford, so don’t think Upper Darby is the only area facing the problems of providing affordable housing and housing assistance. But I also have two handicapped daughters, one who works part time but can’t get a full time job due to her disability. This is the kind of person Section 8 should help. She’s responsible, volunteers in the community, takes care of where she lives now etc. So don’t be quick to throw all section 8 housing recipients in the same group. Generalizations are always a bad thing. It’s not one group, it’s not just the income level, it’s some people are just not going to take care of the their property no matter how much money they have… it’s a matter of personal responsibility. I am sure most of you would be happy to have my daughter as your neighbor…she’s the one who shovels snow for the elderly woman across the street, runs errands for the young mom with twins down the street, stops in to visit an elderly couple who can’t get out often etc. So not everyone who needs Section 8 assistance is a bane to your existence. I am appalled at many of the comments I am reading here.

  16. hello i am on section8 and i am a well kept person! i feel a little offended by the way some of ya’ll are talking. everyone on section8 isn’t BAD,NASTY,RUDE,IGNORANT AND BLACK!!! it all depends on the person now yes there are many residents out there that act out and have no respect, but don’t label it the way ya’ll have been! section8 should be allowed anywhere, but certain people shouldn’t! u shouldn’t label it section 8 needs to it’s those people that are there thats destroying everyone elses life..whether on section8 or not!!!!!

  17. WOW it seems to be so much more prejudice in the world than I originally thought. Color, religion, now social class. Why so much division? Section 8 was designed to help low income families, nowadays many of us fit into that bracket. Some of us are one paycheck away from eviction and the econonmy is to blame. I know many people on section 8 and they don’t act that way. I also know many people on section 8 that have some issues but how can one say that section 8 housing is the reason for the fall of their entire community? That’s CRAZY! Section 8 is not a person and if someone is rude or ignorant they were before, during and after section 8. I do think section 8 needs to do some thorough screening, however every program design to help is not bad it is the people who abuse the programs and the onlookeers who PRE-JUDGE them like the ones here posting negativities!! The scary part is that you pass these prejudices to your children the same ones who will soon become parts of society and we wonder why why we have so much division within our own country!

  18. Section 8 was introduced into my hometown of Upper Darby in the late seventies by Mayor “Sonny” Kane in exchange for some federal dollars that he spent on a bullshit pedrestrian bridge over market st, lined his and his cronies pockets, etc. He ruined our town, plain and simple. Stick your race card bullshit up your ass you liberal asshole. Society is the way it is because of the media. “Stupid White Guy” commericials are the norm, while Blacks and Latinos and Women get promoted. Well guess what? White American Males comprise 90 percent of the money in the U.S.I am sick of your liberal bullshit Obama saying it’s ok to have two daddies mentality. I only hope and pray to God(Yes the invisible man in the sky) to you that judgement day comes soon.P.S. you ain’t got the BALLS to post your REAL NAME Mr/Miss AnonymousRON PAUL IS THE ANSWER!

  19. Your right I have don’t have the balls because I am FEMALE! Wow I live in Lansdowne and it appears that something I saId struck a cord but I’m not going to stoop to your level and curse and try to belittle anyone, not my style. Typing your thoughts is one thing a blog was for not to directly to attack someone you don’t even know. Opinions are just that! However, it’s good to know what we are dealing with still in these times. It’s obvious some are very bitter just within themselves. It’s also funny how someone can prejudge you as a liberal by reading six lines. I am a lawyer…..a black lawyer….A BLACK FEMALE LAWYER! I deal with prejudices like these on a daily basis nothing you said moved me and it’s typical. But you have a good judgement day just the same! LOL!!! Denis Pennington ESQ.AKA ANONYMOUS

  20. Hey Pennington you handled a case for me last year I relocated with the outcome but fell on hard times and I am trying to get housing with section 8. I can’t believe what I’m reading on here. If I’m one of the white males that compromise that 90 percent then I would like to have my share. This blog is like an anti-black one. I know more people on welfare and in section 8 who are white than black. I recently had liver transplant and the man was black who gave it to me. It’s crazy cause when you go to the doctor for a blod transfusion noone asks you do you want black blood or white blod that’s because it’s no difference. We all have different ways of doing things but when cut we all bleed the same this shit is just ridiculous. I wonder if someone would feel the same if the had a choice between receiving blood from a section 8 person or dying. Thanks again for your help Pennington and this shit is just beneath you don’t even respond again bigots be it black or white will always be just THAT!!!! Hiding behind SECTION 8 as a reason to hate a race. SAD……..Timmons

