Door to Door with Marie deYoung

Yesterday while we all were out, a woman came up to our door. She knocked and then wrote something on a piece of paper and put it in our mailbox. My neighbor told me this, even noticing that the wrote with her left hand,(I’m also Left-Handed). It turned out to be none other than Marie de Young, who is running for Nick Micozzie’s job as State Rep in our district, the 163.

The flyer indicates that “Marie is a proven reformer with a plan to change the way Harrisburg does business”. It goes on to state that she was a whistleblower who testified against Dick Cheney’s (Former) Halliburton, who fleeced millions from us in the form of overcharging, etc. One thing it states is that She plans to “Make health care more accessible and affordable.” That issue is number one to me, being that I am self employed and have lost it for the time being because of being to expensive.

To be fair, Nick Micozzie also stopped by a few weeks ago. I was not here but he left a similar message. He has been working with a Democrat, by the name of Anthony DeLuca, to create a “Universal Health Care Plan”. I again state that this health care issue is critical to people like myself, who don’t have the luxury of working for a large corporation.

Btw, what did Marie write? “I’m sorry I missed you!”
So am I Marie. So am I.


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  1. Wow, I am missing out this election season in the states. My mother worked for a business-education partnership and as a result, once election season rolled around for local candidates two years ago, we got a lot of phone calls from neighbors and friends asking her for the “dirt” on some of the newer candidates. It was hilarious. At least I knew who the slimebags were–like the guy who distributed hotel-sized soaps with wrappers with his face printed on them and a “it’s time to clean up our town council” written underneath it. Come to find out, he had owned a piece of commercially designed real estate that the nearby residents complained about the state of as his own personal construction supplies dumping site. So much for cleaning up. No, he didn’t get elected.

  2. The more I read about Marie deYoung, the less I like her. I read in the Daily Times that she lied about her residency and hasn’t lived in the state long enough to even qualify for office. Then I read that the Pennsylvania Ethics Commission found her guilty of violating the Ethics Act because she failed to report her income as a political consultant. My neighbor spoke with her and she is doing a lot of promising – more money for schools, more money for SEPTA. Everyone gets everything they ever wanted, right? Except, she couldn’t explain how she would pay for any of it. Well, I know how! More taxes! I’m sorry I missed her when she came to my door, because in order to get my vote she will have to explain her ethics problems and where she will get all this money to pay for everything she is promising.

  3. The above poster must work for marie’s opponent. Sheesh. An ethics violation? Give me a break — she was taken off the ballot on a technicality, pursued by the delaware county political machine. Seems to me they don’t want voters to decide for themselves who they want as representative. I’ve read all the articles about marie, and she’s a native Pennsylvania who served in the army — kosovo, South Korea. In Iraq should stood up to the no-bid bastards. Meanwhile, micozzie gave himself a payraise — 28% or so– and kept the money (others gave it back). He also voted himself a 50% pension increase a while back. He’s accomplished so little in three decades — he ought to return penny we’ve ever given him. If we ever needed refromers in Harrisburg, it’s now. That’s why I’ll be voting for Marie deYoung

  4. The above poster must be deYoung herself, or one of her liberal cronies. Let’s check the facts. The “technicality” which the state Ethics Commission found was that she failed to report the income she received as a political consultant on her Candidate’s Statement of Financial Interests. How is that a technicality??? By simply telling the truth, she would have avoided the “technicality”. Next fact: it was not the dreaded and fabled “Republican machine” that took legal action against her, but rather it was a Democrat union member. The only “machine” at work here was the Philadelhia Democrat machine, who provided deYoung with a free lawyer to defend herself and attack the unendorsed Democrat who had the guts to try to run against deYoung. Next fact: DeYoung was never in Iraq. She was in Kosovo and Kuwait as a private citizen earning over $8800 per month in a taxpayer funded job, pushing paper. I’ve also read all her newspaper stories and she landed this job from some of her Army buddies – cronyism at its taxpayer funded worst!! I’ve also tried to find out how she was a “whistleblower”. She never reported any problems to any law enforcement agency. She never reported any problems to the Army’s Inspector General. Who exactly does she “blow the whistle” to? A Democrat Congressman, in conjunction with the 2004 Kerry campaign!! And then what happens? She gets a job with the Kerry campaign!!! Is this the type of “reform” that you say she would bring to Harrisburg? Marie, honey, you’ve made the decision easy. You’ve lost my vote.

  5. Democratic. Not “Democrat union member.” It’s “Democratic union member.”Not “Philadelhia (sic) Democrat machine.” It’s “Philadelphia Democratic machine.”Not “A Democrat Congressman.” It’s “A Democratic Congressman.”It’s the Democratic Party. Our members are Democrats and we believe in democracy (small d). When we hold a position, we are Democratic Union members, Democratic Congressmen, Democratic Senators and hopefully, again in a couple of years, a Democratic President.When you use the term “Democrat Party” or any other form of misuse, you are showing contempt and disrespect. And it shows me you’re just trying to start something.Start referring to us by our proper name and maybe I’ll listen to the rest of what you have to say next time.

  6. It’s always good to consider the source — especially when Republicans attack Veterans. Now where did I put my swift boat…As for Nick Micozzie, why should I give my vote to a man who’s feathered his nest at my expense for almost three decades. Perhaps you’ve been to his beach house and can tell us all how lovely it is.

  7. Not trying to start anything by saying “Democrat”. If you want to be “Democratic”, fine. However, you are a typical Democratic by changing the subject and not addressing the substance of the matter.How is any of this an attack on a military veteran? Is your opinion that if a candidate is a veteran, you may not ask questions? Nick Micozzie is also a veteran. Therefore, is any questioning of Nick Micozzie’s record considered to be “swiftboating”?Lastly, if having a shore house disqualifies someone for office, then I presume that you will be voting against Ed Rendell (and I also presume that you voted against John Kerry), right?

  8. I am amused that deYoung has all the answers to all our problems with no factual details. the same old dems usual atack on the canidate. I find rep in this County endorse local canidates and verify residency, income etc. Can anyone tell me when a rep canidate was tossed off a ballot due to wrong information. I have been reaserching deYoung and find alot of info mostly on Haliburton and the alleged whistleblowe details to a dem committee.What quilifies her to be a state rep. and further why has she not provided documented proof of her residency. At least Micozzie has lived in Pa all His life and has the expieriance to serve.

  9. I had a meeting with local officials eariler tonight that included Nick Micozzie. He was straightforward, consise, and answered everyones questions.Safe to say that although I admire Ms. DeYoung, I’ll be voting for Nick this November.After all, he does answer your calls, and he also has addressed every issue that I have presented to him over the last 10 years.On a side note: Did you know that Nick was a Democrat at one time? Needless to say, I don’t care. I vote for the man or woman who I think will do their job for us. Plain and simple.

  10. Once again deYoung has held a news conference to get the media into forgetting the issue that she can not serve. Voters in the district know Micozzie and respect His views, if she is eligible to serve why has she not provided details and documented proof she can? Saying it in my book does not clarify the issue! Nick Micozzie has met the qualifications each time he has run, why can’t the democrats in this County ever get a solid candidate who can make a viable challenge without getting hung up on technicalities and legal challenges, now a serious infraction that questions her being seated. My votes for Micozzie at least he meets the qualifications to at least get on the ballot,Independent voter Delaware County

  11. I agree with anonyomous reader with the points described. From what Ihave seen in the short three years here Nick Micozzie has done a good job, I was not thrilled with the pay raise issue but heck if I had a chance to raise my pay I think I would have also, From what I have read He did give back the money and he voted against the raise in the end, Give the guy a break for one mistake, I wouldn’t take politics for any amount so whats a few bucks in the grand sceam of things ! well in any case He gets my vote once again , Ive wasted enough votes over the years!

  12. Who said Marie was a crony because she accepted a job when asked by commander for help? Um…the hypocrisy of the statement astounds. “Uncle Nick’s” daughter was appointed judge even though she has no degree, no law degree, and had no experience prior to being appointed aside from a 2 week course. Hahahahaha. Okay, and you can’t get a job as a fireman/policeman unless you’re registered Republican and Micozzie signs off on it. Cronyism indeed.

  13. To all the rumormongers claiming Marie isn’t elidgable, then why is she on the ballot? And why have so many endoresed her candidacy including Governor Rendell?Is someone afraid to let the voters decide?Look at the endorsements

  14. From what I read it is no rumor and the State Department validated it would be a serious issue. I also understand that a ruling was made on this and the elected candidate was turned down by commonwealth court. Please explain where she lived and why you believe that will not be an issue. I would be most interested in the facts. In regards to the endorsements most are from out of state like her. I understand Nick Micozzie has the majority of the unions hows that when they usally endorse dems.

  15. Most unions endorse incumbents. I just moved to Clifton Heights, Nick was very helpful to me and didn’t even ask me to vote for him.Glad to be away from Civera who could care less.

  16. I have had the same exopierance withe Nick and His staff is excelent. They return your calls and if Nick is in the office he gets on the line personally. Tough to top that for a elected official in this day and age.

  17. I see John Kerry sent a letter for deYoung recently. Just proves that outsiders wish to control this area. Shame she can not find any local ties with community leaders. Tough to do that when you never lived here and have no roots.One who knows the real story.


  19. I know Marie. She’s a native, born and raised in Pennsylvania. She’s a good Christian woman who works for social justice, helps feed the homeless etc. She served with distinction in US Army as an Army Chaplain.The poster who tries to drag her name in the mud must have an agenda: keep their job as a Micozzie’s staff perhaps?Meanwhile, Nick Micozzie has set himself up as the Duke of Delaware county. He and his staff’s sense of entitlement makes me sick. This is a Democracy. And you Mr. Micozzie are accountable to the voters. No way will I vote for an ass who gave himself a payraise at 2am, gave himself 100% insurance coverage, gave himself a million dollar pension while allowing insurance companies to raise my rates astronomically as the Chairman of the insurance committee. For Shame Micozzie. For shame!

  20. Nick Micozzie and his family have managed to make hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars from being connected and back room dealing. I too am a Republican, and will vote this November for Marie. Good riddance to all of the GOP in Delco!

  21. I know Nick Micozzie personally. He is a decent caring dedicated human being. How he made millions is beyond my comprehension. Of he did I know it was do to his high work ethic and not some back room deal. Nick has always been a good family man,community leader. In regards to his family they were born and raised and never left the area. I think you should check Marie deYoungs Pennsylvania ties ! not iompressive in my book ! Nick gets not only my vote as usual but my 6 votes in this household.

  22. Nick Micozzie never made millions off of anyone. Check His financial statements he files, nothing unusual I can find. The real shame is when Nick’s opponents drag his name with mud slinging. Nick always comes out on top. He works hard and is a good rep. Nick two votes here in Secane !

  23. I see John Kerry got involved with deYoung last week, surprise surprise Delco residents, first Sestak, then Letz now deYoung. Another try at outsider influence. Connect the dots and it takes you to Liberal Democrats wanting control with Philadelphia Politicians. What’s next Clinton.. Think about this it’s a State House race and we have National attention. Wow Nick Micozzie really must be doing His job for them to pull out the big liberal dems. Show them what you’re about Nick and send them all back to where they came from. Can you spell Missouri!!!!A long time supporter

  24. Marie is an Americian HERO. What is Nick? He’s an old man whos family had managed to dominate the area, much like the Mafia does in philly.Time for a change, send little “”Nicodemo”” Micozzie back to Italy! Let him rule over there!VOTE FOR MARIE A TRUE AMERICAN!!!!!

  25. Marie deYoung is no American hero, far from it. Nick Micozzie may be older than her but from what I have seen could run circles around her. This type of slander shows the type of people she must associate with. I’m sure when the Italian population sees the inferences there choice will remain with Micozzie. By the way He never lived in Italy was born in Pa and has been a resident here ever since, more than your hero can say, what was it 17 years and the year she has been here to run !!

