I’ll sell you a Metal Halide cheap

Metal Halide Stadium Light
I was going to make this post mainly about why GEO group should allow smoking out at the Meadows, but this got my goat in the Daily Times today. Seems that two families, namely the Longos and the Dunlaps, are leading the pack of several families who are on a vendetta against Springfield School District, who installed “Utility Poles”; namely Stadium lights on the field last year. Imagine on a quiet summer night having “God forbid” lights shining into your back yard!

I deal with my neighbors motion light, as he does mine. It seems to me that the lights to these people are interfering with the quiet dark isolated community. I bet they don’t have children in the school playing on the football team! Sport activities are tantamount to kids. Keeps them off the drugs and out of trouble, no?

In other news that I read today in my favourite rag, there are two losers who like to throw hot coffee on cashiers after they open the cash drawer. The good thing is so far no one was seriously hurt. Even better, Wawa and 7-Eleven have put a total of 10 grand out for their capture and conviction. I am really slow work wise, and 10 K to me would be grand. With the warm weather coming, what will these loons do to try to conceal their faces?

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