  21. My mother, myself and my little sister is on Section 8 and I can’t believe what I am reading right now. The people who talk down about people on Section 8 should be ashamed of themeselves. I am 24 years old and graduated last year from Arcadia University and got accepted to work for Septa. My little sister is 18 years old and graduated from Nueva Esperaza Academy Charter High School with honors. My mother is currently disabled from a fall and we don’t take life for granted. Not all peopole on Section 8 is ghetto or rude to their neighbors. We are lovely people and just because a system helps pay the rent doesn’t mean that we are trouble. You people are the reason why this economy is so messed up now. Racism is still effecting this economy and if you don’t stop now then your children are going to be raised with the same nonsense your going threw. You people are just plain ignorant. Not all Section 8 people are trouble. People in the suburbs go threw the same problems as people in the city with neighbors.

  22. Let me first start off by saying, I HATE SECTION 8. This is the typical Section 8 story. You get some chick who can’t keep her legs closed, so she coughs out 3 or 4 kids. She doesn’t have a real job, because she won’t be able to get section 8. Then she has a boyfriend, who then lives with her, and guess what, “HE DOESN’T HAVE A JOB ALSO”. They mess up the house that they rent, until the landlord kicks them out. And then the SECTION 8 BASTARDS rent another house and repeat the same trifilling behavior. If the federal government wants to cut some programs and save on spending, LIMIT SECTION 8!!!!!

  23. You know what, I am on Section 8 housing right now. I am a single white father raising to kids on my own and i have been blessed by Section 8 helping me and once i am done school completely and can get out of my part time job right now I will finally be moving into a real house with their help and finally be phased off of it! So to all of you who think it sucks then go right on thinking that because if it didnt exist then me and my kids would be homeless right now!!! Maybe you all should expereince what its like being a low income person for a bit and maybe lose your home and then you’ll think twice about hating Section 8 housing. You all seem to think you are above everyone else dont you! You are all pathetic and just as much a loser as the next person, your so quick to judge everyone else. Well get a life people and mind your business!!! Oh and by the way, did i mention i was a male and i am white, yes i said white and on Section 8, so its not just for black women like you all seem to think it is.Dave from Primos, PA

  24. Sorry some of you feel Black people have nothing to offer. Most of you who are angry, are racist and that’s odvious. Thier are many whites that section eight housing assist especially in the Upper Darby area. Instead of hating people that section eight provide for get your things and go.Where these section eight houses are located are low income areas any way, so i guess some of you are not as high class as you think. Just to let you Know thier are many blacks that don’t live around you and where you can’t afford to live.Admit your mad because you don’t have enough money to leave the white guetto and your very angry that you have to share guetto with blacks.Upper Darby is not made for those with a large income. Sorry you guts don’t have enough money to move. Go back to school. Education will stop your ignorance and get you into a new home.

  25. Franny can’t believe your so angry, i’m goiing to pray for you because your going to stress your self out.Be careful what you wish for get your mind and heart right before you want to see GOD. We are all his children and he had a plan for all of are lives before we were born, he would’t approve of how you judge his children because in his eyes we are all made equal, he sees know race. Try not to hold so much anger in your heart towards blacks,we don’t hate you.Maybe try even being nice this is a new day and time,good time for change,try it you might start liking your self because alot of this is your own self hate.May God renew your mind and heart to be more like him.Amen

  26. Thank you Dave for being real. I am also a student and I am on Section 8. I lost my job years ago and ended up in a shelter for almost a year with my son. I just want to say that these people on here who judge others, can’t be God Fearing people. Please I beg you look at the recession that we are in. You don’t know where you will be tomorrow. God said judge not lest you be judged. Forgive them for they know not what they do and say.

  27. This blog page is bull shit it is people who have no idea what the hell they are talking about. I am a white single mother who is waiting for her section 8 application to come through so I can give my daughter a place to live that is safe. And guess what she is half black. Bring on the comments because you rude ass people have no idea what ant ones situation is like until you lived it. I didn’t lay back and pop out tons of kids and my boyfriend works a full time job while I look for work. I have had a lot of schooling and it is a hard time right now. I hope all the people who say section 8 is cancer that you all hit the hard times loose your home and have to go to the government for help. Than and only than will you understand what life is really about. To the racist people on here the majority of the public offices are employed by black people so you better wise up or be out in the cold. This whole thing is just the reason why we have to love our children because outside our doors are ugly rude people just waiting to brake us down. IF YOU NEED HELP YOU GO GET IT AND HOLD YOUR HEAD UP HIGH WHILE DOING IT!!!!!!!!