  26. Looking at various responses to the Marie deyoung/Micozzie race. So I took some time to see what the issues were. I find Micozzie web sites very informative on State issues and community refrences, Lansdowne, Cifton, upper Darby etc. deYoung on the other hand is all Haliburton,and Washington issues, can any blogger describe what she has in common with local issues aginst Micozzie the guy is everywhere. I see where she just moved here and is not eligible to serve “delco times” How will she overcome this and more importantly why are the local dems not endorseing her on the web ? seems Micozzie has all the local unions, aflcio, NFIB, all Republican parties in each town, sports clubs, fire guys etc. I am open at this point but national endoresemnts have nevr cut it for me. Just curious.

  27. Nick Micozzie has my endorsement (For what’s it’s worth) in November. I have investigated Marie De Young, and although I find her to be a credible and sincere person who really gives a damn about Delco, Nick HAS been there for both myself, and a host of other neighbors here in Clifton Heights.He has done this year after year, and not only when it was election time. But hear this. I will NOT blindly vote straight Republican or Democrat nor should anyone for that matter. (Towing the party that you belong to’s line is no longer acceptable when you the voter really has a chance to make a difference)Investigate these polititions yourself, call them up, both the imcumbants and challengers, and draw your own conclusions.I also give kudos to all those challengers, God knows you have more gumption than me..Cheers and Good Luck..

  28. THE TRUE STORY ON PAY RAISE MICOZZIEREPRESENTATIVE MICOZZIE HAS BEEN A STALWART OF THE REPUBLICAN PARTY THROUGHOUT HIS TENURE. A CAGEY POLITICAL VETERAN, HE HAS BEEN THE RUBBERSTAMPER OF UNFAIR AND ILLEGAL CONDUCT SUCH AS GIVING HIMSELF A MILLION DOLLAR PENSION, 100% HEALTH CARE COVERAGE, A STATE ISSUED VEHICLE AND THEN VOTING FOR THE MIDNIGHT PAY RAISE, EVEN THOUGH HE HAS VOTED AGAINST A MINUMUM WAGE HIKE FOR PENNSYLVANIANS. MR. MICOZZIE IS ALSO VERY CLOSE WITH INSURANCE COMPANIES. AS CHAIRMAN OF THE PENNSYLVANIA INSURANCE COMMITEE, HE HAS WORKED HAND IN HAND WITH THE INSURANCE COMPANIES AND LOBBYISTS TO RAISE RATES ASTRONOMICALLY AT THE EXPENSE OF HIS CONSTITUENCY, ALL FOR THE EXPECTATIONS OF CAMPAIGN CONTRIBUTIONS. WHILE MOST PENNSYLVANIANS WORK HARD WITHOUT HEALTH INSURANCE AND STRUGGLE TO GET BY, REPRESENTATIVE MICOZZIE HAS SAT IN HIS PLUSH POSITION PUNCHING THE CLOCK AND LIVING THE HIGH LIFE. IN 28 YEARS, 12 OF THOSE SPENT AS THE MAJORITY, MICOZZIE HAS FAILED TO LOWER SKYROCKETING PROPERTY TAXES. NOW, AT A CRITICAL JUNCTION IN HIS CAREER, HE HAS FINALLY DECIDED TO ACT. WHY? BECAUSE HE IS FINALLY BEING SCRUTINIZED FOR HIS IMMORAL AND DISGRACEFUL CONDUCT. MICOZZIE’S PLAN FOR PROPERTY TAX REFORM IS TO HIKE THE PERSONAL INCOME TAX BY HALF ON THE MIDDLE CLASS. REPRESENTATIVE MICOZZIE HAS BECOME A MILLIONAIRE AT THE EXPENSE OF THE TAXPAYERS, AND OWNS THREE LAVISH PROPERTIES. HE HAS LOST TOUCH WITH REALITY IN DELAWARE COUNTY AND OFFER’S NO FRESH IDEAS. NICK IS ON A SHORT LEASH THAT THE CRONIES, LOBBYISTS, CAREER POLITICIANS AND INSURANCE COMPANIES HOLD. WILL WE SEE CHANGE? IN MICOZZIE’S CASE, IF THE PAST IS ANY INDICATOR OF FUTURE BEHAVIOR, WHY WILL ANYTHING CHANGE IF HE IS RE-ELECTED? NOTHING WILL!!!!IT IS TIME FOR A CHANGE. PEOPLE ARE FED UP WITH MIDNIGHT PAY RAISES, VOTES AGAINST LIVING WAGE INCREASES, LOBBYISTS, INSURANCE COMPANIES AND MOST IMPORTANTLY CAREER POLITICIANS FURTHERING THEIR OWN CAUSES AT THE EXPENSE OF THE WORKING CLASS. EVERYONE HAS A BENEFACTOR AT ONE POINT IN THEIR LIVES; MICOZZIE HAS SHOWN THAT HIS HAVE BEEN THE SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS WORKING AGAINST THE PUBLIC AND ITS INTERESTS. THE CULTURE OF CORRUPTION MUST END ONE CRONY POLITICIAN AT A TIME.**** NICK MICOZZIE –”INSURANCE COMPANY CRONY” – HERE IS AN ARTICLE ON CONTRIBUTIONS MICOZZIE HAS RECIEVED FROM THE INSURANCE INDUSTRY.From the Philadelphia Inquirer, Feb 26, 1999 Front PageKey Pa. lawmakers have direct ties to insurance industry, By B.J. Phillips and Ken Dilanian INQUIRER STAFF WRITERSNicholas A. Micozzie (R., Delaware) is the chairman of the House insurancecommittee. Since 1995, Micozzie has received $58,000 from insurance-relatedPACs — 50 percent of his PAC donations – HERE IS A PORTION OF MICOZZIE’S VOTING RECORDOn HB 200: Concurrence Vote – Increases the state personal income tax rate to 3.07 percent. Passed the House 104-89. voted yesOn SB 1030: Final Passage – Abundant and affordable energy is critical for Pennsylvania’s business community and its citizens, and the Commonwealth must take reasonable steps to assure adequate supplies at affordable prices in the future. Renewable energy plays a critical part in the long-term picture. However, the Department of Environmental Protection pushed the new energy standards without involving stakeholders, including business, in the process. Why is this vote important? This bill mandates that PA utilities sell 18 percent of their portfolio within 15 years as renewable energy. If enacted, the legislation would have meant higher energy costs and a less competitive business environment, voted yesOn SB 1090: Minimum Wage – Final Passage – Why is this vote important? An increase in the minimum wage above the federal minimum wage is contrary to the Chamber’s policy of seeking employment laws and regulations that are consistent with other states and allow for flexibility in the marketplace rather than government-imposed mandates. To that end, the Chamber opposes any measure which would raise the minimum wage to the state level., voted yesOn HB 865: Nickol Amendment – Would have imposed a moratorium on enactment of new or expanded benefits and require a study of the issue of health insurance mandates. Amendment failed the House 86-104, voted yesOn HB 1521: On Passage – Pay Raise Vote, yes

  29. Still waiting on constitutional question of residency and how she will over come Ted Doyles rulling in Commonwealth Court ! All Sate Constitional experts say Can Not Serve end of story !

  30. I would hope that a person running for office would follow the Constitution. I believe that Tom Judge would have had the facts researched as to the clear legal requirements before he would challenge Marie deyoung. I have seen no factual, legal representation disputing the residency requirement from any credible legal authority to dispute the challenge. Micozzie/supporter and friend

  31. To:Rex Jimkus 10/02/2006 01:45:40 Which is it did he vote against it and then you see he voted for it and slam him both ways. Get the facts right before you slam the guy. Rex must be a deYoung staffer with that much time and research to come after Micozzie. The facts are clear on His voting record and the facts still remain unclear on deYoung residency and she can promise the votes to anyone, fact is she will never get a chance to deliver on any of the promises,Your quote !EVEN THOUGH HE HAS VOTED AGAINST A MINUMUM WAGE HIKE FOR PENNSYLVANIANSYour quote further down !!PENNSYLVANIANS on SB 1090: Minimum Wage – Final Passage – Why is this vote important? An increase in the minimum wage above the federal minimum wage is contrary to the Chamber’s policy of seeking employment laws and regulations that are consistent with other states and allow for flexibility in the marketplace rather than government-imposed mandates. To that end, the Chamber opposes any measure which would raise the minimum wage to the state level., voted yes. Minimum wage is a critical issue in the 163 rd district and the yes vote was apreciated by the voters.This is what happens when you twist facts !

  32. Great point, I have watched this for awhile now and see Micozzie stays the course and deYoung makes it up as she goes. You may not like all Micozzie does but he is consitant when it comes to this area and all he has done for it. I support Nick !

  33. If you had the ability to read and understand, Micozzie stuck up for big business by voting in the majority for SB 1090. This is where the lobbyists came in and showed their control over Nicky. He also voted for the pay raise in case you forgot, just a reminder.

  34. Last I checked Rex the 163 rd is comprised of working class people who supported the Minimum Wage increase. I also saw all those Senate Dems as well as House Dems demonstrating with the unions. It was a bill initiated by dems. I did read what you wrote was He did not wrote for it in the beginning of your rhetoric and then you slam him for voting for it like I said you can not have it both ways, It would not matter either way because you will pick at anything Micozzie does. Leadership requires making tough decisions but more importantly leadership means standing by your constituents and doing what is right for them. But Marie has no record so it’s tough to compare from what I have read. Once again attacks on Micozzie no factual information on her residency or details. I hope Tom Judge releases more details so I can finally see it.

  35. Here’s the PA constitution: Qualifications of MembersSection 5.Representatives [shall be ]twenty-one years of age. They shall have been citizens and inhabitants of the State four years, and inhabitants of their respective districts one year next before their election (unless absent on the public business of the United States or of this State) and shall reside in their respective districts during their terms of service.Marie deYoung was born and raised in PA for crying out loud – WHICH IS LONGER THAN FOUR YEARS! She’s lived in the district for several years. This is as bad as the “whisper” campaigns in Texas and Arizona SHAMELESS! I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore! VOTE MARIE DEYOUNG!

  36. You obviously have not read the Honorable Ted Doyle ruling on residency The former 163 rd Democratic Represenative) regarding the section of the constitution you cite. When you vote in an election outside the State your residency is established in the State you voted. I just read that in the Daily Times and looked up the ruling on line in the Commonwealth Court. In addition I researched and found Marie deYoung left this State when she was 17 years old. And just recently re-established residency in an apartment in Lansdowne. Pa. This is not a whisper it is fact. Call it what you want flavor it as you want the facts can not be changed. I’m sure glad I found this site and did my homework she looked good but the more I read and see, Nick still has my vote even though he made a mistake in my book on the pay raise I admire Him for standing up and saying he made a mistake and returned it and voted for the repeal. Gov. Rendel signed it and was for it at first but then flipped. Long time Micozzie supporter

  37. Marie is LEGAL in the respect that she does meet the qualifications to be our next State Representative! If you like to throw away your hard earned dollars on slimeballs who vote themselves pay raises at 2 am and break the law then vote for Micozzie.

  38. Under whose definition do you declare legal residency. Micozzie is no slime ball and is and will remain the State Representative in the 163 rd. district. I find it amazing but typical when a factual issue such as residency comes up that her supporters resort to name calling and allegations. Marie is also no whistleblower as claimed she just whistled Dixie to a Democrat with an agenda against Bush after she lost her lush contract with Halliburton KRB.If Micozzie is slime I guess you recived a letter form slime from the Govenor who engineered the pay raise vote !!! Maybe you should remove his letter from your web site then !Micozzie supproter

  39. I have reasearched the canidates and find Nick Micozzie with the most expierance. How can someone just arrive in pa and in the area and run for State office. I would feel more comfortable maybe if Marie deYoung had at least been a local elected official some place. Form what I hear around town Micozzie is solid in this area and it’s going to be a landslide. Anyone have any polls like the weldon race or don’t they do that in this type of race ?

  40. Did anyone happen to receive Micozzie’s mailer today? Turns out he mailed his envelopes without any literature inside, completely empty!!!!! Ha, Ha, Ha and we count on this man to help run our area.

