A St Paddy’s Day Gift

I found out about an hour ago that my father in law is in surgery at Jefferson. He is undergoing a kidney transplant, him being the recipient. He was diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease about 10 years ago. My wife and her sisters and our children also have a chance of having this diease, as it is heredtary.

Anyway, I hope things go well.

Cheers and watch your six while driving. It’s amatuer drunk night.


5 thoughts on “A St Paddy’s Day Gift

  1. Thanks guys.. He is recovering well as I type. The down side to all of this is that he has to take anti rejection drugs for the rest of his life. That in turn lowers your immune system.But not having to get dialysis three times a week is a Godsend.

  2. I work for a kidney dialysis company out in Berwyn and yes, I agree, your father-in-law NOT having to receive dialysis is a godsend. I’m glad he is doing well. I’ll continue to keep him in my prayers.

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