Ban Section 8 In Upper Darby

69th street in the early seventies
Yes, that’s right. After reading today’s Daily Times article, my opinion is Upper Darby’s “Weed and Seed” innovative community revitalization program will not work unless Section 8 housing is totally banned. Section 8 housing first was started by Mayor “Sonny” Kane, back in the late seventies. In a nut shell, the local pols allowed section 8 housing in exchange for some major money. They quickly filled their coffers, and then built a railroad bridge across Market St.

My old neighborhood, Stonehurst, quickly became ground zero. People fled in droves, and certain people bought up those homes as investment properties. You see, the federal government guarantees the home owner rent money regardless of the ability of the renter to pay. So the “section eighter” could just lie around, collect welfare, and spit out another kid every nine months, at your expense.

I lived next to one of these women in 1992.”Alice”, not her real name, was an anorexic blonde who knew how to play the system. She would have her 3 kids (all under 4) run around in dirty diapers and clothes, while she did her drugs and entertained multiple men on a daily basis. The only thing that put an end to her was a raid by the Media Drug Task Force. She went to jail, the kids put in foster homes, and the property owner rented to a renter who paid full price.

In the times article, Mayor F.Raymond Shay cited the 1,100 Section 8 homes he called “problems” in the sector that would be addressed with the funding from Weed and Seed.

they get run down,” Shay said. “We try to get them cleaned up — picking up trash — it’s an environment that breeds crime,” noting the township already has a Property and Maintenance Task Force in the targeted zones. Well Mayor, do one better. Picking up these peoples trash won’t solve the problem. Ban section eight housing altogether. You’ll see a big difference in the Township.


37 thoughts on “Ban Section 8 In Upper Darby

  1. The neighborhood that I grew up in that was once a very clean and vibrant area, even as little as 12 years ago, has become a depressing to look at neighborhood that has become depressed by the influx of Section 8 renters that have infiltrated the area. The influx of these folks was brought about by of all things, a person I happened to know growing up. This individual snapped up properties throughout a 20 year period, starting in the mid 80’s. This individual purchased the homes of recently deceased retired folks from the families of the homeowners who were looking to “unload” this newly inherited property and take the money as quickly as possible. The slumlord as I’ll call him, proceeded to rent the houses for fair market value for quite some time, the houses had tenants that at least “cared about the poerty they rented. Fast forward to about 1994 when the real estate market began to escalate and many of these renters then purchased homes elsewhere. The slumlord was faced with declining “achievable” rental income and decided to take on the guarantee (Thanks feds!) of Section 8 tenants. These folks could care less of the property in which they live. Imagine if you will that if they don’t have the self dicipline or even the smallest of financial responsibility to rent in the traditional fashion, what makes you think they’ll care about the partial free ride on rent they get from the Feds to begin with? This has nothing to do with race either, quite allot of these folks do not fit any steryotype expect that they are just the worst in humanity to try and live with if your a responsible homeowner or even a fellow traditional renter for that matter. I could tell you volumes of how these disfunctional miscreants have created havoc in what I regard was once a fantastic place to live and raise kids. for all intent purposes most of Upeer Darby and a good section of Drexel Hill you caould now catagorize as West Philadelphia. So sad, this makes me almost cry when I visit my parents who are still there. They could afford to move but really don’t want to take on a payment in their 60’s. I never in a million years would’ve imagined what has become of many neighborhoods within Upper Darby Twp. Thank God they’ve got a new Police Cheif, that guy deserves a friggin medal for the head cracking he’s been doing on the criminal elements. Problem is thought that this area is going to get allot worse before it get’s any better.

  2. I used to work for DCMH as a medic back in the 90’s.Ahh, I remember being a Radbourne Ranger! That part of UDT was why we finally had to buy bullet-proof vests.Personally, these days, anything east of Lansdowne Ave is just a big s**t hole to me!

  3. Trek, I grew up a few blocks from “Radbourne Rd, and even in the 70’s the people who lived there and on Guilford, Ruskin, and Clover were considered “White Trash”. Today, I have to say that where my Mom lives the majority is black,(And NOT on section 8) and they keep the neighborhood clean and are decent.Section 8 renters, White, Black or Green, do not care a hoot about the house they live in. The poster above hit the nail on the head.Some people really do need section 8, because of various un forseen things that popped into their lives. But the majority take advantage of it, I call it like I see it. Used & Abused…

  4. I hate Upper Darby with a passion.I’m literally embarrassed to tell people that I live there. I can’t wait to move down south, but unfortunately I’m stuck here for a few more years.I’ve started apartment hunting because I will NEVER buy property here in the area again.The closest thing to semi-decent I’ve found is a 2 bdrm apt in Drexel Hill for $900.Section 8, IMO, is the number one thing that brought Upper Darby down. The township will NEVER be anything more than ghetto now.

