Crashing the States: Joe Sestak
Crashing the States interviews Joe Sestak

Here is a must watch video clip of Joe Sestak being interviewed. In it, he again states the need for our government to take care of business here, where healthcare is non existant, where Americans are being shortchanged in favor of billions of our taxes being spent to corporations who do NOTHING for us, only to line their pockets.




6 thoughts on “Crashing the States: Joe Sestak

  1. To say that healthcare here is nonexistant is just plain silly. FREE healthcare is nonexistant, but why should anyone expect to get ANYTHING for free? Full time workers EARN healthcare benefits–handouts only beget a lazy populace. I’m all for assisting those who CAN’T work and for those whose pay is severely limited, but everyone needs to chip in to pay for it, even if it’s only a small amount.As for corporations doing nothing for us…who employs millions of workers in this country? Who provides the innovations in healthcare, information technology, and environmental science? Who supports the nonprofits doing work for the disenfranchised? Oh yeah, the corporations do….

  2. “Full time workers EARN healthcare benefits–handouts only beget a lazy populace.”So, part timers and self employed are lazy? Is that what your saying?”but everyone needs to chip in to pay for it, even if it’s only a small amount.”My healthcare preminums are $858.00a month, Small amount?”As for corporations doing nothing for us…They also reap huge tax breaks, overchage Millions to the American Taxpayer, (Halliburton ring a bell?)put people in the poor house, and deceive thier own shareholders.You must either work for the Government, or some “Big Corporation”. Otherwise, you would know that there is NO Healthcare in Delco.

  3. “Univeral healthcare” ok, fits in with “the checks in the mail” and “I won’t cum in your mouth”. Selling promises he won’t be able to keep, same old “sell the dream, deliver the nightmare” shit out of the Dems excpet from a new mouthpiece.

  4. Is there really a need to get so vulgar?? I guess any intellectual dialog is out of the question with this type of mentality…. In much the same way,Weldon gets all red in the face when confronted with an issue and has to revert back to things that happened 30-35 years ago…. Pagans in the Hook,Corinthos,etc… When bullies get scared,they curse,they yell,oh yeah then they fall…

  5. Hey, this is great, univeral helathcare!!! Who Hooo!!! Taxes aren’t going to go up for those of us who actually work 40 hrs a week to furnish those who haven’t worked for the past 10 years or so on this are they? I heard he’s gonna single handedly end the war in Iraq as well, being he’s a previous Admiral and all, that’s amazing.

  6. Joe Sestak is so awesome we need him as president! But relistically he knows nothing about PA politics and the issues. Its nice that he was a military guy BUT he not really qualified to be on Congress. And hanging out with Clinton that didn’t do ANYTHING says it all.. If he get elected he will sit in the corner and just suck his thumb and wet his pants like a baby.

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