  41. Did anyone happen to read the clip from the Philadelphia Inquirer from 1999 regarding Rep. Micozzi’s donations? Wow! This guy is dirty and in bed with the insurance industry. Is there a green party candidate?”Nicholas A. Micozzie (R., Delaware) is the chairman of the House insurancecommittee. Since 1995, Micozzie has received $58,000 from insurance-relatedPACs — 50 percent of his PAC donations”

  42. I received a mailer in Aldan and it was refreshing to see mail from a candidate that was not negative. Micozzi always sends nice informative campaign mail to my home and that’s why I have always admired him. This negativity needs to stop people are tired of attacks. I can not speak of deYoung other than this blog as I have not received any information on her at all.

  43. I read the above blog and agree Nick Micozzie works the area, from what I have seen in this election He is the only candidate that stays positive. He was at my home the other day (I missed Him the first time) He was informative, well spoken and I asked Him about an issue and He called the next day with what I requested. My vote goes to Nick, mainly because he asked for it as well as I am impressed by his mailings and follow up.JT Drexel Hill, Pa.

  44. I agree, Micozzie works hard and has been good for this area. What has deYoung ever done for this area ever? Micozzie always responds when I call his office and has assisted the Boys Club when they requested it, He was recognized for his efforts by the Westbrook Park Youth Assoc and Clifton Boys Cub where my kids play this year for all the work he does for them and the town. He has my vote keep up the good work Nick.Jason in Clifton

  45. . I have been following the Micozzie/Deyoung race and agree with Jason. Micozzie always is accessible and cares about our community. I knew him when he was involved in the Knights of Columbus and he was a leader in that organization as well. The thing I can not understand is why would the Democrats ever believe they could beat Micozzie with an outsider? Give me hell Nick we have your back here in Drexel HillBob in DH

  46. I am the judge of elections in the district lives in.And Nick or no one else has me supporting them by giving me a job. I was elected to the post. Nick is a very fair person who has and is trying very hard to help the people in this district. He and the people on his staff go out of their way to help anyone in this district who needs help with anything. And this has got to be the scariest election year I have ever seen. The liberal wing of the democratic party seems to want Delaware County very badly. It used to be in this district and county that no matter who was running for either party, they were people who have lived in this county for a long time. They would argue the issues and they were civil to each other. And their concern was helping the people of this district. The democrats seem hell bent on trying to focus this whole election on some big national debate. All politics is local not national. When you vote, it is to elect people who represent you and your interests. Ask the people of Yeadon and Sharon Hill if having a state senator in Philadelphia, and a congressman in Philadelphia who are from the city and care about the city not the suburbs what kind of great representation they get from them. I have friends who live in Sharon Hill who are registered democrats and they are so fed up with everyone but Ron Raymond the only representative who is from there neighborhood. He knows their area and cares about his home. They can’t get a response from Bob Brady or Anthony Williams because they are in Philadelphia and could care less about the suburbs. Looking at Marie DeYoung’s platform it is more geared toward what people who live in the city who are liberal would want. Dedicated mass transit funding. Huge increases in public school funding. And she thinks the way we need to fight crime is to increase funding to disadvantaged children. I see someone on here stating that it is peoples duty not to vote a straight ticket. No actually it is people’s duty to be informed about everyone and where they stand on the issues. And vote for the people who are going to help the people in this district. We are mostly moderate people in this area. Bob Edgar was able to win in this district because he was a moderate. He is now endorsing her because of party loyalty instead of loyalty to his home district. All the candidates that have been thrust upon us this time by the democratic party are very liberal and say they stand for our values. How can anyone believe that.

  47. “The liberal wing of the democratic party seems to want Delaware County very badly.”Your all corrupt including you Rhoades. Republicans do nothing for America except rape her!Its time to kick out all you bush regime lovers who dont care about who gets killed in Iraq so long as your not over there.

  48. You need to get a life, Marie de Young is from PA! And I’d to hear you say that Iraq has nothing to do with PA to the families of the young women and men who are serving their country without proper equipment and dying for corporate profits!Marie DeYoung has my vote!

  49. Of course Tom Judge, Sr,.Chairman of the Delaware county Republician Party And Repbulican District Leader would want deYoung to withdraw, deyoung is the first candidate to challange Micozzi. Has he lowered your taxes? has he made sure healthcare is afforable? has he made you neighborhood safe?Are your schools doing well?Judge’s claim to deyoung’s residency if laughable! deYoung, born and raised in pa, returned to pa in 2002, and has lived in Lansdown since 2003. Judge knows that or he would have filed a complaint in Court! He knows his claim wouldn’t hold up! people should do their own homework on the candiates. Vote deYoung!! she will bring a new direction to the 163rd and to pa.

  50. Judge’s claim that deYoung failed to disclose payments she received as a political consultant is another one of his swift boat attacks. If you read her filing and the court findings she reported ALL income recieved!

  51. Of course no one mentions that Nick Micozzie voted himself a pay raise at 2 AM do they! Marie fought Halliburton after she found out that they were corrupt. Just like the rest of the incumbants in PA. Its time for a change and the time is NOW!

  52. Is anyone aware of the fact that Micozzie’s daughter is an INSURANCE COMPANY LOBBYIST and has made over $300,000 for herself. This should be looked into being that her father Nick, our representative, is the chairman of the PA insurance commitee. Isn’t the reason curt Weldon is in so much hot water over the fact that his daughter is also a lobbyist. Should someone look into the Micozzie family for this???????

  53. Someone suggested that Marie DID infact report all her income in 2005. That flies right in the face of Tom Judges claim that she was trying to hide something. Someone else suggested that we research the canidates ourselves and that’s just what I did. As it turns out Tom Judge’s claim is false. Marie DID report all her income. You can check it out for yourself @ I haven’t made my mind up yet but i’m pretty close to choosing Marie because she has been honest with us and I can’t figure out why Mr Judge would go to such great lenghts to spread lies. What else are Micozzi and Judge being dishonest about?

  54. well here we are on the eve of one of the most interesting elections I can remember. We have Nicky, the long time rep who shakes everybody’s hand and deYoung, who is a pa resident, travled a lot, served in the army(state-side and Korea), got involved EVERYWHERE, made a difference EVERYWHERE, accomplished the community goals EVERYWHERE she lived. Her history is what has caused her to get involved here . She’s been in the district for 3 or 4 years and it’s her PA attitude that gives her the will to fight to fix the issues we are still facing after years of Nicky’s hand-shaking. If you really look at their records, deYoung has conistantly been successful in her quests for a better community. She may not have the years that Nicky has in our community, but she has the success rate we need and that Nicky has STILL not delivered on after 28 years. When all is said and done, a hand shake is nice, but a win for our community issues is what we really need. deYoung has been a strong voice for us since her boots hit the our ground!

  55. It is usually typical in the elections I have seen locally that a desperate candidate usually gets nasty toward a loss. Nick is a dedicated to this area. You would have been better off not attacking Him and his family and sticking to issues not promises. I work hard for Nick each year and take great pride on election night for all the work we do, it’s great to be on a winning team. What Town wills Marie moved to next? Make sure her boots have some leather to keep walking because it’s a long walk to Missouri!

  56. to anonymous Micozzie worker who claims to dislike nasty attacks, what could be more un-american,unchristian, and uglier than to attack one’s religion. As far as the “attacks” on Micozzie’s family, it seems that the info provided about his daughters show that Micozzie has provided his family with financial benifits at our expense.

  57. Haven’t seen any attacks on deYoung from Micozzie, read above plenty on Micozzie, seems desperate to me but the usual I have seen over the years. And as far as you said she is home now where was she to meet the requirments wasn’t here thats for sure. Still has not provided any information on here so far !

  58. U.S. Senator John Kerry, MassachusettsThat is why I am endorsing Marie and asking you to help send her to Harrisburg. How does this look now after Kerry trashed our troops !

  59. Kerry trashed Bush! Read the whole speech! Another republician nasty trick to avoid discussing what really matters…Like our men and women dying in Iraq or how yesterday Iraqi government pulled our troops off check points in iraq. Seems the newly formed Iriqi govenment doesn’t want us there either.

  60. Here are the facts on Micozzie’s daughter Nina and her insurance company lobbying. Tell me there isn’t a huge conflict of interest!!!!!!! Lobbyist Profile Return to Menu$309,566.00Total Expenditures: 20032004Donation Year Donation Quarter Total Expenditures 2003 $0.00 Donation Year Donation Quarter Total Expenditures 2004 $0.00 Group by:Active Quarters:Representing:Lobbyist Name: All Year Quarter Micozzie, NinaDonation Year Donation Quarter Total Expenditures 2005 q4 $309,566.00 2005Organization Personnel/Office Expenses Section 3 Expenses* Direct Comm. Indirect Comm. TOTAL Details Insurance Federation of PA, Inc. $261,237.00 $1,071.00 $42,033.00 $5,225.00 $309,566.00 Breakdown Totals: $261,237.00 $1,071.00 $42,033.00 $5,225.00 $309,566.00 Based on data from the lobbyist expenditure forms filed with the Office of the Secretary of the Senate. Senate rules allow lobbyists, at their discretion, to report all expenses — that is, money spent lobbying the Senate, House and executive branch — rather than breaking out Senate lobbying only. Therefore, these numbers should be considered extimates of total lobbying expenditures. *Refers to the third definition of lobbying records provided in the current version of SB1, which calls for reporting of “any gift, entertainment, meal, transporation or lodging.” Taken from

  61. Over $300,000 lobbying for the insurance industry, while her dad is the chairman on the PA insurance commitee!!!!!! You gotta go nick! Retire to your taxpayer paid for beach house you crony!

  62. deYoung Desperate and getting more desperate by the day!!!!!! Keep talking trash and it wins votes for the other side every time. People do not like candidates trashing families plain and simple, but when you have nothing to offer that’s what happens!!!!

  63. If Kerry was ok why did the DEms cancel Phila apearance today. Should always be careful who endorses you as you can not control there exposure. ! Did you really need Kerry,,, oh I gues you did when you had no one local !

  64. Anonymous said “keep talking trash”I want to know how anyone can call public records filed in the State of PA trash? these were some of the more informative comments made so far. True, Verifiable Information can only help us all to make our decisions. Yes it’s not easy, but informed decisions are better decisions. I for one haven’t made up my mind yet, but the more real information I can find will certainly help in this years choice. Thank you to those who post REAL information that is sourced. As for the Kerry thing,He was speeking for himself. As only he can do.

  65. Did Marie deYOung run out of money, Just recived a flier in my front door and it looks like a copy of a real ad that should have been mailed. Or am I just not good ennough for a nice one in Drexel Hill. I thought all mail in mail boxes needed stamps on it, I was told that when I used to collect for march of dimes. Is that still true or does people running for office get permision. I thought Micozzie gave back the raise and so did Civera. Debbie in DH

  66. Even if nicky does get elected, he will be scrutinized for the lobbying relationships with his daughter. Can anyone say, Curt Weldon part duex”. The culture of corruption needs to end.

  67. thank you for the link to Nicks page. I checked out His ideas for health insurance. Personal health accounts have not impressed me because I have looked at them as way for employeers to pay less while pushing the burden of cost on the the employee with a very high deductable that could prove to be too much for the average family. I found this site It is a big paper to read but it is informative and done by a non-partisian organization. I disagree with nick on this one. I think health cost reform should be health cost reform—not a shift of costs to the middle-class. I would love to hear from others, maybe I have it wrong. This is a huge issue for us and worth really discussing

  68. my understanding of personal health accounts or HSA’s is that the well to do will have ANOTHER HUGE tax shelter, but the blue collar worker will not be able to afford the preimums or the deductable. they are a big win for corporations because they get to reduce and potentially get rid of health care premiums. they are also a big win for insurance, banking and financial instutions because they get NEW income from managing the accounts. I haven’t seen any consumer oganizations backing them. Just big business and insurance companies. I’m against them. I’m voting for deYoung.

