Meth in Delaware County

I met a woman in Delaware County with a big problem, and I’m sure she’s not the only one. Meth has destroyed her life. She lost her children, has no insurance to pay for rehab and steals to feed her addiction. Meth is an insidious drug. It takes over a persons life and is sure to end it prematurely. I don’t know what we can to to solve the problem but there has to be a way. This meth problem is going to cost us all. There are not enough jail cells for those who are hooked on this drug. The saddest part is the effect on the children, innocent victims who suffer from the actions of those who use. This epidemic is only going to get worse and as always good people are going to end up wit the bill. We need a blue ribbon panel of local leaders to deal with the problems that are just about to explode into an epidemic. These users weren’t forced to use, but we have to do something to help them. They are our neighbors and they deserve our help, if not for them but for us.


4 thoughts on “Meth in Delaware County

  1. I think that the Meth problem is one that goes back for decades. In the 70′, the Methamphetime problem here was ten fold. The Warlocks (local MC gang)had meth labs up in the poconos. There were rumors around that several area girls, including Layne Spicer, Maryann Lees, and others were murdered because they “knew too much”. Delaware County had a Motorcycle Gang Task Force that specialized in investigating these clubs. The only person that I know of that was caught was Robert Nauss.What to do about the problem is to strike the people at the top and cut off the head.Major jail time for selling it. I’m sure there are law enforcement types out there that are frustrated by not having the funding to do this. Drugs are rampant in every High School in Delaware County. Addictive, like Alcohol & Tobacco, they are often used as something to “fit in with the crowd”. Education from parents in also tatamount in stopping the usage of all drugs.

  2. Franny stole my thunder there, but:We need a blue ribbon panel of local leaders to deal with the problems that are just about to explode into an epidemic.Meth and DelCo have been synonymous for decades. I’m sorry, but it isn’t going to “explode” on us anytime soon.It was a problem in the late 80s and early 90s when I was at DCMH dragging them out of Radbourne Rd.Franny is right – its education in the home that’ll stop this, not any outside influences.

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