Andre Waters

From my Father on the passing of Andre Waters:

“I worked on the sidelines at the Vet during Eagles home games when Andre Waters played for the Birds. The sound of Andre hitting someone is etched in my mind. This self-made man, undrafted from Cheyney State in Delco, was a ferocious player. That was on the field.
Off the field he was ferociously human. He never big-timed anyone, he was just another guy with a different job, just Andre. I would bring my oldest son to the games with me, 12 years old at the time, he sat in the 700 level with Andre’s people. I once snuck him into the lockeroom with me after a game, he was in awe. Rightfully told to leave when security discovered him there, one of the players stepped in and said the kid was with him. Security let him stay and he hung out with his heroes. The player was number 20, Andre.
Rest In Peace Andre, rest.”


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