  69. This is the evening bulletin Commentary on this race. It does explain why deyoung may not have as many mailings out. Nick big money from the insurance companies. It does seem that there might be a conflict of interest here. How can he do right by us if he is beholding to them(insurance companies) I am not bashing nick, I am just wondering who’s side he is on. If he is head of the insurance commission, why would he accept money from the insurance industry.

  70. Marie deYoung is a war profiteer. She made money off of our backs and the backs of our soldiers. As a Halliburton worker, she was being paid $8800 per month, or over $105,000 per year, to push papers around. She hasn’t told us how long she was working for Halliburton and how much she made overall. When things went sour, she decided to “blow the whistle”. But who did she blow the whistle to? The FBI? The Justice Dept.? The Army Inspector General? Anyone in law enforcement? NO!! Instead, during the middle of military-hating John Kerry’s campaign, she went to a Democrat congressman closely aligned with the Kerry campaign, who promptly began using it as a political issue. The congressional hearings discredited all of deYoung’s wild claims. And, surprise, surprise, she then goes to work for Kerry. I was disgusted in this campaign when she tried to pass off her war profiteering as “service” to her country in her letters to the editor. She disgraces the men and women who are really serving.

  71. zrgbmFrom the Opinion of the Pennsylvania Ethics Commission, dated March 29, 2006, No. 06-004:”We reject the arguments advanced by deYoung in her Memorandum of Law filed with this Commission.””deYoung’s characterization of the purpose of the Ethics Act – specifically, to give the general voting public a “fair summary” of her sources of income – is an attempt to re-write the statute and is a completely unfounded assertion that flies in the face of the stated purpose of the Ethics Act and the case law favoring full financial disclosure in furtherance of the public’s interests.””deYoung’s various assertions that candidate statutory filing deadlines may essentially be ignored and that full disclosure on the Candidate’s Statement of Financial Interests form need only be accomplished prior to the actual voting by the electorate are complete misstatements of the law. They are directly contradicted by the clear statutory mandates that a candidate’s Statement of Financial Interests must be filed on or before the deadline for filing his or her petition to appear on the ballot and that the candidate’s failure to properly file the Statement of Financial Interests is a fatal defect to such petition.””As for deYoung’s perceptions that the sanction she faces, specifically the fatality of her nomination petition, is too severe, we would note that the public’s interest in enforcement of the Ethics Act as remedial legislation designed to restore public confidence in government and to protect the public trust is of far greater importance than deYoung’s interest in avoiding the consequences of her failure to comply with the requirements for filing Statements of Financial Interests pursuant to the Ethics Act.”

  72. she reported all income. THE Check that is in question was for 2,000.00 that’s two thousand. She reported it as self employment. which she was. the question of weather or not she reported her income is mute because A- she did. and B- she had enough supporters in our district to get her on the ballet. The People have spoken! She is a canidate!

  73. oh, I liked it better when we were talking issues and not bashing. Nick must be getting nervous if all he can do is avoid answering the questions raised. More and more Nick is looking not like the man I thought he was. Sad to see deceient factual informantion being shared and discussed. too Bad! it was really starting to feel like an intelligent community and not a war zone. Please can’t we be nice?

  74. Marie deYoung is entitled to her own opinion about things, but she is not entitled to her own facts. The fact is, she did not report all her income – specifically the income she received as a political consultant. That fact was found to be true by the Ethics Commission, and affirmed by the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court and the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. Confronted with fact, can’t Miss deYoung, even at this late hour, admit she violated the Ethics Act?!?! If she cannot do this, how would she openly and honestly represent us in the legislature? Or is her plan simply to follow the dictates of her masters at the House Democratic Campaign Committee in Harrisburg – the ones who have funded her camapign and supplied her with all her ideas!

  75. Look! the swift boats are comming!How can anyone call deyoungs employment with halliburton war profiteering??? are you calling all the military’s sub contractor’s, many of whom are our own citizens war profiteer’s. including the one’s who died trying to fulfull the needs of our men and women in uniform? It was the bush administration that decided to sub contract the work that deyoung and others did. they were answering a call to service! deyoung did what she does best, serve her country, and the men and women of the armed forces! How can you criticise deyoung’s whisle-blowing? That just boggles the mind! She was outing the REAL war profiteer’s! I’d like to see you go to Kuwait for any amount of money!

  76. “Marie deYoung is not entitled to her own facts” She is entitled to the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania facts! the court did say she reported ALL her income! read it and weep! are Facts! Can we now PLEASE get back to discussing the issues and stop trying to swift boat deyoung!

  77. if you check out deyoungs contrabution reports, you will see that her money came from people like you and I. She has run a true grass-roots, CLEAN fund-raising campaign. Looks like Nick can’t say that He has and does collect from Insurance co’s, drug co’s and even comcast! tell me what does comcast know about my life here!

  78. i don’t have any experience personally with them but i did read the national health policy forum report that was linked above and at this point i have two questions. Why has Micozzie been pushing this since 1997 and how does he see this as something that would be good for me.

  79. If the Court found that she reported her incom then how did they throw her off the ballot then ? Does anyone also know she threw her only primary fight canidate off the ballot also ? check same web site at court.

  80. There is definitely swiftboating here! Come on deYoung profiteering? Nick has been raping us all for 28 years without lube, while at the same time making his friends and family riches and giving them jobs. Give it up Micozzie. I promise we’ll all stop by and visit you at your cushy beach house. Do you think you can float me a few bucks from your taxpayer funded million dollar pension?

  81. deYoung has been funded by the ultra-left liberal millionares like Christine Lurie (liberal wife of Eagles owner Jeff Lurie, Hollywood movie producers and ultra-left winger wacko Bob Guzzardi. Her campaign expense reports look like a roster for the island of misfit, angry toys. These are the masters that she would serve if she were elected. Of course, we don’t have to worry about that because even House Democrat chief Mike Veon has admitted that she does not meet the residency requirement and cannot be seated! Thankfully, hometown hero Nick Micozzie, who actually lives in and understands our problems and needs, will prevail on election day. We all have to get out and vote because, as the famous saying goes, “all that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for enough good men (and women) to do nothing”!!!

  82. The above poster who says that deYoung fought to get rid of her primary opponent makes a good point. Her campaign expense reports show that she received $15,000 in free legal services from a bigshot Philadelphia law firm to get rid of her primary opponent. Then, she got the Lansdowne Democrats to vote for one of that law firm’s lawyers who was running for chairman of the County Democratic Party. Word on the street is that the Lansdowne Dems broke their promise to support Cliff Wilson (who eventually won)because deYoung convinced them to go with the lawyer who gave her free legal services. Marie, have you bartered for your vote before you were even elected? My God, what will it be like if she is actually elected?

  83. from Nicks campaign finance report:harleyville insurance 10/12/05 $300Harleyville insurance 10/25/05 $300Liberty Mutual Ins. 10/25/05 $1000All State 10/25/05 $500Met Life 10/25/05 $500Aetna 10/25/05 $500Genworth financial 10/25/05 $500Prudential Insurance 10/25/05 $500Citigroup 11/14/05 $300Health Partners 12/13/05 $300LawPac 12/5/05 $1000RJR Nabisco 12/5/05 $300Pa Gasoline&Retailers 3/7/05 $300Pa Gasoline&Retailers 10/3/05 $300Pa Gasoline&retailers 10/12/05 $150Pa Insurance Pac 3/9/05 $900Pa INsurance Pac 10/25/05 $500Pa Insurance Pac 10/25/05 $600Mutual Life INs Co 3/16/05 $300National Insurance 3/28/05 $300Value Drug Co 3/28/05 $300Value Drug Co 10/12/05 $300Blue Pac(Blue Cross) 4/4/05 $300Blue Pac(Blue Cross) 4/18/05 $300Blue Pac(Blue Cross) 10/12/05 $300Blue Pac(Blue Cross) 10/13/05 $300Blue Pac(Blue Cross) 10/25/05 $75AgentPac 4/6/05 $600AgentPac 10/25/05 $300Health Alliance Pac 4/6/05 $300Nationwide Pa Pac 4/6/05 $300Nationwide Pa Pac 10/25/05 $500Blue Cross Voice 4/6/05 $300Blue Cross Voice 10/25/05 $300Pa Bankers Pac 4/12/05 $300Pa Bankers Pac 10/26/05 $600Buchanan Ingersoll 4/18/06 $300LLett,Rooney,Lieber,&Schoriling$300Medco Health Pac 8/2/05 $300New York Life Pac 8/31/05 $500The list goes on and on. Nick gets his money from Insurance Co’s Drug Companies, Law Firms and Tobacco firms. Who do you think he represents in Harrisburg!

  84. that list that goes on and on (campaign Finance Report 2005)equals $41,950.36 in reported contributions over $250.00 in 2005 alone. $41,950.36 from Insurance co’s, Law Firms, Drug Companies, Tobacco Firms, Even Verizon and Comcast are on the List.Nick is deaf to our issues because he is funded by those who need the most reform. As a post note I apologise for breaking my post into two. the list was longer than i thought and i got tired of typing

  85. Question: How old is Nick? Reason I ask is that I listened to him speak at a local function a few months ago and he seemed to stumble over his words. He was obviously drunk or has the beginning stages of Alzheimer’s disease. Not one I want representing me in Harrisburg!

  86. Marie, Marie, Marie. You are really getting desperate in the last throws of your campaign. We all know that the state Democrat poll done on your behalf has you down by 49 points. Now, you are attacking Nick personally? Even Democrats who do not agree with Nick’s positions on the issues recognize that he is a gentleman. Please, lose with dignity.

  87. Facts are not attacks! Facts are Facts. You can use them in your decision making or you can choose to ignore them. Facts are Facts! Accusations without well sourced support, Now that’s desperate! instead of emotionally charged accucations, can you answer any of the questions raised about Nicks commitment to us rather then big business. What is he doing with all that insurance money?

  88. So then the same can be said about Marie receiving tens of thousands of dollars from the House Democrat Campaign Committee, who receive their money from PACS and special interest groups. Since Marie has received the benefit of their spending, then under your logic, she is beholden to them. Right? And under your logic, we should not vote for Rendell for governor, since he is the biggest recipient of campaign cash from insurance companies. Can you confirm that you are voting against Rendell? Or do your rules only apply to Republicans?

  89. Upper darby is like the Micozzie regime. His son Tom is on a town council, his daughter Karen is a district justice with absolutely no qualifications(no degree), and his daughter nina is a lobbyist for insurance companies who makes hundreds of thousands while her father nick sits on the Pa insurance committee making it all happen. How long are we going to let Micozzie pillage the taxpayers?

  90. where on any campaign Finance report do you see deyoung receiving Tens of thousands of dollars from anyone? another unsourced claim. Even her legal fees were donated to her campaign.deyoung has a real grass roots clean campaign finance report. her money has come from individuals like you and me. small donations one by one. lies won’t cut it any more Nicky, the truth is accessable for anyone who wants it! HOw much did Nicky take in from the House Republican Campaign Committee?

  91. why can’t ANYONE from the Nicky camp answer the questions raised about Nick. the way I see it, the Nicky camp is low on facts and big on emotional outbursts.Waiting for some answers. my vote is still up for grabs but not for too much longer. I am liking the deyoung camp more and more and the nicky camp less and less.I am liking the facts.I am liking the presentation of Real information that I can verify myself. I am not liking the tricks that some on the nicky camp are using. Just answer the questions raised and we’ll all be better off. signedLearning more about nicky than i really wanted to know but really needed to know!

