KATRINA – Why The EAGLES Were Destined To Lose

The Eagles lost just a few minutes ago in the NFC game, 27 to 24. The Refs called some really shitty calls, especially the one when we were within striking distance with a field goal. These “officials” are bullshit!

I think that the National Football League is corrupt and want the Saints to win it all, based on orders of the Chimp in Crawford. Hey, it will have good ratings, atone for the bullshit job FEMA did there with hurricane Katrina, and make NOLA’s “Saints” the new “America’s Team”.

I want an investigation on these game officials. Like just where do they live, finanical situations, and their buddies. Face it: The Eagles should have one this game hands down!


4 thoughts on “KATRINA – Why The EAGLES Were Destined To Lose

  1. I agree with the poster. The Saints would never have lost last night, no matter what. On every play that the Philadelphia Eagles made that would have tied the game , the officials threw thier yellow flags. I will bet anyone that the Saints win the Super Bowl, solely on the officials calls! It’s all about ‘Feeling Good’ and bolstering NOLA’s elite social status, while pacifying the Black population.

  2. Franny,..my friends and I decided to turn the game into a drinking contest: we each had a shot of Jagermeister every time the Fox fools made mention of how the Saints deserved to win because of Katrina.Needless to say, I spent the night on my friend’s couch because I was so s**t-faced by the end of the game!:)

  3. I agree with this. Did you notice all the signs and posters calling the Saints “America’s Real Team”?Giving the Saint’s a Super Bowl will only increase the exposure to New Orleans and bring the tourists back to the big easy. Merchandising and Tourism can improve the economy and the hype will bring some much needed self esteem back to the town that had it all wiped out by Katrina.I don’t feel so bad about the Bbirds loss to the Saint’s since I prepared myself in advance.There’s always next year right?HUGS!xoxoxoxoMichaelene

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