Delco Election Results – My Predictions

Update: If your here looking for the November 2008 Delaware County Election Results, Please CLICK HERE.

I have had several E mails asking me about this page. Well it’s a few years old.


Original Post:

I have had it with the negative ads that both parties have ran as of late. For what it’s worth, here is who I believe will win where I live in Delaware County, Clifton Heights.

My Congressman

Joe Sestak

Joe Sestak will easily defeat incumbant Curt Weldon. Why? Because myself and other Republicans are fed up with gerrymandering, cronyism and the “Chimp in Charge” who doesn’t care about who dies in Iraq, as long as it’s not his own. Besides, Curt maybe headed to prison, according to a local website.

My State Senator

Ted Erickson – District 26

Ted Erickson will hold on to his job in my book, mainly because he is below the radar screen when it comes to scandals and seems to me to be a decent man.

My State Representative

Nick Micozzie – District 7

Nick Micozzie has a proven track record when it comes to his constituants. He has listened to us, and responded to us. THAT makes him my choice.

Feel free to respond to who you think will win on tuesday where you live.

P.S. Congrats to the Lower Chichester JV Eagles last night on your win against our Clifton Rams, only the bad call to kick the ball to your # 22 allowed you to win .

Here’s a poem I found while Googleing “Delaware County Youth Football”.

Please don’t curse that player down there,
He is my son you see.
To you he’s Just a player to watch,
But, He means the world to me.
I did not raise my son dear fan,
For you to call him names,
He may not be a superstar,
But, He doesn’t need your blame.
This game belongs to them you see,
You’re really just a guest,
They do not need a fan like you,
They need the very best.
If you have nothing nice to say,
Please leave them all alone.
And If you have no manners,
Why don’t you stay at home?
So please, don’t curse those boys down there,
Each one’s his parent’s son.
And win or lose or tie, you see,
To Us, they’re all Number ONE!!!!!



9 thoughts on “Delco Election Results – My Predictions

  1. I am an ex-Delco resident and I only wish I could have voted in the Weldon-Sestak race. I have no idea why there are so many partisan Republicans in Delaware County. Weldon and his crew are the phoniest group of self-serving individuals I have ever met. Delaware County residents should be throwing a party this weekend.

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