  92. What you need to evaluate is how long the Micozzie’s have been here and how much dedication to the community they have given. I know them personally and Tom Micozzie has been a firefighter and was chief, is a councilman and for those who do not know it dedicated his Christmas Eve for the last 29 years as Santa on the Fire Truck, as well as the full Sunday before, Nick has been involved in various organization and has been recognized by all of them for his leadership.Do not mix dedication, commitment to community with the inferences deYoung camp makes. When you do not do what they do and get re-elected the only option you have is accusations, innuendo, and attacks, Nick, Tom and Kelly Micozzie are all dedicated elected officals, sorry deYoung supporters they were elected not anointed as you infer !A micozzie suporter

  93. Camp is full of quilty information we tend to give it to the voters direct by meetings, socials, phone calls and in person door to door. If you want some good information go to Micozzie web site or contact one of our volunteers or call Micozzie he always answers his calls. His number is 610-259-2820 for facts Political call 610-623-5518

  94. How can anyone say they do not know the facst on Micozzie, He mails all the time and when I call on a issue he respons by calling and keeps me up to date on issues. In fact he was voting on a bill that would have effected my union and we met and explained our issues and he assited with an amendment that help all local workers, come on people get the facts and stop playing into insults on Micozzie the man trys and in my case delivered.John in Ridley

  95. Checked the web site for donations and I see where the Democratic Party did pay for camping staff over 20,ooo.oo that seems to me as donation, also most donations from out of state or area not local like me and you, You requested we check facts and I see facts. Any dispute on Democratic Party supplying campaign staff from Harrisburg. I would assume Micozzie would receive support from Insurance, Business, Labor etc as He assists all of them. I donated and Im from Secane does that count Im a little guy.

  96. questions raised for the nick camp to answerHow much did Nicky take in from the House Republican Campaign Committee?Where on any campaign finance report do you see deyoung receiving Tens of Thousands of dollars from anyone?What is he doing with all that insurance money donated by insurance co’sWith over $40,000 in reported contributions, in 2055 alone, from insurance co’s, drug co’s, Law firms …Who do you think he represents in Harrisburg?Why has Micozzie been pushing personal health savings accounts and how does he see this as something that would be good for me?If he is on the insurance commission, why would he accept money from the insurance industry?How can he do right by us if he is beholding to them(insurance companies)?I want to know how anyone can call public records filed in the State of Pa Trash?Are your schools doing well?Has he made your neighborhood safe?Has he made sure that your healthcare is afforable?Has he lowered your property taxes?answers would help us all!

  97. “checked the web site for donations and I see where the democratic party did pay for camping staff over 20,000/..”I couldn’t find that. Can you give us the link. At the link given above it doesn’t have many outsiders giving either. Can you give us your link?

  98. Questions rose for the nick camp to answer ANSWERS ~How much did Nicky take in from the House Republican Campaign Committee? $000000000000000 NoneWhere on any campaign finance report do you see deyoung receiving Tens of Thousands of dollars from anyone? Current report House Dems paid for her staff.What is he doing with all that insurance money donated by insurance co’s Run a clean campaign to offset deYOung negative campaignWith over $40,000 in reported contributions, in 2055 alone, from insurance co’s, drug co’s, Law firms …Who do you think he represents in Harrisburg? The insurance industry did not get what they wanted on 7 major bills in Nick’s committee, Also the Governor and Senate control policy on Insurance also. Why has Micozzie been pushing personal health savings accounts and how does he see this as something that would be good for me? To complex for here give Nick a call and he will be happy to explain. Simply put Democrats would not like personal accounts as they believe Government should pay for all. Increase the tax and pay for allIf he is on the insurance commission, why would he accept money from the insurance industry?He is not on the Insurance commissionHow can he do right by us if he is beholding to them (insurance companies)? He is not they give just as much if not more to Dems due to the Governor is a DEm. The money deYOung took from the House Democratic Party was received also in part from Insurance. Sorry but the facts are she did.I want to know how anyone can call public records filed in the State of Pa Trash. Not sure what you mean.Are your schools doing well?In My town they are. Depends what well means but last I checked that’s a local issue, deYoung try’s to lay it on Sate but fact is Local issue.Has he made your neighborhood safe?That’s again is the responsibility of each Town except for the bills Nick has voted for pro anti crime, predators, etc He is pro Police and Fire ask them.Has he made sure that your healthcare is affordable? It is better in pa than most states, Good if you have it and not good if you don’t easy to say affordable when you want it for free like deYoung. Free is not always good.

  99. Anyone have any recent Micozzie / deYoung poll numbers. word I heard Harisburg cut her off two weeks ago becasue her numbers were poor.Is that usual when they paid her staff like that to pull out! I heard the Republicans did the same to Curt Weldon.

  100. Guess the question on Poll numbers stopped the reponses from deYoung campaign. Received all I needed to knowfrom Micozzi, nice mailings all positive and informative. I liked the comparison, I can see what they mean about deYoung where are her local affiliations ? Web site verified all they said. Also not impressed at her bringing Nicks family into it. Turns me off as Im sure many others, Take it for whats it’s worth they are liked in there community and I belive that will hurt you more than help you. Seems desperate attempt to get elected. The Micozzie family has deep roots in many areas of where they live, work and get elected, they went to school with many who have families here, played sports, fire companies, friends , Knight of Columbus, etc. You would be hard pressed to match there community involvemnt and dedication individually or from a family. Nick and Tom are considered the best at running campaigns. Proven time and time again, Check there past performance or best yet maybe you should have checked that before you decided to run against them ! Just tow days to go to see there results come in. My prediction a usual victory.A long time supporter and personal freind of Tom

  101. I agree with the above writer. Checked the web after receiving information today from Micozzie, Was interested to see what Micozzie said about her web page information. From what I see no comparison between Micozzie and deYoung, I think the expiearnce Micozzie has and the things he has accomplished far out weigh any promises deYOung offers. I met her at my door and she was abrupt, spoke of how Micozzie will make millions on pension and a series of other ramblings. deYoung should have come here and got involved locally before she took on Micozzie, why did she not start out in a local office before taking on such a experienced person like Micozzie, I do not buy all the accusations she made and to be quite frank I do not give a dam.NancyAldan , Pa

  102. “check PA state Department!”I did, the only contributions are listed are from local people and a few (3) from outside the area.Give us the link! Others have provided the link to information about Micozzie, why can’t you give us the link to the deyoung info that you keep claiming but provide no proof!

  103. You have to contact the Pennsylvania State Department to have them send it to you. Marie deYoung did not file her reprot on the forms provided. Not unusaual for someone who fails to follow the rules. The committee filed an attachemnt report for items list but there are several out of state contributors as well as the large Democratic Committee contribution which is funded by Insurance, Buisness, Lobbyist etc. The same contributors to Micozzie. The largest if for Staff in Her hedq. Micozzie staff is comprised of all volunteers. His staff is comprised of all local leaders and long term supporters. Hers staff is from up state Pa (2). I guess her reprot will either be sent back to her or typed in by Pa. Sate Department to be able to be viwed on-line. Three ways to reort. 1 Electronically, 2 typed (must be on forms provided)3 Disk on format established by Pa. It appears they used quicken or managing money to prepare reprot and attached to provided forms. Simple instructions but so were the application to run for office and she disregarded those instructions also. Go figure !

  104. looks like another swift boater to me. Every Claim about Micozzie has been supported by a link. Anyone can type in a negiative claim. someone claimed twice already that they checked the WEBSITE of deyoungs contributions and found negiative info THAT IS NOT THERE!!!Nicky’s camp has to count on lies to get away from the real facts of who Nicky is representing!! Swift Boat! Can’t you run an honest discussion? an honest campaign?What are you afraid of?

  105. Try second Friiday before election web site is State Department and contact them and you can get report,or better yet beings your a supporter of deYoung ask her for a copy. Again large amounts from Democratic Party $20,000.00 for staff where do you think that money came from a tag day ? Deweese and Company are the masters at fund raising and deYoung took it all in as in kind services. Insurance, Health Care, Industry, Enviormental oposition, Unions the like . Also the mailing came from HDDC. Call it what you want it’s a fact and anyone wants to see it contact Pa. Sate Department and get a copy cycle 5. Ask deYoung for a copy. I love it when facts are told and you get swift boating the facts are the facts it’s your report not Micozzie’s deny that you have paid staff from HDDC or you reproted salary in kind and donations to HDDC. At least be honest to those who ask. As far as negative you best start out with looking in the mirror. You attcked Nicks family that crosed the line !

  106. nick took over $40,000 in direct contributions in 2005 Alone. that is not an attact it is information that is on the web at above named link. Unlike accusations made about deyoungs contributions, Nicks ties to the Insurance industry is there for all to read and ignore if you so choose. but if you do ignore it, don’t expect any real reform on health care costs. Nick can’t afford to take your interests seriously because is feeding at the table of the insurance co’s

  107. NO, It’s an attack! Plain and simple get your facts straight, this is an expense not income so you should check your facts. I would be very careful in your accusations regarding this issue !

  108. fact: Nicks daughter got paid big bucks lobbing for insurance,co.Fact: Nick has taken BIG money from insurance co’s for years. all the way back to the 90’s if not before. How can he work for us if he and his family are working for them? It’s a simple that a threat? don’t be nasty. play nice. don’t attack.

  109. Nick Micozzie has done more for the consumer than any other Chair of the Insurance Committee. It has become clear to me deYoung has no conseption of the legislative process. Your Govenor needs to sign legislation to become law. The committee chairs funtion is to bring consensus to the process. Unlike her promises of reform she will become another Greg Viatli and get nothing accomplised ever. The facts are all of the Bills signed into law in the session were passed with bi-partision support and signed into law. It is ubsurd to think one legislator can hold bills up when there is a commitee process and any legislator at any time can bring a bill onto the floor as an amendment or move to advance a bill. Thats the legislative process. Again when her reports get published on web after they correct the filing we will see how much the HDDC took from Insuarnce Companiesand how much she recived from them. It will be far more than the Republicans for sure.

  110. No it is an attack plain and simple stick with attacking the canidate when you bring family into the mix like I said you cross the line ! And belive me deYoung has crossed the line ! Non factual misguided attempts to smear Micozzie by inuandos, non factual half truths and acuastions. Similiar to the so called whistleblower theary to a full democratic commitee, If her facts were so good why was the Justice Department not notified and she be classified as a true whistleblower. Because she was a contractor and her contract was not renewed so in plain english a disgruntaled contractor. In the hearing before the Republicans she was chastised for mis facts and lack of expierance in accounting. Her acusations are misleading with no supporting HB to refrence to like all other canidates do. At least Micozzie took information from your web site in His comparision piece.

  111. No it is an attack plain and simple stick with attacking the canidate when you bring family into the mix like I said you cross the line ! And belive me deYoung has crossed the line ! Non factual misguided attempts to smear Micozzie by inuandos, non factual half truths and acuastions. Similiar to the so called whistleblower theary to a full democratic commitee, If her facts were so good why was the Justice Department not notified and she be classified as a true whistleblower. Because she was a contractor and her contract was not renewed so in plain english a disgruntaled contractor. In the hearing before the Republicans she was chastised for mis facts and lack of expierance in accounting. Her acusations are misleading with no supporting HB to refrence to like all other canidates do. At least Micozzie took information from your web site in His comparision piece.

  112. No it is an attack plain and simple stick with attacking the canidate when you bring family into the mix like I said you cross the line ! And belive me deYoung has crossed the line ! Non factual misguided attempts to smear Micozzie by inuandos, non factual half truths and acuastions. Similiar to the so called whistleblower theary to a full democratic commitee, If her facts were so good why was the Justice Department not notified and she be classified as a true whistleblower. Because she was a contractor and her contract was not renewed so in plain english a disgruntaled contractor. In the hearing before the Republicans she was chastised for mis facts and lack of expierance in accounting. Her acusations are misleading with no supporting HB to refrence to like all other canidates do. At least Micozzie took information from your web site in His comparision piece.

  113. Typed in Micozzie and saw this blogwow pretty active place wish I had seen it previously.Any predictions on the Micozzie /deYoung race I am sure Micozzie wins but by how much is anticipated does anyone know what polls show. Or maybe they do not poll local elections like congress and senate.Jack SRidley Twp.

  114. cycle 5 contribution reports have been quoted against deyoung. Where is Micozzie’s cycle 5 report where are you getting your info from. micozzie’s last report was cycle 3.

