Is That Paula Brown?

I was checking out the “PA Clean Sweep” web site eariler and went into thier photo gallery. Lo and behold, the woman to the left of the guy at the podium looks like Paula Brown. Agree? Disagree? Do I need glasses? Anyway, the reason I went to the web site is because of an e mail I received eariler (It’s about 1:00 AM here in Delco). In it, it reminded me of the 2:00 AM pay increase that many of or representatives gave themselves. As I explained in a previous blog post, I was pissed but if I could vote myself one? Hell, I would. And most of you would too. Admit it! As a self employed electrician I can charge any price I want. Getting paid is a completely different thing.

I think that in all jobs, people should be paid on preformance. Look at the sports jocks. Multi Million dollar contracts and poor preformance (Hint to the Flyers?) And.. Take a look at George Bush. He gets paid no matter how bad he يخدع this country up. And he gets perks too!

Just remember who did what for you in thier jobs as our State Representatives. Investigate. Call them. and for يخدع sakes don’t listen to those stupid political commericials! What a waste of money!


4 thoughts on “Is That Paula Brown?

  1. Fran. The problem was how they voted themselves the pay raise, forget about if they deserved it. They passed the raise in the Middle of the night with no debate, and no time for public comment. Then they got around our constitution by inventing “unvoucherd expenses” to take the money right away.By the way I think there are plenty of hard working people there doing a good job for us.Mario Civera’s first public comment sine he took the pay raise in 2005 came in the Delco Times last week.Mario said “we all enjoyed the greed of it…then we got smacked.”This week in The News of Delaware County Mario said “it’s over.”I don’t think so Mario, I think it will be over on November 7th, election day.

  2. Also, let’s not forget that there are representatives LYING about how they handled the payraise because they are scared to lose their jobs.Learn how people voted.

  3. Yes that is me….but Knobby is not correct 100%. Pulled out because I needed to concentrate on my Criminal Justice courses at Temple. Running as an Independant would have taken too much time. I will try again in 2 years as a Democrat, what I have been registered as for almost 30 years.The parking tickets? They were mine, not his. They are paid and they were received because I had the audacity to park on a Lansdowne Street 14 times in 2 years at 5 AM in the morning when I got off work till 6 AM. Shame on me…

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