Is The EAGLES Season Over?

I do not nessasallary think so. It was not Donovan McNabb who gave up 31 points to the lowly Tennessee Titans. The one thing though that got my goat was his interception in the end zone. L.J. Smith was wipe open. Did McNabb see him? Dosen’t matter at this point. Donovan is out for the season. Garcia aand Feeley will not be able to do the job with a defense playing so bad.

1 and 4 in the last 5 games puts them at the 500 level. With the Colts giving up thier first loss to Dallas yesterday, be sure to watch them annhilate the Eagles next Sunday. The rest of our games? Why it’s Carolina, Washington, Giants, Dallas, and finally Atlanta. Five teams that could easily run against the Eagles defense.

My prediction? It’s going to be a long shot to make the playoffs, and Philly deserves better.


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