Protest/Press Conference Tuesday at Upper Darby High School

A Protest/Press Conference will be held at UDHS on Tuesday, October 24th at 2:30 pm.
We will meet at the big sign in front of the Auditorium on Lansdowne Avenue. If we are thrown off school property we will move across the street in front of the cemetary gates on the corner, look for me at the location for any last minute details. The subject of the Protest/Press Conference will be non-Township students attending the school, violence in the school and the costs related to those matters. Home made signs are encouraged. We need as many of you who care, and can be there, to attend.
Should last a half-hour.
The only way the school board and administrators to listen is to force them to see and hear us, the best way to do that is to be there with us on Tuesday.
See you there,
Casey Roncaglione 610-804-7373


11 thoughts on “Protest/Press Conference Tuesday at Upper Darby High School

  1. You are an idiot anonymous. If you can read, and I doubt it, read Franny’s post on his son’s story. Thats what it’s about moron.I’ll be there and we’ll make them hear us loud and clear. I’m making my sign today.

  2. This outrage must end, our school is for our kids only. They need to investigate kids with phony addreses and fake local township relatives. The taxes just keep going up and up, and the school district just winks and talks tough because the more students the more dollars they get from the state.

  3. Casey, I have spoken to a lot of my friends, mostly seniors and juniors and we will be there with you. We don’t get out till 2:45 but we’ll be there. I want to say alot about this – – – – but I’ll let you do it, I’ll just get crazy.Lisa

  4. Thanks Lisa.I’m starting to hear that a lot of parents have their own personal reasons they would rather not be seen there, so it will be good that you will all be there.There also is a matter of privacy, so don’t mention any names unless I get the person’s permission.

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