Danny Faulkner -25 Years Without Justice While Mumia Stays Cozy

Justice For Danny Faulkner
It’s a cold day here in the Philly burbs, and as I sit here I am reminded of what happened 25 years ago today. Wesley Cook, a.k.a. Mumia Abu Jamal Murdered Officer Daniel Faulkner in cold blood. I will not give Mumia or his supporters the time of day; suffice to say that it would be a disservice to the Faulkner family. I knew Danny’s brother Kenny, and talked with him at length about his brother’s murder. Kenny passed away without seeing justice served as in Mumia being executed.

Some may respond to this post as being racist. The only thing racist here is that certain groups labeled the trial that a long time ago and continue to support a murderer. PERIOD.

FACT: Wesley Cook (a.k.a. Mumia Abu Jamal) shot Officer Daniel Faulkner, killing him.
FACT: Wesley Cook (a.k.a. Mumia Abu Jamal) was CONVICTED of this murder.
FACT: Wesley Cook (a.k.a. Mumia Abu Jamal) will die someday, and he will be judged by God and sentenced to rot in hell for the rest of eternity.

R.I.P. Danny and Kenny.


7 thoughts on “Danny Faulkner -25 Years Without Justice While Mumia Stays Cozy

  1. Fran,As I make my way around the blog scene today, it’s nice to see so many others that are remembering Danny. I’m glad you’re one of them.May he forever rest in peace.

  2. Thanks Guys. I do remember Daniel Faulkner and his family and fellow officers every year. I also salute those in uniform who put thier lives on the line every time they go to work. I also remember a local officer, Dennis McNamara, who was gunned down in January of 2002 by yes, a “Scumbag” by the name of Thomas Campbell. Upper Darby is becoming a dangerous place to live. These hoodlums show no restraint for killing.

  3. Fuck danny faulkner. notice he doesnt deserve upper case. He was a racist pig. YOU WILL NEVER KEEP US DOWN! Im a white adult who knows better. do your research asshole. the police dropped a BOMB! killed children. If it is the last thing I do MUMIA will be set free cocksucker.

  4. Dear mr freemumia777, You are a DICK HEAD,Not the capital letters there you piece of shit…You support an animal, I hope some savage fucks your mother in her white ass, then we will see how much you love them..

  5. To free mumbia, 777, or who even cares on spelling of his correct name. Mumbia killed officer Daniel Faulkner in cold blood, and will burn in he'll eternally, as for they groped a bomb,(they) is a racist statement shithead! And the one who ordered the bomb to be droped on these scumbag animals was mayor Wilson Goode(an African American) asshole! And further more thease poor inicent children were murdered by the very own ones who as an adult, or parent, suppose to protect them instead held them against their own will and let them burn up in this unfortoinaly horrific mishap. This was concussion bomb you asshole, made to disorante these animals,

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