In Defense Of Curt Weldon

You be the judge.

To be fair to Curt, I felt that he is sincere in his “Able Danger” beliefs, and that he was baited by others to ruin his career. Melanie Sloan is the woman who Curt targets as his political assassin. Her reward? A place on capitol hill.

We will see Curt, we will see…


5 thoughts on “In Defense Of Curt Weldon

  1. I do not “hate” Weldon, as shown here two years ago. My beef with Mr.Weldon was the Charlie Sexton, Karen Weldon, Itera, Solutions North America fiasco, or as I call it ‘ WarBoardGate’.I even got an e-mail reply from Melanie Sloan, whom I asked if she had heard something from John Ashcroft, concerning Curt and his daughters involvenemt with Russian firms, to which she replied no.The more I looked into what Curt was being accused of, vs what he was doing for the people like Able Danger, Mezhgorye Mountain complex, and other things that were below the ‘radar screen’ that I saw a balancing act in progress.Was Delco ready for Joe Sestak? Yes. Is Curt Weldon done in politics? No. And the more I thought about it, I asked myself; Would I try to get my Daughters better jobs? Yes.If you ask me I think that Curt Weldon should be the Ambassador to Russia. He speaks the language fluently.

  2. Curt Weldon was set up by the Democraps. all you in Delaware County now have a man (Sestak) who sides with the assumption that 911 was caused by nineteen arabs w/ boxcutters! Curt was going to expose this hoax and he was stopped in his tracks! YOU LOSE!

  3. To “in the know”. Curt Weldon is no longer a Congressman representing Delco. As far as your 9-11 conspiracy issues I wouldn’t go so far as to say that Weldon was in any way exposing anything. He did make a stand about the “Able Danger” accord as I watched it on C Span two years ago.I think that Mr. Sestak will do wonders for both Delco and the Nation.Cheers..

  4. I did some research on Weldon at the TPM Cafe and I think there is a lot more to come out than we know about it now. Weldon’s associate, John J. Gallagher set up a phony company, CSG Software, in 10/01 to take advantage of a DOE program to re-train Russian nuclear scientists and Weldon knew it, for one. Dynamic Defense Materials contributed heavily to Weldon in 2006 and was a client of Cecelia Grimes. DDM is the successor to High Performance Materials Group which was awarded a $5 million contract to produce 20,000 ceramic body armor inserts in Weldon’s district. 346 inserts were made. Cynthia Young and Cecilia Grimes both contributed to Weldon’s campaign in 2004 as executives of Galaxy Scientific at a time when they were supposed to be lobbyists. All of Weldon’s property transactions look suspicious. In 2000, he bought five acres of property in Delco from a Florida government contractor. In 2003, Delco property records showed he only owned 2 acres but by 2005, he was back to owning the same 5 acres. That’s just for starters. You may want to put that ambassadorship nomination on hold until the grand jury comes back. BTW, AG Gonzales was in the basement of the Delco courthouse a few weeks ago, ostensibly looking at a $600k internet program. Believe that?

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