5 Worst Intersections in Delco

I don’t drive a lot. In fact, I hate to drive. However, I have lived in different parts of the Delaware County throughout my life and have seen my share of bad roadway intersections in our great county. Below is a list of the ones I hate the most, either due to heavy traffic, poor layout, or they are just simply hazardous. Please feel free to list your own since I haven’t been to every street in the area and therefore don’t know every single one.

#5 – 5 points – Aston

I never really had a problem with 5 points myself, and I’ve driven it hundreds of times. I can see how the layout would confuse some people though, and adding a new park right on one of the corners won’t help with traffic flow any.

#4 – 452 and Route 1 – Middletown, PA

This intersection is more of an annoyance rather than a danger. Making a left onto 452 from Route 1 during rush hour will net you a 3-4 light wait. Traffic also backs up a lot on 452 during the evening rush hour.

#3 – Route 252 and Route 3 – Newtown Square, Pa

I know this intersection very well and it’s a total nightmare. There’s heavy traffic coming from the Blue Route going to West Chester on one end, and heavy 252 traffic from DCCC/Media going to the Main Line on the other. Factor in people making left hand turns blocking some lanes and this intersection qualifies as one of the worse.

#2 – Route 1 and Sproul Road – Springfield, Pa

The map image says it all. Heavy traffic combined with people getting off/on Route 1 and then having to merge with Route 1 traffic in of the off-ramp which turns into a race to avoid getting stuck in the outer lane. Getting onto 320 is ok, getting onto Route 1 is horrible.

and the #1 worse intersection – Route 252 and Route 1 Media Bypass – Media, Pa

Horrible. Not only is this intersection congested beyond belief from an explosion of new housing in the area, but the layout is totally ridiculous. Good luck turning left onto 252 from Route 1 coming from Springfield, because I’m not letting you through. It seems that people can’t follow traffic laws on this strip of road, and many accidents happen as a result. This intersection needs some serious review by the traffic engineers at PennDot.


12 thoughts on “5 Worst Intersections in Delco

  1. LOL I’ve been at all the intersections above and agree wholehartedly that they are horrible, may I one of my own.State Rd & Lansdowne Ave, Upper Darby. Between the High Schools and the Trolly, one can seem to wait through several lights, and ignorant drivers who see your turn signal on, and speed up.There are others..Oak Ave. & Providence Rd,Darby Rd & West Chester Pike, Baltimore And Lansdowne, just to name a few.Ignorant drivers who yap on their “Cell Phones” or put make up on, as well as not using a turn signal, my favourite thing to get my blood boiling.

  2. State & Lansdowne is definitely up there, as is Garrett & Lansdowne. What a nightmare!!!!Not sure if it was listed or not (it’s early, go easy on me!), but on West Chester Pike right when you get on the Blue Route. I hate it. What a mess!

  3. Lancaster and Ithan at Villanova, b/c the students walk across the street like they own it (wait, they’re ‘Nova students,..of course they own it!) (Sorry,..St. Joe’s alum)Lancaster and 320,….they need Philly’s “Don’t Block the Box” there.Conestoga from Radnor-Chester to Sproul!

  4. To me the worst intersection is Route 352 & Route 1.If your on 352 and you want to get onto Route 1 in any direction its crazy! I feel like I’m going to get into an accident everytime I have to do this.

  5. Exactly! New housing developements EVERYWHERE YOU LOOK and crappy roadway design.. on top of all the Jersey people and New Yorkers moving into the area… good luck breathing in Delco within 5 years!

  6. I’m from NY and I use the blue route occasionally for business. The worst drivers I’ve seen always had PA plates…It must be a state law to not use turn signals.

  7. I hate driving on Chester Pike…from Darby Borough through Ridley Park, there are no left turn lanes so if you are in the left lane you risk getting stuck behind cars turning left; if you are in the right lane you risk getting stuck behind SEPTA buses or utility/beer trucks…you are forced to constantly switch from lane to lane, and its so aggravating!!

  8. I am a Delaware county Native born and raised here for 49 yrs. I now live in Salt Lake city, Utah going 3 yrs.Out here you have the same impatient, non curtious, horrible drivers. In Salt lake city and in the valleys they all speed, tailgate, use cell phones/texting, do not use turn signals, and a lot of these drivers are from California, and nevada. The funny thing is with all the snow we get they still drive the same way like it was a clear summer day. Driving Too fast for conditions. It is not all that uncommon to have 400 or more slid/offs, fender benders and rollovers in one snow storm.

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