  28. I am so shocked to hear a adult of any age say things like this. I'm ashamed to have ever even thought of moving to your township. You people are horrible. I have news for all of you weather section 8 housing was brought to your area or not. The crime from your neiberhoods people was already as worst as it came.You teribble people just tried to ignore it. But the thing is everyone knew. I think you all or imature. And need to grow up other wise you will keep chasing off good people like myself who look foward to moving to a good place and helping my community to rid itself of race issues bad neibers not just on section 8 but in genral. I"m so ashamed of you people. God Bless! And no I'm not on section 8 but people need help so they maybe. And for those of you that are and you treat others as you would want to be treated your beautiful. And forget at the ignorant people who state otherwise. Good day.

  29. I feel very sorry for the people that had so many bad experiences with people on section 8. Unfortunatly everyone whether good or bad everyone on section 8 is viewed at as ignorant and lazy and of course black and that is a terrible misconception. I grew up as a ward of the state and after being shipped around all of my life in foster care and in group homes I was told that I could'nt attend college by the state because once I was 18 I had to be able to take care of myself. I had no one. I recieved a section 8 voucher. I am not rented out the upscale houses that are in the nice neighborhoods regardless of how low the rent is because I have a section 8 voucher, and the house that I have been renting out for the last 1 1/2 is going through a foreclosure because the landlord has'nt paid the mortage since I've been here. The landlord doesnt cut the grass even though it was a clause in my lease and everytime I call about thing that need to be handled in the house he doesnt answer or says he's at the beach and only comes to fix things when the rent is due.I pay a very large pecentage of my $1200.00 a month rent and I also have renters insurance so is it right for me to be treated unequally than other renters because of the section 8. Im attending a 4 year college and cant wait to finish so I become a home owner. I'm grateful for how the program has helped me but angry for how I have been treated for being on the program.

  30. FRANNY WARD YOU ARE A RACIST DUMMY! stupid dummy whites participate in section 8?!? my ex served in the military and became disabled. we received section 8 for one year and completed our degrees. you are so racist! a deli worker please lol i make more than you in a day douchette;p

  31. I found this blog as a result of looking into how to apply for Section 8. Not because it has been a history for me, but as a 51 year old African-American GRITS (Girl Raised In The South) I now find it necessary to seek help. I am appalled at some of the remarks written over the last 3 yrs on this site! I have read more more racist remarks on this page than I have personally experienced in 41years of living in GA!!! I give you that at one point in my life I too had negative thoughts of "people on Section 8", after all I used to say I lived in a premier Apartment community in Atlanta with my Husband and 2 young sons, then the complex allowed Section 8 in and while I was paying 400.00 for an apt. (it was the '80's), my neighbor above me who flicked cigaretts over her balcony into my courtyard, and through garbage over her balcony was only paying 25.00 a mon. for rent!!!! My analagy at the time was which would I take more care of a 25.00 pair of shoes or a 400.00 pair of shoes (hey that sounded like a lot for shoes, this was before Jimmy Choos). Of course the answer was the 400.00 pair.Well, Like Dave so eloquently proved life does change, and 30 years later, after a Failed marriage of 25 yrs., a near fatal car accident that left me with 25 pins, 2 plates and a partially amputated ankle. I now find myself newly on Social Security Disability after working through daily Chronic Pain for the last 18yrs. and Epidural injection in my Spine. But don't think the Government is giving me a handout, you see, my monthly income will be a grand total of 794.00!!! Now, maybe some of you who had so much advice on woman poping out babies with no husbands can tell me what recourse do I have?????????? My 3 kids are all employed, college graduates taking care of their own families. Where do I live, better yet, how do I live on less than 1000.00 a month which by the way is what SSD says is substantial income so if I attempt to even take addl income, I risk losing the help I am receiving. Shame on you who have belittled this phenomenal crisis that America is in financially, to a race issue. I simply need a roof over my head, I am sorry if your community has deteriorated and I do not deny that crime, drugs and poor quality homeowners and landlords are the problem, but to lump everyone on Section 8 as your problem is not the answer.

  32. It is sad as read the comments about Section 8. I'am a African American Female, with two daughters. I have section 8. It's the person itself that makes it bad for other people who are on Section 8. I live on a block with homeowners. I keep my house in good shape,I dont live dirty,my house is clean. I often do get comments from my landlord saying I wish all my other tenants were like you, you keep your place nice.See for me it's a step in stone, for others it may not be. But dont judge just because there on section 8. Some of us keep our placees in better shape than a homeowner.

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