  5. I whole heartily agree that the largest contributing factor to the demise in quality of life within Upper Darby Twp. is the rise in Section 8 residents. I hope Sonny Kane is spinning in his grave from the legacy he dropped onto Upper Darby, and Haverford is wondering why the increase in crime recently? Open your eyes.

  6. Im a section 8 tenant who’s African American, I moved here from another city out west(which is a lot safer and clean), I made mistakes had a baby in highschool so Im in college now.(reason wh im on section 8) I dont know any one here but my mother in law who lives in media, I thought upper darby was a nice neiborhood untill i moved here, you are right it isnt. My landlord is a slum lord I hate it, My husband is the only one employed right now until I graduate from my nursing course in the spring, I am buying a home back in the city where I moved from. Its not just upperdarby but the philadelphia area people need to be more motiated in geting out of there situation, I DONT KNOW ANYONE HERE TO JUDGE BUT FOR WHAT I SEE UPPER DARBY IS GHETTO!tHE PERSON ABOVE IS RIGHT ITS NOT A BLACK OR WHITE THING. they give everyone who need the system for a short period a bad name. and I hate the schools!!! so I am homeschooling.

  7. I have read all the comments, but I disagree with totally doing away with section 8 completely. I used to be a section 8 recipient. I began in another state a single mother of two, returning to school, to get my degree to better life for myself and my children. After obtaining my first degree I was able to continue on and earn my second, I transfered to a college in Philadelphia which led me to become a Delaware County resident, fortunately not in Upper Darby. None of this would have been possible if it was not for section 8. I do believe that every system has its gliches, that would hold true for my home state and the state of PA. The problem is this, there are no guidelines that say you have make some kind of effort to better your life and that section 8 is temporal and not a way of life. I too have viewed many young ladies who are on welfare, and section 8 and moving at their own pace if at any pace at all to grow beyond government dependancy and into self reliance. However, you can not do what you have not been taught, so if there is nothing in place to encourage/teach that and you do not know any better, well there you have it you settle for less. I did not began renting under section 8 and Thanks be to God I am not finishing with section 8. Writing a letter to section 8 stating that I no longer needed it was one of the most joyful moments in my life. So with that said, there really are a remnant of souls out there who are seeking “truth”, and not lies. Seeking a way out and not walloping in the mud. Unfortunately, how many of us are speaking “truth” and leading and guiding them into life and that more abundantly! How many of you are doing something to encourage these young wome, black, white, green or purple that there really is a better way and this is how you obtain it. It is not something that is going to happen fairy tale style, it will take perserverance and diligence. Stating the obvious negative is easy, move forward in the unknown positive. Harder, Yes, BUT it can be done!

  8. First off I’m on Section 8, but i have never grown up poor or anything. But my husband did. So when we had our own family we needed help getting on our feet. I’m still attend college and he is working on his GED. I moved him out of Port Richmond, Philadelphia out here where I grew up in Springfield delaware county. He liked being out here so much he hates going back to where he came from. Out here Upper Darby since I was younger was a problem area. All of it. I never hung out there because my father always told me it’s disgusting there and the people are rude. So I always knew it as this. So you can imagine his thoughts when I brought home a guy from Philly. I believe people are good no matter where they are from. But I don’t plan on milking the system I just want to finish my education and get off of it as fast as I can. Because of people who mess around and don’t want anything in live but free money it messes up for those of us out there trying to get ahead the right way. I’m looking to move for a better house with less problems, but because of my section 8 voucher no one will take us in. And I think it just sucks that people think that all of us on section 8 are no gooders when it’s just not true.


