Curt Weldon – A Fireman’s Friend

As some of you know, I’m not really a fan of Curt Weldon. A friend of mine who knows this recently reminded me that Mr. Weldon has been a big supporter of Firemen across the country, and has managed to obtain as Senior member of the House Armed Services Committee $7.6 billion dollars to help fund volunteer fire companies across the U.S.

As an admirer of firemen in general for the jobs they do and the lives that they save, I thought that I would post something about Mr.Weldon in a positive light, one in witch he deserves. I’ll admit that yes he has looked out for them, and that to me is a good thing.

My Thoughts:

This country needs a “Weed and Seed” program for all the politicians. Across Party lines, across Counties, across States, etc. Me? I’m still voting for Joe Sestak. Will it make a difference? Maybe not. But It hopefully will send a message that Delconians need their Congressmen right here, not worrying about Iraq or Iran or other things that a President should be handling. (Our current Prez has made a joke out of foreign relations, and is better suited to stay in Crawford with his Horses)

Curt Weldon has actually contributed to Delco where it is most needed. So Dave, I stand corrected about Curt. You win. I’ll buy you a cold one at Thomas’s.

P.S. Here’s a thought: Joe Sestak for Congress, Curt Weldon for President. Deal?


5 thoughts on “Curt Weldon – A Fireman’s Friend

  1. Unfortunately, Mr. Weldon likes to dump money by the (quite literal) truckload into many of the make-believe fire departments in his state. There is nothing wrong with having a well run volunteer FD, but when they buy several three-quarters of a million dollar parade prepped ladder trucks for a one square mile town that has only one story buildings, it really is a waste of our taxpayer money. Yes for American Fire Departments including volunteers, and NO! to wasting money on shiny toys for pretend firemen.

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