A Nice Valentines Day Story

She’s my best friend’

By PATTI MENGERS pmengers@delcotimes.com

It’s Monday morning at the Hill house and the lady of the manor is in the midst of doing laundry. “I just threw it in the dryer and now I’m going to give him lunch,” said Eleanor Hill referring to her husband, George.
After more than 63 years of marriage, they pretty much have their daily routine down to a science.

But, they both will tell you, there’s nothing routine about their devotion to one another.”The first time I saw her I thought, ‘Wow, how lucky can you get?’” said George, who turned 88 Jan. 19.”Oh, God’s been good to us. Whatever happens, we always come out on top. I don’t know what we’d do without one another,” noted Eleanor, who will be 87 in September.The Hills were among more than 30 couples honored last Sunday at a St. Valentine’s Mass at Blessed Virgin Mary Church in Darby, celebrated for the fourth consecutive year by the Rev. Joseph Corley.”It was a response to them saying they wanted more support for married couples,” noted Corley, who has been pastor of Blessed Virgin Mary parish since 1998.

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It’s good to read about something good in the news paper for a change.


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