  10. i read alot of comments on here and im hurt. hurt that blacks would put down their own race and that some whites really feel this way about blacks. its true that upper darby went downhill but please dont blame it on blacks blame it on ignorance. section8 is helpful to those in need maybe their rules need to be changed. like require them to attend schooling so they could eventually support theirselves. do monthly checks on the block which they live on and ask the neighbors what kind of activity do they see in and out of the home. people please dont pass judgement i grew up in north philly/south/west and darby. and i did not become the product of my enviorment because i had parents who taught me that i am more than what is around me. everyone doesn’t have this all they have is the streets and videos to teach them so-called morals. there are mnay single mothers that are white on welfare and section8 oh but thats okay they dont cause problems i guess. i nearly cried reading some of these comments i am a black 19 year old girl with goals and plans. im married also have a 2yr old finished school/and a certified M.A.. and everyday i go to work in bryn mawr and wish my home could be out there (who doesn’t want to live in a nice neighborhood with no shooting/no shouting/ no matter what we do as a people we want better some just don’t know how to get it. so please before you categorize all poor blacks and poor whites/mexicans ect. as niggers. dont you think they are striving or wishing to be in your shoes to own a home/car/ private schools for their kids damn even charge a credit card. just please love thy neighbor you never know what life may bring to you.

  11. How can I find out if the rental house next store to me is section 8? The occupants fit evry description of that previous posters have used about section 8 tenants. Thanks for any info.

  12. I am a landlord. I have section 8 tenants. I have witnessed the decline in the areas I rent to, and it is sad. However, there are good section 8 tenants. In fact, my section 8 tenants don’t cause me problems, it is the conventional tenants who cause the most problems. They don’t pay, tear the house up terribly, and I have also had problems with drug activity. I put it in the lease that if any illegal activities are learned about by us or legal authorities, we can evict with same days notice.Landlords need to take an active role in screening tenants, including criminal backgroung checks and seeing how the tenant lives in their former home, before living in the new house. I put my blood and sweat into these properties, I don’t want them torn up either. I get frustrated with neighbors who sell drugs, etc. It is every neighbors duty to call police when drug activity is witnessed. It is imperative!!!!!!!!!WE All have to work together, and the honest, good people have to rise up and take legal action against lazy, good for nothing bums who ruin our neighborhoods.

  13. Sorry, but I can’t feel sorry for the persons who think it a racist comment to take aim at the reason why the neighborhoods I grew up living in and loving are slums now. It is just a fact that when neighborhoods go down hill, it is a specific race that is responsible. Yes, you can be poor, not everyone can be rich…but to destroy homes and neighborhoods, never take pride in a home by keeping the outside of it clean, never making a minor repair, is nothing but being a lazy shiftless bum. You can be poor, but you don’t have to be dirty. That is a choice. My grandparents lived at 45th and Girard and it was a row of shining clean homes, with women outside scrubbing the marble steps every morning, washing the windows every few weeks, etc. Eventually they had to move because the neighborhood was turning from white to black and became a dangerous place to be. Is this a figment of white people’s imagination or is it factual? Drive down 45th and Girard now and look at the war zone slum it is. Tell me now–who did that??

  14. trash is trash to me. color does not matter, but lack of inspiration and willingness to better ones situation does. i am black and i’ll tell u flat out. i dont want to live around any color trash black or white. and what makes trash trash? trash is anyone who is content to just live, without desire and willingness to do what it takes to get to the next level of comfort. basically complacency i guess. there’s some just as crappy places in white neighborhoods as there are in black areas, and i wouldnt be caught dead in either.and they’re crappy because the people who live there are ok with crappiness.

  15. After reading over the comments that were left on this blog, I have to agree with most of you, & that is the section 8 program needs to end !!!! I actually live in a very upper working middle class neighborhood,(at least it once was that) in a suburb of Boston,Ma.The very thought of low income people,(section 8 welfare recipients) who can move next door to me, not work at all ,having baby after baby that they obviously can’t financially support & acting as if they can’t work, when there really just a bunch of lazy asses, who only want a free ride on behalf of tax payers just INFURIATES THE HELL OUT OF ME !!!! I REALLY THINK THAT THE SECTION 8 PROGRAM NEEDS TO BE BANNED ALL ACROSS THE U.S.IMMEDIATELY !!!

