What Has America Become?

One must ask him or herself this, especially with the elections coming up in November.


The original phrase “common wealth” or “the common weal” is a calque translation of the Latin term res publica (“public matters”), from which the word republic comes, which was itself used as a synonym for the greek politeia as well as for the republican (i.e. non-monarchical) Roman constitution (in legal theory still in force during the empire).
The English noun Commonwealth dates originally from the fifteenth century and in different contexts indicates:

A political unit founded in law by agreement of the people for the common good,
A federated union of constituent states,
A republic,
A co-operative commonwealth is the ideal of a society based on cooperative and socialist principles.

Historical Commonwealths

Great Britain: The Commonwealth of England was the official name of the political unit (de facto military rule in the name of parliamentary supremacy) that replaced the kingdoms of Scotland and England under the rule of Oliver Cromwell and his successors from 1649 to 1660. It formed the first republic in the English-speaking world, though this quickly devolved into a pseudo-monarchy.

Australia: Australia uses the official style: The Commonwealth of Australia. Since the six Australian ex-colonies federated to form one dominion called the Commonwealth of Australia in 1901.

United States: Four states in the United States officially designate themselves “commonwealths:” Kentucky, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. These states use the term “commonwealth” to emphasize that they have a “government based on the common consent of the people,” instead of a government legitimized through their earlier Royal Colony status that was derived from the King of England.


After reading the above pages I thought it pertaint to post. Locally, and across the state, our current government has wasted tax dollars by either overspending or underspending, never getting it right. The other day in the Daily times, I read where Curt Weldon has raised four billion for the firefighters accross America. A worthy cause indeed. But at the same time, American troops are being exposed to poisionous, non treated water from the Tigris River by none other than Halliburton. To me, there is no Dem or Pub, only 100% do the right thing for US, America, WE The People…

So what is it? Who are we? Who do we trust to run the country? Body armor not being supplied to American Troops that have just been told that “They are not going home anytime soon”? DU rounds polluting the entire globe, including right here in Delaware County? Deficit reaching nine TRILLION? Gasoline looking at God knows what a gallon this summer? Too many questions that will never be addressed until it’s too late.

Note to self: I must just start watching fox news and turn off the puter’.
You know, duck and cover, or duck and cower. Whatever…


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