  115. Seems like your nervous about revealing cycle 5 report. It is available you just need to know where to get it, Listed by contributor, HDDC amounts will be available by late tonight for all to see. Just check back late tonight for full disclosure of deYoung report. Lots of $$$ from HDDC in in-kind contributions, salary etc. She may not have taken any Insurance money but they sure did and sent it by way of in-kind mailing, staff, etc. How hypercritical can you get! So if its so wrong can we expect a full payment to HDDC for all that so called influance. One who knows

  116. thats a good question. niether canidate has filed beyond cycle 3 according to the web site. where are you getting your info and why if you have deyoungs filings of 10/27/06 do you not give access to micozzies filings of 10/27/06. looks like info might not be accessable to the average

  117. so someone finally admits ro having inside info. Information that has not been published yet by the state. Smells pretty fishy in here. looking forward to full disclousure of micozzies report too!Seems only natural that the HDDC would contribute to deyoung…THEY WANT HER TO WIN. Seems unnatural for the Insurance companies to be giving so much money DIRECTLY to micozzie. Why do they want Micozzie to win so badly?they certainly have put thier money where their mouth is!!

  118. oh this is too funny!”checked the web site for donations and I see where deyoung…. posted 11/3/06.”Check PA state department!” posted 11/3/06in an answer to the question ” Where on any campaign finance report do you see deyoung receiving Tens of Thousands of Dollars from anyone?” “current report house dems ” posted 11/3/ response to someone else’s request for website of deyoungs donations from HDDC… ” you have to contact the Pennsylvania State Dept …because deyoung did not file her report on forms provided” posted 11/5/06then in another response for the link to deyoungs contributions from HDDC “try second friday before election web site State Department” posted 11/5/06then we find out that those cycle 5 reports HAVE NOT BEEN POSTED ANYWHERE AS OF 11/6/06!!Can’t figure out why so many in the nicky camp LIED about sources of info and even misled about where info is. The deyoung camp has provided well doucumented info. the Nick camp has provided lies. This is just too funny!a newcommer has the nick camp trying to hide behind lies!This is just too Funny!a newcommer has unmasked the real committment of micozzie. AT ALL COSTS, PROTECT THE INSURANCE INDUSTRY.Even if it means giving up the value of honesty that we all so respect. Sad thing is it’s not funny at all! what the insurance industry gains from nick, we lose!

  119. To the deYoung toadie who sees a conspiracy behind someone knowing what deYoung’s campaign finance report says before it is posted on the Dept. of State’s website, you should know that a copy is filed by the candidate with the Delaware County Bureau of Elections. Pay your few dollars and you can have a copy just like everyone else. When you get it, you will see the tens of thousands of dollars that the state Democrats are spending on deYoung – money they received from PACS and special interest groups. deYoung said she wouldn’t take that kind of money. I guess she thinks that money is OK if it is filtered through the fingers of Democrat state house leaders. What a hypocrite!!! At this point, she can’t keep her lies straight. Another vote for Micozzie here.

  120. Micozzie has a history of excepting bad money. In 2002 he made the top 25 list. thats the top 25 pa house reciepts of tobacco industry pac contributions. He still takes money from the tobacco

  121. Still no denials that deYoung has accepted tens of thousands of dollars from PACS and special interests through the HDCC. Still no denials that deYoung was making over $105,00 per year from taxpayers for pushing paper. Still no denail that deYoung was found to be the only candidate in Delaware County in violation of the PA Ethics Act because she lied about her income to protect the fact that she made her living as a political hack, rather than the “reverend” that she portrays herself to be. Pathetic.

  122. Tisk, tisk, tisk…. Micozzie and his camp need to to pick their wedgies. Come on the facts are all here! Micozzie, his family and friends have all been feeding at the taxpayers teet for decades. He is dirty. From questionable lobbying, insurance and tobacco company donations by the tens of thousands and associations with Delaware County Republican leadership that wields its power through intimidation and threats . Its time for a revolution and the taxpayers feel it. The facts are the facts and Micozzie’s desperate tactics to distort them are undeniable. See ya at the beach Nick!!!!

  123. The truth on Marie Deyoung’s campaign contributions………***** Marie’s biggest contribution was $2,000 that was donated by Bob Guzzardi, a well known republican who is fed up with Perzel, Weldon, Micozzie and the stain they have brought upon the republican leadership. As far as the other contributions, they all came from private individuals in desperate need of change******

  124. “still no denial” Still no proof that deyoung has taken any dirty money!deyoung never lied about her income. that argument has been disproven by the courts.deyoung is proud of the service she provided to the troops as an employee of Halliburton. So concerned about the troops that she ratted out the war profiteers!What’s to deny? that she is a hero! that she served our men and women in uniform ? Who has nick served? THE INSURANCE CO’STHE TOBACCO CO’S

  125. why did you lie about the cycle 5 reports?it was easy enough to prove it was a lie. So why did you lie about the cycle 5 reports.what was you motive? me thinks your motive was to distract everyone from the source of NICKY’S money

  126. the web site for all the tobacco money nick took and still you read the list of tobacco donaters on that report, you can see that NICKY has taken money from them even this year! what’s he want with tobacco money?

  127. I’m a republican and I donated to deyoung. Not $2000.00 but she got any money I was going to give to this years election. Nick has been around a long time and has lost his sence of where he comes from. I didn’t know he was taking all that money from Tobacco companies or Insurance companies. It doesn’t look right to me. I would think twice about having him give to our kids clubs if his money is coming from organizations that profit from harm to our kids. More than ever, I’m glad I gave to deyoung’s campaign.

  128. While your looking at Micozzie check out Deweese and Veion deYoungs money guys who supprot her with HDDC money. BIG money well above Micozzie. Can not have it both ways critize but tale ate the same time sorry to disapoint you but you took the same money and to most they understand Pacs and donations.

  129. Once again a deYoung supprter, The money Nick gets for kids comes from Harrisburg not his campiagn funds. So I guess you won;t bevoting at all as deYoung took the same money. Micozzie reports all not through someone or under the cover of a HDDC which stands for the Hosue Democratic Committee whcih finacially supported deYoung. And by the way we raised are money not the HRC whcih we donated to not them to us

  130. What deYOung forgot to tell you about the money from Gazardi is that she sold her vote against Perzell as Speaker to get the money. Alraedy seeling votes before you get elected or after you are elected ins illigal in this state. His offer was made clear. You might want to reasearch this man on the web and see his controversies before you compliment her actions.

  131. In regards to Micozzie and your allegations watch the vote count on Tuesday night and let’s see how far negativity and lies get you in this area. Micozzie’s are well respected and to tarnish there name by innuendos and mis fact energizes his base and that base will deliver come Tuesday night when you’re figuring out how to clean your offices out and send your costly paid Democratic staff back up state. Shame they get a loss for there resume.

  132. now thats a good one. deYoung sells her vote against perzell !!!Lets see, deyoung… democrat, perzell…republican. who would pay $2,000 for a vote she would NATURALLY give?oh you guys, you really make me laugh! This is better than watching bush give a speech about how we’re winning the war.

  133. Nicks campaign report from cycle 7, 2005 lists $43,325.36 in donations that came from PAC’s. Most of them are from Insurance co’s and tobacco co. Most of them came from harrisburg.NIcks cycle 2 2006 report shows $24,800 from pacs and total donations for same period of 32,389.36.76% of Nicks donations for cycle 2 2006 came from pacs. 76% of nicks money came from outside our area to influence his votes. 76% of nicks money come from the likes of Tobacco Companies and insurance companies.does that mean he only thinks of us 24% of the time?oh no less than that…he spent a lot of time over the pay raise he gave himself, then defending the pay raise, and then FINALLY doing the right thing ONLY after he was forced to by the good people in our district and the state of PA.

  134. He gave the payraise back, only because of the heat he was feeling. How greedy can you be? i saw his house the other night up on mansion row in upper darby, he is already living the high life. I wonder what his other properties look like.

  135. The whole payraise scandal was ugly, but even uglier is what they did when they supposedly gave the money back….. Shortly after the scandal, they repealed the payraise. Micozzie reluctantly gave it back due to the pressure of his upcoming race. Then unbelievably, 2 weeks later the House voted a 50% pension increase!!!! Can we get back to the days of politicians working for the people and not for themselves or their families?Anybody but Micozzie

  136. Kinda jsut like working as a paid contractor with her army budies fleecing the Taxpayers (as ahe said it) at over 100K a year in a job she was not quilified give me a break, And in regards to the comment about Perzel the money was because she was a dem and certainely would not vote for Perzel. Aslo really would never matter anyway because on the wild chance Micozzie would not make it she will never – I repeat never be seated to vote anyway !In refrence to Micozzie and his home ,I guess if you never owned a home, never paid real estate taxes and do not work full time It looks pretty on the working mans side. Fact is Nick Micozzie and his family worked long and hard hours to make ends meet and raise families, Nick worked for gemeral Electric and owned a succesful Real Estate Company is that a wrong thing providing for your family. Try working hard like he does and maybe you will be able to have nice things. Typical deyOUng evrythining ion life is corrupt expect if she is doing it or makes a profit at it !

  137. I know Nick and Kune personaly and to take cheap shots about there family and there house is low. The more I read abiut his oponnet the more I can see why Nick always wins, they have to get low and dirty with twisted stories to make them feel good. Thankfully Nick just gets enjoyment aout of the win and doesn;t get into personal attacks like his opponet. Maybe she should try getting expieriance in politics and goverment before she trys to take on the Micozzie’s they are true leaders and you seem like rookies to me.

  138. yeah, Nick has worked hard to take care of his family. It shows in the reports filed with the state. did he really vote himself a 50% increase in his pension?wow that must have been hard work!can he do the same for all of us hard working people he represents?oh, I forgot, He represents the insurance companies, the tobacco companies and a host of other companies. not many individual doners on his reports filed with the state in any year that you check.His state filings say a lot that can not be ignored.

  139. Nick, the time has come! It was better in years past, but you got greedy. voted for nick for years. voted rebublican for years. no more. i’m voting democrat all the way down the list. not one republican i’d vote for this time around.

  140. Ha Ha Ha!!! The republicans are so worried about tommorow that they have an automated recording asking people to write in Rose Izzo for state rep!!!!!Dirty desperation tactics, as always.Lets vote these slimeballs out.

  141. Ok, I have read all of your posts and admire whoever you two or three are in your stance for your respective canidates. Tomorrow, either Nick Micozzie will retain his job as State Rep for me here in Clifton Heights, or Marie DeYoung will replace him.Good luck to both, I wish I had a chance to chat with Marie when she knocked on my door. She really seems dedicated and attuned to our needs here in Delaware County.As far as the Micozzie mudslinging on the insurance issues, I couldn’t give a rats ass. The whole system is broke, but Nick has done his job in answering my calls to his office, as well as many others in Clifton Heights.That in it self means the world to me. Little fact: Did you know that when Nick first was elected he was a Democrat? Mrs.Kenney told me that.Cheers.

  142. I already voted on an absentee ballad. I won’t be here tomorrow and i’m glad for that. I am also a long time rep. who is voting for deyoung. Nick has sunk to news lows and he has to go!Vote deyoung!

  143. Hey Fran,As an independant contractor, you should give a rat’s ass about insurance. It’s the self employeed who pay the highest rates in PA unless you have more than 50 employees, your paying thru the roof.

  144. Ok as promised here are the facts on contributions to deYoung from the House Democratic Party June 6, 2006 – 11-07-2006Highlites of House Democratic Commitee In Kind Contribution:19,135.887-8-2006 1912.89 Staff Payroll7-12-2006 1366.32 ” “8-3-2006 2,235.80 ” “8-47-2006 983.76 ” “8-31-2006 2335.80 ” “9-14-2006 2335.80 ” “9-14-2006 491.88 ” “10-06-2006 491.88 ” “10-12-2006 1018.55 ” “10-17-2006 913.20 Kennedy Printing 19,135.88 The house democratic commitee takes the same pac money as Nick Micozzie and in fact it has been reproted that they will exceed the Republicans in Insurance Pac money as well as all Pacs. So based on what deYOung has said can we expect a report showing her reimbursement for funds expended by House Democratic Comittee as she should not be taking money she has so critized Micozzie for taking legal contributions. Also based on what she has touted as who Micozzie votes for what do you think deYoungs alliance will be if she could serve(which she can not) Deweese, Vion they certainly will not let her off the hook for that kind of cash up front. Sorry Marie you can not have it both ways in Politics usualkly when you distort facts it catches up with you and certainly you tried to play it both ways on this one. Granted you did get some cash locally but you also got some from Gazardi as well as some out of state and County whcih is ok but when you critize your opponet for the same contribution thats splitting hairs.