  16. Hello to all, I am a 26 year old African American who lives in the cusp of Havertown, Drexel Hill and Upper Darby. I am a single parent of two who moved out to the county to provide a better environment for my 1 and 3 year old. I work a 9-5 and I take classes at DCCC at night, I even took on a weekend job just so that I could have extra money to put in my savings for a house. I have to admit that it makes me angry to see people taking advantage of section 8. I know a girl that has ran down the house she lives in (for nearly nothing) on section 8. But here I am busting my *ss to pay for a program that she takes advantage of. I think that if they are to keep the program around there needs to be some stricter guidelines. I feel like if I’m paying into this program why aren’t I eligible for it. No its closed up because of the people abusing as described by the people in this thread.

  17. Hello to all, my husband and i both grew up in upper darby ,and we were both saddened when we had to leave for our childerns safty ,we now live in Wellsboro PA,and hve been taling about comiming back to upper darby to live but i cant beleave that after all the time that we have been gone it sounds like nothing has changed ,i am deeply saddened that i cant go home any more

  18. i am a person of color living in UD i used to love to tell folks where i live now I just say Delaware county. i used to live on Clover Lane where all the neighbors cleaned up took out trash and were resp for their kids. Once the 8’ers are we called them moved in out went the neighbor get them out make them pay to stay

  19. as a section 8 participant those allegations are the pits, I am a mother of 2 who just lost her husband and needed help paying rent I work for one of the states finest hospitals and always kept an outstanding home,my children are 2 years apart so to blame the program for the distruction of your neighbohood is ludacris and the blame should be placed on the indivual for not playing his or her part as a neighbor.

  20. I was on section 8 while living in South Philadelphia. I took myself off the program when I graduted college. My landlords loved me and my little boy. I kept the property spotless, indoors and outdoors. I agree that it depends on the individuals and what pride they have in their surroundings. I grew up in the projects, but my mother always made sure we treated our dwelling place as if we owned it. I recently as of last year purchased a home on sheffield rd, which is borderline lansdowne and upper darby. I hate this block with a passion! The kids are horrible and their parents don’t care. The back alleys are nasty and trashy, and I am tired of constantly picking up trash. As a single mom I thought this area would be nice to raise my son. Had I known this block was like this I would had stayed in crime ridden South Philly. I am now considering looking for a place to rent just to get off this block. I can’t believe I am a new homeowner who made the worse decision by moving here. I may rent my house out. I couldn’t imagine selling it to a nice family. I think landlords should be held responsible for their tenants.

  21. i live in upper DUMPY and it is the worst area i’ve ever lived in. this neighborhood is very dirty. to think people just throw their trash where ever they want is gross. i think most of the blame should go to the parents. my parents always tault me trash goes in the trash cans not on the ground! if they can just throw their trash on the ground i can just imagine what the inside of their house looks like. i consider those people DIRTY PIGS! these kids are doing what they are tought!

  22. Wow…I do not even live in this city or state but I see that a bunch of ignorant people do! With the expection of a couple. Nasty, careless, & inconsiderate people bring neighborhoods down, not Section 8. In fact there are people on section 8 that have jobs who do pay a high portion of their rent!! Now I don't know about the people in your city or town or whatever you may call it, but don't blame section 8 for turning your beautiful neighborhoods into a now crappy area, blame the tenants who don't give a rats behind! Section 8 is just a subsidy to assist some unfortunate families who do not have the means to foot all the bills in their home. It is not welfare, and it does have a time limit. So people don't be ignorant…know your facts and be upset with the inconsiderate bums that could care less what type of neighborhood they live in. Oh one last thing section 8 does not turn areas into ghettos…there are many prominent neighborhoods, & subdivisions whose rent is probably twice the amount of yours who rent their homes on Section 8.

  23. Blacks in UD are the cause of 99 percent of crime! Just the other day a black man shot and killed a white cop in Philly. Where is the outrage? and when will WHITE people put and end to this?

  24. The comments that I just outraged me. I have been on section 8 for over 5 years. I have always taking every good care of the propertys that I have occupied with my four children. As for the rude, racist things that I just read I wont want to live in Upper Darby.Not only have I been on section 8 I have also held down a job all my life taking care of my children by my self. That is right I get no help from their fathers, so oif the feds as you people call them think that i deserve a little yes I will take it. Not only do i work I also go to school, and attend my childrens PTA meetings. You argre, hateful, unhappy indivduals need to spend less time spit out this hate and more time trying to make this country a better place to live and raise our children. As for the last comment about black people killing white let us all remeber that white have been killing black from the begining of time. And just because one black person did something to one white person we as human not whites or blacks can not blame the whole lot of white people for one person actions just like we can’t blame every black person for the actions of one black man. In this world we have hateful people white and black. And with the comment that you left we all know that you are a hateful white person.But you know what my God frorgives you and will continue to pray for all of you cause you people need help. So in closing I guess everybody needs help of some sought.

