Murdered For Mooning

This story both amazes me and makes me furious. To think that two kids could actually do something so devoid of respect for human life makes me take a real hard look at how our children are being conditioned by the media. Too much MTV, gangsta’ rap crap, video games, and broken homes are robbing a whole generation of America’s youth. Drugs only add additional fuel to their already numb about life minds.

According to Upper Darby’s Top Cop Michael Chitwood, these scumbags chased the man down like hunting wild boar and both hit him with a shovel and stabbed him in various parts of his body, including his buttocks, because he “Mooned” them! Then they had the audacity to brag about it?

Sick son’s of Bitches they both are. The one suspect, Christopher McEneaney, has actually been in my home a few years ago, when him and my older son were “hanging out”. They became enemies after some sort of dispute at Clifton Field, thank God for that.

So what will become of this? The duo are now in “The Meadows”, along with the adults. No Lima for them. The family of the victim, Martin Malone, are heartbroken as anyone in their situation would be. Read the article and draw your own conclusions.

I already have.


7 thoughts on “Murdered For Mooning

  1. Fran,I’m sickened by the whole thing. The crimes that are committed by these kids keeps happening more and more frequently.They need to be tried as adults and punished severely. If it were up to me, they’d get the death penalty.It makes you wonder where the hell the parents are or what they’re doing wrong in raising these monsters.

  2. I knew Martin in high school and for a few years after – hadn’t seen him in over 25 years. He was a good man, and I considered him a good friend. I really don’t want to say what I’m thinking about the sub-humans who are responsible – there isn’t enough space

  3. Perfect case for Capital Punsihment/Execution. If not, explain why we as taxpayers should fund keeping these scum alive in prison for the remainder of their lives? Be creative, you’ll have to be on this one.

  4. You all a pack of idiots. Continue to read the moron rag you get your information from, the Delco-Times and continue to formulate your own opions. People make mistakes and should be punished but get serious…what state is going to fry young boys for this. What happened was wrong but get real.

  5. first let me start by saying it's devistating what happened but both families has suffered and to the people that is passing judgement due to newspapers I don't recall seeing none of you sitting in that courtroom if these kids came from "upper class white collar" families you would be the same people that would say "they made a mistake" you say your happy Chris and your son became enemies but if you felt he was so bad where were your parenting skills what they did was wrong yes I'm in total agreement but hear all the facts before you pass your judgement and also yes thou shalt not kill but did you pass the one where judging is a sin they have a higher power to answer to one day as we ALL do show me one person that has never sinned and I'll show you a liar….

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