  145. I find that Micozzie has and always will be the best friend this area has to offer. Most of us do not care about you so called things you say about Him. I fidnd it offensive to be quite frank. He is an elected person who has the rspect of all I have talked to. Why would you give a viote to someone who has no expierance. I also voted absentee and voted for Nick. I am sure he will win big as usual and all this crap will be history.

  146. Nicholas A. Micozzie (Republican) Home town: Upper Darby Township Web address: Website not given Date of birth: 9/7/1930 Education: St. Joseph University, B.S. Business Administration. Occupation/Qualifications: I am a full time legislator. I have many years of service and a wealth of knowledge of local issues as a former Upper Darby Councilman. As a member of the Pa. General Assembly and by serving on many legislative committees I have gained valuable knowledge on many important complex issues. I also gained a wealth of knowledge and experience in being a former business owner. Answer to question: The legislative process has to be transparent for the voters. All-night sessions and voting on bills and/or amendments at a late hour has to be abolished. There has to be transparency and full discussion of implications of bills and/or amendments if enacted. Abolish voting on legislative, judiciary and executive salaries. Answer to part b: I will reintroduce my Successful School Budget Proposal that comprehensively reforms the funding of public education and provide adequate funds that are equitably distributed with large and permanent tax cuts with School Boards’ accountability. A proposal if enacted will provide every child in Pa. an opportunity to have a good education.

  147. No, it’s true! the House Democratic Campaigh Committe report for cycle 5 is now online.News Flash!contributions recieved FROM Campaign to elect Marie deyoung9/8/06 deyoung contributed 5,25010/12/06 deyoung contributed 5,30010/18/06 deyoung contributed 5,300 Now that’s news! deyoung contributed $ 15,850 to the house democratic campaign committee. what’s that about money flowing form the HDDC? what? … MORE LIES

  148. Posted four times so people can read true facts about Micozzie instead of all those lies and distorted truths. You should all get to bed as you have no experience for the long day ahead.Although it is true Imp not accustom to Missouri election days.

  149. Sounds like a reimebursemnt not a contribuution when you have debts listed also. Maybe you should report what it actually is. In buisness they call that money laundrying. We will have to check the House dems and see how they reported it and also match the expense to deYoung to make any sense of it. Maybe you should have paid your lawyers instead before you made such a large contribution.I can not see whay you would contribute to someone who wrote you off over a Month ago. Agaon sound like a reimbursment.

  150. Whos lying ?Here is your results for House Campaign Commitee contributions Contribution Search Results Search Options Contributor: Commitee to elect Marie deYoung City: Lansdowne State: Pennsylvania Zip Code: 19050 Begin Date: 1/1/2006 End Date: 11/6/2006 Minimum Amount: $500.00 Maximum Amount: $6,000.00 Recipient: House Democratic Campaign Commitee Sort Order: Contributor Name Your Search Returned 0 Records

  151. the House Democratic Campaign Committee roport for cycle 5 is posted on the web for all to look at. it lists deyoungs contributions on three different occasions. It does not list any payouts of either cash or inkind contributions to deyoung. deyoungs cycle 5 is not posted yet but as you pointed out the House Democratic Campaign Committee’s isif they were collecting money from deyoung as late at 10/18/06, I doubt they wrote her off as you claim. in House Democratic Campaign Committe and read it for your self

  152. Truth is they would take money from deYoung the question is why would she contribute when she needed money to run a campaign thus the realization it was a payment we shall see.

  153. She may be here to stay but I hope she finds job to pay off those personal debts she told the Bullitin about because she will not be elcted and again will never serve. Sorry to be so blunt but I know for a fact they cut her off. We do have Democratic friends and remeber you ticked off a few with that leaders election Nick Micozize was a D. and has friends on both sides of the aisle.

  154. She listed it as an in kind contrubution on the report 19,135.88 do you dispute those as facts ? which is it an in kind or did you reimburse it ? either way you stated it was an in kind service.

  155. It was pretty obvious that someone on the dems side was talking, but maybe you should source your info before you count your chickens.maybe the dems were just telling you what you wanted to hear. we’ll never know. But we do know that deyoung did make donations to the HDCC as late as 10/18/06.not even two weeks ago.

  156. Well I see letz getting free ads tonight on the eve before election against Tom Gannon so I would belive that the HDC cut deYoung off because you do not get tv time this late in the game. Word was out weeks ago Micozzie was taken off the hit list because numbers were good and deYoung made no significant gain in there polls. We shall find out in the next 20 hours how true it was. Time to go to work for Micozzie an all nighter for us volunteers.

  157. I’m a relative. Known her for MANY years, and I seriously think she has a mental disorder…quite fitting for the DNC….who’d notice one more in that crowd, hmm?But truthfully, she’s constantly recreating her reality from day to day, with each new stance on a subject treated as if she ALWAYS held that position, and this wa before her “life” in politics. She’s been pro and anti everything in her life, just ask any family member..that’s still talking to her, that is, as she tends to insultingly drive anyone away who gets into detailed discussions with her. If it were possible to deem her traits as a a mental disorder….she would suffer from PERSONALITY loss. What remains though is too self absorbed, and self egrandizing to EVER be truly concerned with obtaining positive results, only attention getting hype. Fair warning people. Ask her how many of her considerably large family; sisters, cousins, aunts, uncles, and those relatives in the military endorse her.

  158. Talk about dirty!Talk about low!You Thugs have out done yourselves!First the lies about deyoungs ballotThen the horriable lies about her service in kuweit.Then the lies about her religion!Then the lies about her positions!Then the lies about her sources of donations!Then the lies about who was backing her!Then the lies about Where and when she lived!You kept repeating the Lies over and over again! Each Lie was Proven for just what is was A lie!!Each Lie was Proven to Be Just that! A LieSomeone, Thank God, Took the time to provide proof of All you dishonesty, your out and out LIES.Not only did someone, THANK GOD, remove all doubt about deyoungs intentions, but actually let the light in on all the ways OLD nicky has been stealing,raping and pilaging us for all these years!Nick has taken over $100,000 from insurance cos in the last 2 years!He has taken 10 of thousands of dollars from Tobacco Companies!Oh yes Nick is a nice guy, And he is always there to What ANSWER the Phone or SHAKE you hand Why Shouldn’t he, HE’S BEEN SHAKING US ALL DOWN FOR YEARS. AND HE ANSWERS TO NO ONE!You can’t escape the Facts presented! Thats ok, You probably have an interest in nicky keeping the bank open for you and yours! When all the evidence presented on both sides is weight, You know you loose! that was really visiable in the wee hours when someone, THANK GOD, busted your lie about how the HDCC had cut her off!Turns out not only do support deyoung but she has donated over 15,000 to he HDCC. That must have blown your mind!!EVERY LIE YOU TOLD, BLOWN UP BEFORE YOUR EYES!!!Proof for the whole world to see. Your lies hold no water! So when all else fails, when there is no intelligent arugement you can present for your support of Nick the old smooth guy, You pretend to be a relative, YOU SLIM BALL! YOU PEICE of DOG DROPPINGS! You have no interest in the good people of our district. Your ties to nicky have made you more desprait than your life is worth!I am proud to say I am a life long republican who is not only voting for deyoung, but I would help her today and any day to put nick and his crazies out to pasture!It’s a great day to be a republician who is voting for deYoung! It’s a great day to Clean up our nieghbothood!

  159. Hi all!my name is Lucille deYoung and I’ll be working proudly with and for my sister, Marie deYoung today. Hope to see you all out there voting for my Sister. You can’t miss me, I have the same good looks as Marie.Enough Said!

  160. Anyone can claim to be a relative, but I should hope that if I ever put myself out there to run for office, my relatives who find it necessary to post to a blog about my alleged “mental illness” to have the decency to stand up and not hide behind some anonymous post. If your concerns are true, as a relative, you would have known this all along. Why would you choose Election Day to post when raising these issues before today would actually allow deYoung to respond? With “relatives” like you, who needs enemies?

  161. I saw micozzie bullying one of deYoung’s campaign workers this morning over the removal of a sign. can you believe it? a man of his “integrity” bullying a campagain worker from the other side? She stood her ground and he backed off, but what a show he provided. That he was over the top for any “reasonable”,” level-headed”,” “civic-minded” public servant was clear for all to see. where’s your class mr micozzie? whatja’fraid of nicky?what if deyoung wins,( and I’m betting she will ride the anti-rethuglican wave all the way to harrisburg)no more special interest money to keep you in those nice expensive threads? Your kids will have to fend for themselves a get real jobs like the rest of us?I hope you have a safe landing after your baloon bursts!I voted for Marie deYoung.

  162. I VOTED FOR NICK!!! There would be no way in hell that I would waste my privelage to vote for Marie. She and her campaign represent everything sleazy about politics. Mr. Micozzie is one of a kind. He has personally helped our community far beyond anyone like a Marie DeYoung could. He is a true gentleman. Hey Marie you should take a lesson from this man. I have refrained from stooping to your level- I could not sit back and watch your nasty mudslinging any longer. It is evident that you and your followers are misinformed- get it straight…Maybe you should pick up a piece of Nick’s literature and learn the accurate names of his children/grandchildren.His children have earned their positions within the community based on their own merits and follow in the footsteps of their father’s intergrity. I am proud to live in the community with whom he and his children serve. Marie- you are a disgrace to all women who aspire to be a canidate for a public office. I send my condolescences to you, your family, and your misinformed followers for your loss today! You identify yourself as a reverend so I ask you this question- How could you condone the above blog entries by you and/or your followers? This is not Christian like.

  163. micozzie all the way said: She and her campaign represent everything sleazy about politics. Mr. Micozzie is one of a kind. You got that right! Micozzie is “One Of A Kind!” A sleazy scumsucking man who’s reign over the 163 is OVER!

  164. In refrence to the sign your sister had the non election day courtesy of placing your sign directly in front of a already placed Micozzie sign, the so called incident was Micozzie just excersing his rights. I was there you tried intimidation on several occasions and it did not work.

  165. ‘ Theres an old adage that says self pride stinks and for deYoung to prance around stating im going to represent you shows how much self pride she has unfortunatly for her and true to the saying self prid estinks she lost. Even Merlino in hos hard years had the courtesuy of calling and congratuling his opponet. No pride, no character no class. As stated on here before the voters of Nick will always remain faithful and our strategy ofnot repsonding to your attacks entergized ou voters message is simple cross the line and attack personal and family you loose. And loose you did.

  166. Final Results Micozzie/ deYOung Micozzie deYoung SpreadAldan 1077 623 454Clifton 1484 762 722Darby Twp. 1554 917 637Upper Drby 4684 3519 1165Lansdowne 2236 1837 -399Ridley 1147 1764 617 Total 12400 9204 3196 A huge victory for Micozzie won by 57.4% of the vote whileSetack won huge in the 163 says that voters care about MIcozzie and fell they are well reprsenated. You malicious attacks did not work as Micozzie won BIG.

  167. Gee awful quite in the reponse tonight, they are either worn out from the loss or have nothing to say. Can anyone say gee Nicks campaign you ran a good campiagn congratulations !

  168. By the way your so called contribution will come out in the end, one of your proud sponsers Vion lost the election, I have checked its either a contribution you gave or an in kind service you took. Just finish your last filing and we shall see hwta really happened. You can see our as we need to continue filing as an elected official as your comes to a final reprot due your loss.

