Roncaglione vs. Civera heats up

Unique Race for House Seat in Suburbs
by KYW’s David Madden

You’ve heard a lot about the hot races in the Philadelphia suburbs, particularly for Congress. But one interesting contest just under a lot of political radar screens pits a college student against a longtime state House veteran up for re-election. Mario Civera has represented Upper Darby as a state representative for 5 years longer than Casey Roncaglione has been alive. A 21-year-old Temple student, he takes exception to being called a novice but seems to embrace it at the same time.:

“Inexperience is going to be helpful here. Experience has brought us nothing but trouble.”

Besides, the democrat says, his business studies will help bring jobs to the district.

Civera says Roncaglione made his intentions known some time ago.

“I’d figured that this was going to happen because he had grabbed on to an issue and he’d just kept running with that issue.”
That issue? The now cancelled legislative pay raise which Civera insists he’s paid back every penny.

Roncaglione’s bottom line? It’s time for a change.


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