Nicky Yarris: Just A Punk

Yeah Nick, you read it right. You and I met a long time ago in Southwest Philly. (65 & Dicks)

I just started dating my girlfriend Sheila and you came around acting all bad. Stay in London. Although you were found “innocent” by “DNA” your morbid account of your knowledge of Linda Mae Craig’s murder makes me sick.

What I’m getting at is the fact that you told a lot of people that you knew what happened to her, only to save yourself from some drug charges, and in the end , you almost became burnt toast. BTW, So everyone in Philly did YOU wrong?

Pleeze! Just stay away, I remember you from the past and your far from being a Saint.

Why am i posting this? Check out my referrer logs for tonight.



2 thoughts on “Nicky Yarris: Just A Punk

  1. I agree. While it is a great that DNA was used to clear someone who had been in jail so long for something he didn’t do, he had a long criminal history and probably would have been in jail a large percentage of that time anyway.

  2. It seems that Nicky Yarris found this thread as he posted a message on his web site using my name. I have evidence to back up my claim. I believe that he is still on some sort of probation for his jail escape, and that in him posting false and libelious statements using my name is breaking his probation, or atleast give me grounds for a lawsuit.I hope your reading this Nick, I asked you nicely to remove the fake message, you replied that I owe you an apoligy and removal of this thread. Well I wont. You see, you are just a punk, and always will be a punk. I have my opinion, witch is different than pretending to be someone else.I’ll be doing a new blog post explaining this whole situation soon. I’ll ask you nicely one more time Nick Yarris, remove the false, fake message on your message board.Cheers.

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