Ipower, Fellow Bloggers, And Other B.S. Going On

Ipowerweb promised me that they would move this web site to a new server that supports PHP 5.0. They now tell me (After I backed up and then deleted many pages on the main site) that they have no more shared servers available, but I could buy a VPS that supports it.

I have already bought a VPS indirectly from them for close to a grand a year. On top of that, all said and done I’ve spent over $5000.00 for hosting with Ipower with 14 web sites over 5 years. Bottom line? THEY DONT CARE ABOUT THEIR CLIENTS! I am looking for a REAL web host with REAL tech support that do not give you the run around when it comes to web hosting or dedicated server space.

In other news, my friend Kate has been dealing with a real scumbag neighbor in the stonehurst section of Upper Darby. Fran to Kate: Call Gil Spencer up if you do not get justice.. You and your children do not need to be subjected to this heathen!

Finally? Other Bullshit… As in certain people making a racial “Mountain out of a Molehill”.



7 thoughts on “Ipower, Fellow Bloggers, And Other B.S. Going On

  1. I’ve used Ipower for a few of my design clients, but haven’t really needed any support – thanks for sharing your story though I’ll keep that in consideration when setting clients up in the future!

  2. I see you have a picture of the sign for Chesterbrook on this site….chesterbrook is NOT part of DC. chesterbrook is in CHESTER county….tredyffrin Township. Do your homework.

  3. To anonymous… Does it matter to me??? How about you? Do you think I should go into Adobe Photoshop and spend another hour or two to make you happy?P.S. I didn’t take the pictures, a friend did. I just resized them and joined them in PS.

  4. Furious: Do yourself a favor.. forget about Ipower. They have to many clients and not enough help, hence crappy service, dropped calls, and outright lies.. I was told that there would be no problem moving the site then a line of bs. After my contract is up I will move this site and the VPS and another 4 web sites to another web provider.Anyone recommend one?

  5. I noticed the Chesterbrook pic myself and simply chuckled.You don’t have to be an a** about pointing it out, anon,..BTW – ever notice posters without cajones always go by “anonymous?”

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