Christmas 2006 – America Wasted

There, are you happy Jeremy? I still hold true to my convictions. Iraq is a cluster****, and you and I both know it. So why oh why would someone send more fuel to the fire? As long as it isn’t your kid ‘over there’, your all for it. Right buddy?

This crap has been going on since world war one. Total control. Go read the Philly Aggregator for the original post that I ‘Misspelled’. Then call your local ACLU branch and complain that I am treading on your rights.

Update: This YouTube video is one of many that have populated the net that have convinced me that this counry has been hi jacked by whom again? If you don’t like it, then your a TRAITOR. Sound familiar? You just don’t get it do you Jeremy. Do you? BTW, here’s my answer to what you e mailed me about.

Merry Christmas Jeremy..


3 thoughts on “Christmas 2006 – America Wasted

  1. To anonymous: (most likely Jeremy, the one who sent me an e-mail about the post threatening to contact my advertisers?)Who cares. The post,with all it’s misspellings is permanently out there. Go ahead anyway, I have your header information Mr.Comcast.To Trek? I need more than Zoloft but I hate egg nog. The next time I fly off the handle will be on my personal blog, which no one reads anyway.Cheers.

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