Striking The Root On August 22nd

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by: yankeerunningdog 08/13/06 11:05 pm
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Why is the USA inciting hatred of Muslims all over the world. Bush even used the term ISLAMO FACIST the other day. If anyone said Jewish facist, they would be locked up for hate crimes.

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People like myself are just really getting ticked off about the way the Bush admin has managed to align all these “Muslims” to hate us. I believe that they really don’t hate US, per say, only our selected officials. This above comment only re-inforces my belief that America should quit being the watch dog of the world, quit interfering in other countries business, and worry about her own people first.

Bush and his cronies have totally screwed up this country. This isn’t about Dem or Pub either. Both parties are equal in guilt for NOT doing something radical about the current situation. What we need is new leadership, ones who will take this county away from the corporations, take over the MSM who only release slanted stories of what is really happening in the world, and work for US, the American citizen!

On August 22nd, there is a wide growing rumor that world war three will start in the middle east, first by Iran launching SSN-25 Onyx sideburn missles missiles in the Persian Gulf, or something even more devastating. Some “Muslim” holy day also is on the 22nd. Bottom line is that all you know, all you love,Your America may be obliteriated by some nutcase with his hand on a button in a city near you.

Remember the SALT treaties that Nixon created? One can only hope that someone with real balls steps up to the plate and takes action against these crazy so called leaders in Washington, Tel Aviv, and Jolly Old England (Yes, the same country that we had our so called independence from.)

In closing, I feel enlightened by what knowledge I have gained by being on the net now for 17 years. Forget about BS liquid bombs on domestic Aircraft(A HOAX), I’d be more worried about the next 9-11, that will surely happen to save these thugs in Washington’s jobs and thier sick NWO agenda.

Good Night.


10 thoughts on “Striking The Root On August 22nd

  1. Your a crazy man Wardy, thats for sure! Drinking to much kool aid again? America was attacked by these muzzies, yet you blame President Bush. Go move to iraq where you belong.

  2. No, you go over to Iraq and keep my FREEDUMS safe here. Take away the planes that hit the WTC 1 and 2 and you”ll see two buildings imploded.WTC 7? Never hit, yet “Collapsed” due to fire. I wonder what Fireman Curt thinks about this fact. Or any fireman for that matter. Thermite baby… And something will happen yet again to seal America’s fate and our freedoms are in the toilet.I am not blind like you.

  3. Go to, Franny. Read it. All of it. You won’t like the part about Building 7, but education is at its most effective when it’s most painful.

  4. Well Robert, I did go to And I know for a fact that buildings have NEVER collapsed into thier own footprint so neatly in the history of man without controlled demolition. The only thing painful is watching others refuse to believe that 19 assholes with boxcutters managed to circumvent the entire U.S. defense system, and play God with physics to boot.Cheers.

  5. “I know for a fact that buildings have NEVER collapsed into thier own footprint so neatly in the history of man without controlled demolition.”You know it for a fact?!! Right. Your encyclopedic knowledge of the history of all 110-story tower complexes of this architectural design that have fallen down without controlled demolition has informed you of this fact. Cool.You be may a decent and honorable guy, but you’re also paranoid, and you have NOT read all the content at unless you did it with your eyes as closed as your mind.You conspiracy buffs are a much greater puzzle than the events of 9/11. What part of your personal worldview and identity so depend on this hallucinogenic rewriting of reality? Does belonging to this little club make you feel special, an insider in some way that’s otherwise unavailable in Delco?If you really want to understand the deep dark inner reality, I urge you to look inside yourself for the demons that have woven your nightmare fears into the blindfold through which you misperceive the world.I feel sorrow for the warp such beliefs must be causing in every part of your life. I hope you recover before the damage is permanent.

  6. Robert.. I do not rely on just ONE source (911myths) to gather my evidence. You have your opinion and beliefs, and I have mine. You will not sway me to your narrow minded cynical beliefs that jet fuel caused these buildings to fall.You a local guy, right? Ever here of Meridian ONE? Yeah, my wife worked there. Building caught fire, burned for many hours more than WTC 1,2,7 and 5, and never collapsed.Open up your eyes, quit being afraid to belive that our government either was complacent or allowed 911 to happen.The fact alone that the FBI took the security tapes from the citgo and Hilton pointed at the pentagon is enough for me.Never mind the fact that on the morning of September Eleventh, the WTC’s camera’s did not work. The VADOT Cameras tapes were erased. The ATC’s audio tapes where erased and thrown in the trash. The NTSB was NOT allowed to do thier job as required by LAW in investigating aircraft crashes of ANY kind.Armed guards protecting the debris in NY and forbidding any pictures being taken. Debris (Evidence) being trucked away, then shipped to China and other places to be smelted and re-cycled.And finally? Bush sitting there with his head up his ass reading a book, KNOWING what was going on.Cheers.

  7. Anonymous said… Franny the World is going to end soonSO PLEASE do us the Favor and Kill yourself tonight!!and take your conspiracy theory to the grave ..Really late reply? Fuck you!! You can take YOUR “CONspiracy Theory” that 19 assholes armed with boxcutters managed to pull off 9-11-01 with the mastermind (Who is where again in 2007?). Who’s the fucking moron? Not me by a longshot. you and your kind are shills by the (You guessed it) ZIONIST fucks who are hell bent in destroying America. Well I aint’ going to let you pricks win. YOUR days are numbered asshole. Maybe YOU should kill yourself.Your weakness is that you compare Americans like the German people in the 30’s. Blind with patriotism. Your plans are going to backfire and you and your families are going to pay with your lives. Any Americian who pledges their alligence to another country other than this one and then attacks it with bullshit lies like you and the MSM have done about 911, WACO, Cole, should be hanged like Saddam’s double was…Cheers.

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