Yoke around your neck

By Casey Roncaglione

For the past few weeks I have been concentrating my efforts meeting my constituents by going door to door in the 164th district, (Upper Darby, Drexel Hill, East Lansdowne and Millbourne). The results have been encouraging. Democrats, most Republicans and Independents are generally fed up with Mario Civera and for that matter the entire Delaware County legislative delegation.
The reasons are too numerous to print here, but to say they are unhappy is an understatement.

I’ve walked so much that my shoes are falling apart, but I’ve decided to not buy a new pair until the election is over as a statement of my determination to get the truth to the people. Hard work and and truth are worth a little shoeleather. When we get the representation that Upper Darby receives, I’ll get a new pair of shoes. Years and years of business as usual take a big effort to change and open minds, so far a pair of worn out shoes are the least of my problems. To alert my neighbors that they have been taken for granted and their needs have been subverted by special interests, PAC money, and those interests are secondary is well worth my wearing out my shoes.

To my neighbors, let’s look at the past weeks what has been done by our legislature and their paid agents. Mr.McNichol, leader of the Delaware County Republican Party, tries to blame the Governor for the payraise. Did he not forget that his own legislators voted for and took the raise. Only after I and many others shamed them to repeal the vote, they did so, after much dismay. We protested Mario Civera’s office, had the police ask us to leave, and we heard unspeakable vitrol from those who Mr. Civera sent to get rid of us. We won’t go anywhere until the legislature returns to the founding fathers their constitution, and can once again be proud that the people are honoring that constitution which they wrote with their blood. Be sure these burgulars will try it again as soon a we are not looking, but that time is past.

McNichol, you called our Governor childish and used disrespectful personal names attacking his policies and person, that is not the way he should be addressed. What have you done except for foisting look alike legislators that do nothing but follow your lead is to subvert the betterment of our Commonwealth.Your exclusion of those not in your club is UnAmerican.

Mr. Swann called for the reduction in the size of the Legislature. Our Mario said let’s study the idea, typically saying nothing and playing it safe rather than taking a stand preferring to stand in the safety of the back room and stick your finger in the wind to see which way the political winds are blowing.. Mr. Civera should study his own ideas instead of following the leader, being that his only goal is to be re-elected and run as far from Swann as possible. Mr. Civera, your time has ended.

The property tax bill is a joke, our legislators spent more time calculating the number of votes they would get by pampering to the 10% who might benefit while forgoing the majority’s those who will end up paying for this boondoggle. Civera, Perzel, McNichol and Sexton think that they represent the Pepublican party, but they forgot the people have abandoned them. In order to get a little closer to those who read this newspaper, and buy the rhetoric, they produce out of touch ideas that their constituents have left behind with the Falwell, Gingrich, Bush and Nixon camps. We are the new Pennsylvania, new Republicans, Democrats, new Americans, your time has come and gone.

To the people of Upper Darby, East Lansdowne, Drexel Hill and Millbourne; On a personal note if I might. My campaign is underfunded compared to Mr. Civera. One of the reasons is that he say’s yes to any PAC willing to buy his vote, I will take no PAC money.

His staff compose letters against me, finding supporters to sign their name to them, thus giving them credence. Anyone with a brain can see through this. I put forth my opinions with my name, unafraid of the results. The truth will win out and I am sure your readers can read through the lines. Be sure of this, I am determined and convicted to offer an alternative to the politics as usual that has dominated local politics that have given these incumbents the arrogance to treat you as sheep and herd into the pens of their desires and votes. I have the key to unlock those pens and give you all the freedom to choose your own way of life and decide once and for all a say in your lives and get this repressive government off your back and make it a partner and not a yoke around your neck.


11 thoughts on “Yoke around your neck

  1. Your full of it kiddo! No way will you unseat mario and besides who are you to use his picture on your blog?? Do yourselves a favor and join the Marines and defend America!

  2. Hooray for you! It’s about time somebody stood up to the “family” that runs the 164th district. More folks should be speaking up and letting the current administration know they are out of touch!

  3. You visited my home Saturday. You are too nice a young man to be in politics but maybe it will be a new trend. Thank you for listening to me and I wish you the best in your election.

  4. Anonymous said… Your full of it kiddo! No way will you unseat mario and besides who are you to use his picture on your blog?? Do yourselves a favor and join the Marines and defend America! It’s assholes like you who listen to the “Big Talker” who just seem to shy away from young bright youth who actually give a damn about America instead of smoking crack from trying to bring about a positive change on a local level.I give Casey kudos for running against Mario (Who I know, mind you)and I admire Casey for his political aspirations and love for America.The Marines? Why dont you join them? Go and get wasted in Mosul by some so called “Al-CIAda” operative with presision optical “IED”.

  5. I just came to find this site. About time we in DCounty have voice. Now about this issue.The ugly attack of this young man makes me think that there are hateful people in this township who don’t really want democracy. Like the man or not, the founders of this country died for his right to express his views and offer himself for public service.

  6. Take an agressive stand against the quality of life issues involving long time residents with the influx of Section 8 housing rental. Be vocal about it, your potential constituants have had enough. You could win w/a position like this. Being young is not a reason to fail, not having taken a stand on a significant issue within your township, is. Be different in politics, grow a pair!

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