  25. White people on section 8 in philadelphia?? That is pretty much unheard of unless they are a junkie or their house burnt down.The white people in philly who arent’ junkies or their house didn’t burn down, you know the ones who are sick and hungry and really need section 8, can’t get it.I know someone (white) who went to section 8, eight years ago. She went with 3 friends (black), her friends got it the next week. She is still waiting.The friends all had jobs at the time, one even worked for the city.My friend is barely able to walk now due to illness and because she is a non junkie white person they won’t even give her the respect to answer the phone.Section 8 is just another racist place run by blacks for blacks.You see when they call for their status and give the client # and ss# it tells them you are white, so don’t hold your breath waiting for them to answer, you will be dead before they ever do!!

  26. I was thinking of moving to Philly. I am now reconsidering. I can’t believe how much racism and ignorance you all have there. Like one woman said I think you all need help of some sort.

  27. I am in shock that in 2009, with a Black president that we are still having these type of terrible feelings and conversations with one another. It doesn't matter what race you are, ignorance is bliss. I know first hand that some people, no matter what race they are, are just poverty-thinkers. And blaming Section 8, in order to hide our outrageous claims of racism is just as ignorant as people killing one another. And I am sorry that some places are becoming war zones. But as the singer Sade sang "One day youre gonna wake up and the ghetto's all around…all over, have you ever seen a man break down." And since there is a recession going on, at one time, people of prominence are on the welfare line–I've seen it. And I bet you that they are happy now that these programs exist, so that their kids can stay in their homes and they can have food on their tables. And as far as Section 8 is concerned, some white folks moved in near me on Section 8 and they are just as "GHETTO" as anyone else. Is it because they're white that they are supposed to be considered as better people? NO, people of all races can be unruly, loud, ignorant, and ill-intentioned. They party, drink, and are loud at all times of the night too…so what's the diffence–what does colour have to do with anything? This country needs to heal. And the more we keep lashing out at each other, the worse its gonna become. Maybe in 2012 when the Earth is supposed to come to an end, it'll be 5 people left, one from each race, and then they'll have to put all their differences aside, so that they can survive. And that's just sad. I just hope it doesn't take another tragedy like 9/11 in order for people to come together. Because for some reason, when tragedy happens, then WE are all Americans! Isnt that funny? At any other time, we are at each others throats, but to other countries, we're all Americans. Why can't we treat each other with dignity, is it really that hard? I am ashamed to be an American, if it means that I have to hate people because of their colour (something in which they cannot control) or their economic status. "Give me your tired and poor", isnt that what it says? C'mon folks. Get it together. And to the people who are race-haters, I'm going to pray for you, and that GOD has mercy on your soul, because what you are stating here is just "priceless". It shows that even in 2009, you're still holding on to 1950 ideals. Peace.

  28. you can not blame section 8 or section 8 tenants for the CHANGE in Upper Darby. I Thank Upper Darby Has evolved and is still evolving from the stereo types and the ugliness of racism. It was ounce said that Upper Darby/ Delaware county was home to the clan. Upper Darby is evolving for the better yea I now some trouble makers white and black need to go. But I love Upper Darby and i proud to tell people that I live in Upper Darby and have lived here for 16 years . the Question is how do we give back in positive way to our community. We need to love our neighbers. Both Black, White African, Greek Chiness, Asian, Indian, Mexican, Jewish, Moslim, Hispanic. Korean, etc…… (LOVE THY NEIGBOOR)


  30. Ironic that you say "Love Thy Neighbor" so freely, when I am now basically HOMELESS. Section 8? Go look down my mother's street and see the losers who are on it and the homes look like shit. They are pigs, I have my pride. BTW, one family is white the other is black, so stick your ethnicity where the sun doesn't shine.

  31. I used to live in Delaware, I tell you the place quickly became an infestation of lower life forms in just under 20 years. Crack heads, nigger dealers, and their supporters. They are all you will find around any area in Delaware that supports section 8. Luckily I met a girl from another state and had the chance to escape that place. Good luck finding a white girl in Delaware if you're white, it's an entire state of coal burners.

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