Kenneth Blackwell Forgot

Blackwell accidentally held shares in election-machine maker

Associated Press

Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell revealed Monday he accidentally invested in shares of voting-machine manufacturer Diebold Inc. last year, a period when he was sued by other manufacturers over contracts that Diebold was up for.

In a required ethics filing, Blackwell, who is seeking the Republican nomination for governor, said his investments are directed by an accountant and financial adviser without his knowledge or help, “similar to a blind trust.” He said a manager of his investments account at Credit Suisse First Boston bought 178 shares of Diebold stock at $53.67 per share in January 2005.

These guys must really think we are stupid. We have the Secretary of State for Ohio “accidently” investing in Diebold via an account “similar to a blind trust”.


4 thoughts on “Kenneth Blackwell Forgot

  1. From Google:”Oversees state records, elections and voting, registration of corporations and organizations, and similar functions. Includes election – 216k – Cached – Similar pages”And the majority of people think that only “Bad People”, not polititions or government officials break laws. From Wikipedia “In 2004, Blackwell served as the co-chair of the Committee to Re-elect George W. Bush in Ohio.Talk about a conflict of interest. It would be nice to see just how those ne voting machines work here in Delco.

  2. The Dems are corrupt and have been since before I was born. My Father told me at a young age that if I ever wanted a job in Media I must be registered republican and vote along party lines no matter what.I’m pleased to say that I work in the Courthouse making great money. I will vote REPUBLICAN this November no matter who is running!You DEMS have no chance in novemember. Remember I said it!

  3. Dems corrupt? Pot calling the kettle black, butthead. Perhaps it’s time you leave your redneck dad behind and attempt to nurture a single, independent thought. (I’m sure it would die of loneliness.Blackwell is a creep, a liar and a thug. Ohio’s state house in Ohio’s full of them, The governor was found guilty of ethics violations. Tom Noe(a Bush “Pioneer” will do time. Ney (R-St, Clairseville) will pay, do time or both–up to his ears in Abramoff. And they’re the tip of the iceberg. You can keep repeating the lie–that doesn’t make it true. Do yourself a favor…read something. Turn off Fox News and pick up a book. Seek alternative sources. Investigate. Have a little intellectual curiosity. I realize it opposes your party’s intellectual model, but do yourself anf your family a favor-go against the grain. Be a rebel. The sad fact is, Pure Repug is right about one thing. Unless we fix the system, these crooks have put in place, Dems are positioned to lose. The fox is in the henhouse. Election reform’s the only solution. The fix is in. That’s why robots like pure repub can be so sure of the outcome. We could run Jesus and lose. Repugs don’t really even have to vote.

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