  169. Nick, Congratulations you won a huge victory this evening. I wish you and your family a needed rest, I could not believe the low insults cast upon your family. I spoke to Tom early in the day; you two are amazing at how you run a campaign and how positive you stay. You build a team and the team delivers. You have a lot to be proud of as a Sate Rep, Father and Grandfather. after all this I a resident came up to Tom and thanked Him for answering his call regarding some kids doing damage to and drinking in park and having a meeting Thursday night with residents and the UD police ,they complimented Him on his quick response even while the election was being held and how busy he was. Thats what counts in elections . I could go on and on but again thank you for all you do and congratulations on a great win.

  170. Hey Tommy, congradulations on your Annointment to mayorHey Nicky,Every breath you take,Every move you make,every bond you break,every step you take,We’ll be watching you.Every single day,Every word you say,Every game you play,Every night you stay,We’ll be watching you.Every move you make,Every vow you break,Every smile you fake,Every claim you stake,WE’LL BE WATCHING YOU!

  171. nick and friends have two years to figure out what to do with themselves without Delco. Nick barely pulled it off. Nick, maybe that office you finally opened will come in handy. good for you deyoung, Keep them on the run! I’d vote for you again as well as the THOUSANDS of other residents did. I just mailed my check to your next campaign fund!

  172. Real class Marie. Why is it that you would not even call to concede and offer congratulations to Rep. Micozzie? Perhaps now you can concentrate on doing what the rest of us have to do all the time (which you have not been able to understand) – get a job and pay taxes.

  173. Huge victory?nick wins in 2002 by 68%nick wins in 2004 by 61%nick wins in 2006 by 56%this was the smallest victory for nick in the last three elections! each election, more and more people realize nick does not represent them. Nick, listen to the people for your own sake and the sake of your family who count on you more than they should!Keep at it deyoung!

  174. Marie you may want to stay in bed under your covers on Tuesday, January 2, 2007 while Rep. Micozzie is in Harrisburg being sworn in for another term. So sad you got your hopes up. Never underestimate Micozzie supporters!

  175. Very elementary assessment of election, just shows in order to understand elections it takes experience. What you need to look at is voter turnout, Nick against other candidate and where the highest Democrats are. In Lansdowne 1 and 10 I would be concerned at the narrow victory deYoung had. As a Democrat from Lansdowne winning by just 300 votes in a democratic town is nothing to brag about. That would be like Nick winning Westbrook Park by 300,, No you just do not get it Nick one huge in this environment just ask Veion, and the Dem Sate Reps who did not fair well, also Weldon and Ganno and ask them how big of a win Nick had they ill tell you it was big 58 %.1 with all counted.

  176. Anonymous said… Guess this blog will end once they close the deYOung office. Nice job Nick I love it when I vote for a winner.No, this “Blog” will go on. It wasn’t made for Marie DeYoung, or anyone else for that matter. It was started as my own personal blog, over 2 years ago. I figured that I would change the format, and include others as contributors to be able to post. A few like “KateyKakes” and Casey Roncaglione, contributed many posts. Others, contributed a few. Your reply gave me incentive to bring back this blog to a sole personal level. Thanks for the enlightenment. Cheers.

  177. This quote says it all..kudos to who wrote it…obviously someone with election experience…..not only are Deyoung supporters not good at winning elections they aren’t good at statistics…..Very elementary assessment of election, just shows in order to understand elections it takes experience. What you need to look at is voter turnout, Nick against other candidate and where the highest Democrats are. In Lansdowne 1 and 10 I would be concerned at the narrow victory deYoung had. As a Democrat from Lansdowne winning by just 300 votes in a democratic town is nothing to brag about. That would be like Nick winning Westbrook Park by 300,, No you just do not get it Nick one huge in this environment just ask Veion, and the Dem Sate Reps who did not fair well, also Weldon and Ganno and ask them how big of a win Nick had they ill tell you it was big 58 %.1 with all counted.

  178. Gee just tow days ago deYOung said wait till Tueday Night and Im elelcted, all day she said I will be your next Represenative and now they say wait till 2008, someone should go and ask Merlino what happened when he came back and tried his numbers went down, Losers have a tough time convining voters there winners. Those who know elections know you lost. Tip O’niel said all politics is local. You need to win wheer your from before you win elsewhere . Lansdown by only 300 is a loss to the Dems in lansdowne. I would worry about 2007 before I would think of 2008. Republicans can take that town with some work, An out side observer who knows politics.

  179. What the Department of state is lying?the facts are that nicks numbers have gone down in every area in every one of the last three elections. The Department of State has it right. nick is representing less and less of our community.

  180. I live in the Park (westbrook park for those who don’t know) and I voted at the school(westbrook). I voted for Nick, because I live in the Park and that’s what we do, but I did see deyoungs people at the school and I would like to say a couple of things. My kids are raised, so I’m only speeking in general as a parent. The gym was being used for voting, but evidentally someone forgot to tell all the little girls who showed up for tumbling class. there were little kids everywhere. parents were driving up and leaving the kids would jump out of the cars running to get to practice. what I saw was an eye opener for me.It was the deyoung people who were letting the kids use their cell phones to call their parents and let them know that practice was moved. It was the deyoung people who made sure that the kids went to the right place. It was the deyoung people who directed the instructor to the cafeteria, where the kids were waiting. Nick was there with some of the kids but he was reading his glossy campaign newsletter to the kids. like they care. deyoung and her people may not be from the park, but it was sure nice to see that they cared enough for those kids to make sure that they called their parents and to make sure that they got to where they needed to be. It’s a shame that I saw all this after I voted, because on tuesday night, it was the deyoung group who were concerned for our kids.I do hope she runs again, our kids need her!

  181. Congrats on the win, but this is just the beginning. Enjoy it while you can because this election has raised awareness into just who you are, raised awareness into who you represent, and raised awareness to the level of corruption in this area. This past election just ahead of security, the number one issue that that brought people to the polls was corruption. Get ready Micozzie, because when your grand-daughters shady lobbying practices splash across the front pages, you will be embroiled and scrutinized in a ethics scandal.

  182. Funny comment about the cheerleading/tumbling class….it was the Micozzie people who told the Deyoung people that the class was changed to the cafeteria….as they were calling…same location different room..and Nick was showing his grandchildren the literature…. who are in the tumbling class….

  183. “Funny Comment…”The Micozzie people never went near the deyoung people, except to harrass them. the deyoung people were taking care of the kids who didn’t know class was moved.Ask me I live here!

  184. That was a kodak moment! Nick reading his “Literature” to his grandkids and the deyoung people helping ALL the other kids get to where they needed to be. And yes deyoungs people did offer the kids their cell phones so they could call their parents and let them know about the mix up!We can count on Nick to take care of his own!

  185. I find it very interesting that in researching Marie deYoung it is all hype with no facts, must be her real life story as one family member wrote. In Halliburton her sensational story and her crown she never went to the Justice Department, no she went to Waxman the democrat who was operating for Kerry, she gets insulted by the republicans as they pin her to the facts and just keeps up the hype. On her book the critics say lacks facts and over dramatizes and the group cited happens to be Marie deyOUng is President of. How convenient. Now Micozzie, all lies and twisted facts and misrepresentation. I heard during the campaign when the press conference on Micozzie happened all that was in the packet was picture of a web site. No facts just hype. I can not believe she believes all this and the people who follow her believe her. In the end she will fall hard when she accuses, states or falsifies her statements. I know one thing for sure Micozzie will defend his reputation and will not tolerate slander or attacks on his family. One who knows more that she wants the public to know.JPG

  186. jpg,Don’t you get it? intimidation won’t work anymore!deyoung is here to stay!but that was a nice try at changing the subject about all the kids deyoung’s people helped at the school on tues evening. while nick did nothing.

  187. All politics aside, Marie is such a genuine, caring, wonderful person. I heard on Wednesday she was on her way to New Orleans to volunteer for the cleanup effort. I’m glad we have her presence in our county.

  188. it’s true, deyoung will be in New orleans for the next week or so helping the clean-up, re-build effort. More than a year after the storm hit,it’s sad to say that the area still needs good people to go down and volunteer. Good for you Marie! being true to what you stand for! We will welcome you home with pride!

  189. I think it’s a shame that Marie would exploit the poor people in New Orleans so that she can have a merit badge for her next campaign, wherever that may be. It puts me of mind when the Lansdowne folks brought in that mayor from the flood devastated area to present him with their fundraising check – only to find out that their fundraising was less than the cost of his plane ticket to come pick it up.

  190. Tear down a wonderful caring person?? That is pathetic, when was the last time Micozzie took his time to do somethimg for someone else?? It is a shame DeYoung lost, she is genuine. Oh I just remembered the last time Micozzie did something nice for someone else….. his grand-daughter pocketed $300,000 at the taxpayers expense. I SMELL A SCANDAL

  191. Exploit????? She and her group are giving up their time and resourses to help people that you Insurance co hogs wouldn’t give spare change to. These are Americans who have been left abandoned by the very Insurance Co’s you get rich on. Who is exploiting who? deyoung and her group are doing what we all should be doing, helping rebuild in a National Disaster area that has been forgotten by our Nation. There but for the grace of God I go!

  192. Once again the losers report lies about Micozzie and his family. As stated previously I would be very careful about slanderous comments regarding his family. The news already knows the truth and lies. You held a press conference about his family and the news never I repeat never reported any of you’re hyped up self serving press release. Just another Marie stunt to get votes which obviously did not work. In regards to public service Nick Micozzie, Tom Micozzie have done more by accident in terms of public service than she could ever hope for in a lifetime. Nick was the one who opened the Baltimore Pike Bridge when the floods hit,( ask Molly Repeto or Bonnies on Scottdale Roiad who delivered on that incident)numerous anonymous donations to needy families, helps seniors and on and on. But you would never know it because he never seeks press like Marie when he does. As of right now they are collecting names and families for the annual caring and sharing program run in Upper Darby Township each year.In regards to Tom Micozzie a recognized local and state leader in emergency services he still is active in the local fire company and still responds to fires. He has been doing that since age 16, has held Chief tiltle and is currently there chairman of the board. He also has been involved or dispatched to every major disaster in Delaware County since the 80 ‘s’. I would not even try to match his service nor Nicks for that matter. Most people who do good deeds do so without mention, maybe she should try that sometime it feels better to feel good inside than to feel impressed with yourself with headlines.

  193. Face the facts. Micozzie is and has been corrupt, as well as his judge daughter and son Tommy. Melanie Sloan should be called in to investigate the Micozzie family for ethics violations. Many of us who live here are fed up with thew cronyism that the Republicans seem to dish out no holds barred in Delco. Marie DeYoung is honest and should have won the district.

  194. Marie, are you posting from your laptop in New Orleans? Please, you lost, get over it. By the way, were you “called to serve” in New Orleans (“called to serve” being Marie speak for making a big buck off the taxpayers – just like when she was “called to serve” for Halliburton)? To this day, the only person involved in this race who made a six figure salary off the backs of the taxpayers is Marie. Fact.I hope that her time spent in New Orleans is good for her soul. After the sleazy, negative, lie-filled campaign she ran I’m surprised that she isn’t still taking showers trying to get the stink off her.

  195. In reading this the last few days I see where those who never served as a public official or the outs bash the in’s. Maybe they should do what the in’s did to get there which starts locally in boys clubs, fire houses, etc. and work there way into it. How can you ask someone to vote for someone when they have no experience in elected?Just a quation ?

  196. Such hate toward the Micozzie’s I thought the election was over. I also thought the title Reverend came with Christian philosophy not hate towards fellow man. Seems contradictory to me how Marie DEyoung could call herself reverend while all this slander against Micozzie. I guess I must have been brought up different or like the bible says be wary of false preachers. Whichever it is it should clearly stop !

  197. I hear Marie is gonna run for another office. How about volunteering some of your time locally for some worthy cause – not just something to add to your resume. After getting to know some of the local issues, then start thinking about running for office. By the way, how many days has Marie even spent in Lansdowne since the election??

  198. Has Marie moved again? Did she make it home alive from New Orleans? Has she taken another job for some more war profits, like her old job? So many questions!

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