The Kidd Of Speed

Elena Filatova
I was going thorugh my old favourites on my old hard drive that was sitting on the shelf. The “Kidd Of Speed” was a link that I remember well. It was a link to a web site of a Russian woman named Elena Filatova, who took lots of pictures while riding her motorcycle in and around the Chernobyl area, after the nuclear accident. I sitll find her web site account both chilling and exciting, God knows we could have the same thing happen here in the U.S. – Remember this?

Anyway, a lot of web sites have said a lot about her, one saying the whole thing is fake. I tend to disagree, being that I do see a motorcycle in some of the pictures, and one with the nuke plant in the background. Other sites like Snopes and Boing Boing have chimed in, mainly because they need the attention and to me are disinfo web sites anyway.



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