Curt Weldon – Below The Belt

I received an email concerning Curt Weldon, and what he said concerning Joe Sestak’s choice of hospitals (Like it matters Curt?)

A statement from Joe Sestak on Congressman Weldon’s remarks in the
Hill newspaper this morning regarding their daughter Alexandra:

Congressman Weldon’s remarks to the Hill magazine in a story
published this morning regarding my daughter Alex’s treatment are
inappropriate. To imply, that I should have sent my daughter to a
hospital in Delaware or Pennsylvania for political purposes is beyond
the pale.

I understand the political arena. I knew that this campaign would
thrust my family into the media spotlight and we are prepared for
that. But I want to make it very clear to Congressman Weldon, that
any remarks regarding my daughter, Alexandria’s, treatment will not
be tolerated.

Like many families dealing with illness, we have had our challenges
in the last year. Through the grace of God, the many prayers of our
friends and family, and the wonderful doctors and nurses, we have
made it through this experience with our daughter Alex, who continues
to inspire us everyday.

Though we recognize the important work done by the many hospitals in
and around Philadelphia, it was our personal choice to have Alex
treated in Washington at the Children’s Hospital because of its
outstanding work on pediatric brain tumors. This decision was based
on many things – none of which were political.

This was our choice as Alex’s parents and as I have said publicly, I
believe these medical choices should be left in the hands of parents
and family members throughout the country and not in the hands of
beauracrats, special interests and especially not in the hands of
politicians like Curt Weldon.

Now about Joe’s daughter. She was dianogsed with a malignant Brain tumor last year and was given three to six months to live. Mr & Mrs Sestak chose to have her Chemo treatments done in Washington D.C. Curt Weldon took it upon himself to chastise his opponent by suggesting treatments could be done in PA or Delaware.

My question to Curt: Would it have been okay to have her treatments done in Russia?


4 thoughts on “Curt Weldon – Below The Belt

  1. It was nice to see that Kieth Olbermann on MSNBC’s Countdown awarded Weldon the number 2 spot for “Worst Person in the World”. My only dissappointment was it wasn’t #1. Weldon sure earned it.Ironic isn’t it, that after seeking national exposure for months over “Abel Danger” he finally gets it for this.

  2. What gets me about Curt is that he had been INVISIBLE concerning his constituants here in Delco. Sure, when his daughter Karen was employed by Boeing, he was always around, the one hit wonder that he is. Now that she has her own company, alog with Charlie Sexton, his place of business mostly is with the Russian Duma.Curt with his book, has managed to pisss off the CIA nad other intelligence gathering people that actually do care about America.To me, this country has been hi-jacked by a cabal of big businesses, and foriegn countries. In fact, you can go back almost one hundred years when three of the richest men in the world were coaxed into boarding the Titanic.But that’s another story.We need leadership. Joe Sestak is a military man. Even though I am and have been a registered republican since 18 I vote for who I think will put this county, state and nation first. And, I think that there are many like myself.

  3. Sestak, the Carpetbagger, thrust his daughter’s illness into the spotlight of his own volition. Taking the focus off the fact that he hasn’t lived in the district in decades, let alone voted in it, he used his daughter as an excuse.

  4. Carpetbagger? What has king Weldon done for his district? Better to have Joe back in town than a lame duck like weldon who only does what his big old boeing buddies tell him.

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