I Believe In Saint Cyril School

Class Of 1975
I went to Saint Cyrils in the Sixties and Seventies. Growing up in the Stonehurst section of Upper Darby, Our parish was St.Carthages on cobbs creek parkway. In the early 60’s, St Cyril took over as our new parish. I have both fond and not so fond memories of St. Cyrils, such as Sister Herman Joseph, and Dirk Slater. Anyway, one of the things I did learn was disipline, like you can see that in my blog posts. All in all our School was the best. I remember the May Procession, Father O’Donnell, Mr. Doyle, Miss Hess, Sister Adrian, Mother Superior,The Social Hall, etc, etc. I loved and still love my old school. Now, Saint Cyril of Alexandria is slated to close unless the school comes up with a quarter of a million dollars by March 31st.

How I found Out About This

How I found out about this was through the Daily Times a few weeks ago. Also, Paul Thomas, owner of Thomas’s Cafe, has taken great steps to help out. The young man who started this whole thing is Tommy Geromichalos. Quote about him from St.Cyril’s web site below.

Inspired by 12 year old Tommy Geromichalos, and aided by a series of articles in the Delaware County Daily Times, the parish held a meeting Wednesday night, January 25th to start an effort to raise the $200,000 needed by March 31, 2006. Tommy has Cystic Fibrosis and wrote a letter to the Make-A Wish Foundation

So I was thinking at this late hour how to help. Call Oprah? Send out e-mails? Ask Congress to intervene? How about Curt Weldon? All these things would not help. What would help at this point is nothing short of a miracle. And Tommy is asking for one.

I think he deserves it…

P.S. I believe that if every person who ever went to Saint Cyrils donated five dollars they could easily reach their goal. Do the math. 1000 students per year X 50 years (1955 -2005) X
5 = 250,000. Now I may be wrong about the total number of students to have ever attended St Cyrils, but I failed to mention that I also learned how to dream.


3 thoughts on “I Believe In Saint Cyril School

  1. I find it amazing how ppl who were born/grew up in the philadelphia area stay in the philadelphia area.Not a good amazing though not a bad amazing. Just weird. (please hold ‘this area has so much to offer’ and ‘it’s because this is the best area’ blahblahblah cheerleading, I’m just noting. I honestly don’t really care. I personally think people should move away from where they were brought up but that’s a personal opinion and find it weird that so many start/end in this area.)

  2. Damn, there was an article I read about how some kid didn’t want his school to close and his district be rolled into a larger one. His mom started a fundraising thing.The kid had $1,000 saved to someday go to a Yankees game but he decided instead to donate it into the fund to keep the school going. Something with a saying like ‘I really like the yankees but I like my school more’.Steinbrenner heard about it. He gave the school district all the money it needed, the kid got back his &1k, and he’s bringing the kid to the Bronx to tour the stadium, be on the field for batting practice and then of course see the game.I think the kid was from alabama or something.I never thought Steinbrenner would be that good of a person. But for the first time ever I give him kudos.

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