Mister President bring my friends home. Now.

We miss them, their families miss them, our county misses them. They’re the best we’ve got, just think what good they could do right here at home.

The Iraq war is my generation’s Vietnam. Unpopular and deadly.

It is time for our sons and daughters and friends to come home. Some won’t be coming home, to their families I offer my sincere sorrow. At least we honor and care for our brothers in arms this time. I know many of my fellow Upper Darby High School classmates serving with honor, doing the best they can in what is now a civil war.
I hope they all come home so no more families suffer that ultimate loss. An Iraqi veteran friend of mine, I won’t mention his name, is in bad shape. Physical and mental scars are his daily burden. I visit him every one in a while and we talk about the old days, try to have some fun, but in his eyes is a look that only a few who have been in combat will know. I know I’m only a smalltime State Representative candidate with no say in Washington, but I am a citizen of this great country. As an American citizen I ask, Mr. President bring my friends home. Have the biggest parade the country’s ever seen for them. Care for their every need. If they want to go to college, pay for it. Treat their wounds, both physical and mental with the best physicians we have, no matter the cost. Make it a priority that every one of them has work when they return.
Treat them like the heroes they are, like no other veteran has been cared for, you owe it to them Mr Bush.

Casey Roncaglione


11 thoughts on “BRING MY FRIENDS HOME

  1. Casey, I think it is disgusting to try to exploit your friend’s problem as part of your political campaign. If you really cared about him, you would not do this. It is this type of immaturity which proves you are not fit to serve us.

  2. A. My friend is my friend, politics be damned. To ignore his story is to ignore this war.B. Asking for our men and women to come home is not a tactic, it’s a prayer. Mario might win, but I’m in the arena.

  3. You first two posters should be ashamed. How many veterans do you visit. Casey has guts and should be praised for being as unpolitical on this as possible. He wants his friends home, what do you want? To have them shot on the streets of Iraq.My son is in Iraq, where are you, McDonalds getting a Big Mac.I want my son home, that’s no tactic, it’s what most all of us want. If Mario wins it will be more of the same, and you can go to the bank and watch your account get smaller and smaller. I’m voting for Casey, a young man well beyond his years willing to put up with idiots like you. Leave me your name and when my son gets home he can have a little talk wih you.

  4. Democrat or Republican, this is not a political fight. It’s the majority of Americans who want this insanity to end. Bravo Casey, keep strong and let the fools be fools, they know no better.

  5. No matter who you support in this election, trying to make Iraq an issue in a local race is the issue here. Neither Casey nor Mario can have any impact on the war, so discussing it as a political issue related to this race makes no sense. Personally, I think it’s a sour tactic for drumming up partisan Democratic support for Casey’s campaign. If that’s true, shame on him. If it’s not, that’s a whole not better, but for a candidate to bring it up in a public forum with the assumption that it will not be brought up as aprt of the campaign is naive at best, ignorant at worst.I applaud Casey for his sense of civic pride and duty, but I’m not ready to have him represent me in Harrisburg.

  6. I was there. My brother’s there now. I want them all home, now.There will be idiots like the few above who know nothing about what they’re talking about. Let them brey like the asses they are. To say you’re saying this for votes is absurd. Congratulations for visiting your vet friend, he needs to feel normal and part of the community again. Calling for the best treatment for returning vets shows your concern is deeper than a few cheap votes. Good for you, and best of luck. Thanks for your fine words.

  7. The way I read it was that he is the candidate closest to those young men fighting, I saw no attempt to politicize the war for votes. It was more about is friend who recentky returned and needs people to get him back into everyday society, we should all be diong that if we can.

  8. To Anonymous who made the point that this issue had no place in a local race, I respect your opinion, and you’re right to a point. I in no way was trying to gain any advantage. I would never do that, it’s too personal for cheap politics.My point was that being my age I have a lot of friends serving, I miss them, and so do their families. Also I wanted to make aware that there are those who served and are home now and they need to reconnect with what it was like here before they left. I also respect your right to vote for whomever you wish to, but at least take a look at the other things I’ve done and said. Thanks. Casey

  9. Casey, i’m proud to have known you since 3rd grade. I know you’re just about the truest person I know. Alot of people misundersand the way things are said. We both know our friend and he’s in real bad shape, if that writer knew how important it is for us to keep in the crowd I’m sure he would’nt have questioned your motivation.As usual your answer to him was pure you, he’d be lucky to have you represent him. See you Tuesday.

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